ESC to close 3.76 (by 837 users)dramaui jewang 드라마의 제왕
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized dramaui jewang
english The King Of Dramas (literal)
aka the lord of the drama, deuramaui jewang


genres comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 05 Nov, 2012 - 07 Jan, 2013
episodes 18
duration 80 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.76 of 5 by 837 users
total users 1565
rating 3145
favorites 35



Anthony Kim is the self dubbed king of dramas, his record of producing popular television impeccable, and his methods ruthless. But after the drastic measures taken to ensure the successful conclusion of his company's latest drama leads to a man's death, Anthony is ousted from his position as president. Three years after his fall from grace, Anthony seeks out Lee Go Eun, the jilted assistant writer having been another casualty from that last drama. Anthony wishes to make the script she submitted to him years before a reality and duplicate his old success, an offer she reluctantly accepts to regain her similarly lost dream. The two race to find air time and a top star to please their rather sinister investor, but they also must learn to compromise when Go Eun makes it clear she won't condone the same cutthroat approach that was used previously in order to make their drama a hit.




Anthony Kim
Lee Go Eun
Gang Hyeon Min
Seong Min A
O Jin Wan




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09 Sep, 2014
Anthony Kim is dubbed the King of Dramas. What made him become that king is his lacking scrouples of spending money, kicking people out and risking something. He loves numbers and goes by them. But one day, a person dies because he was too eager to finish his drama. And with that, Anthony is kicked out of his production firm and dead in the drama industry. That is until three years later, he gets an offer. If he only had a script for a dark, ancient drama, that wasn't like all the other dramas... And that's where Lee Go Eun comes into the game. She wrote such a script, three years ago. But who knows if she is willing to work with Anthony Kim, the person, who made her loose her dream of becoming a script writer, because he was too eager.

This drama was interesting already, just by the fact that it shows how a drama is made. Add the good actors and the story to it and it can only become better. It isn't centered on the romance, more on the development of the characters. I felt like they grew and changed so much from the first episode until the last. Of course, a character like Anthony is supposed to change. But even all the other characters didn't just stay the way they are. It made the drama seem very real and I got attached to it because of that. Even if we look at the side characters, we can see them develope, grow and change.

I especially loved the acting in this one. Siwon might not be perfect (acting wise), but his character just fit so perfect into that role! He was hilarous but serious at the right times. Just as they needed it.

But even though I say this drama is a masterpiece, there is something bad as well. If there are problems in producing a drama, I understand that. I understand, that everybody tried to keep Anthony down, keep him from producing another drama. But that's material for the first three, maximum four episodes. It can't be, that they are still fighting over producing basics up to episode 8. I got bored of it and was so happy, when it ended. Of course the problems were exciting and different from each. Unexpected, so to say. But annoying. It dragged the good story a bit.

Aside from that, I really enjoyed watching it.

I would recommend it to you, if you like Siwon, want to know how dramas are made and how strict the entertainment business is. But also, if you want a nice romance story, that isn't over the top but rather real.
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09 Jan, 2013
King of Dramas does what a lot of shows based in the same world fail to do - actually play up the meta of the world of drama making. The show manages to successfully create in-depth characters who all slowly change, while using the drama-within-a-drama to help propel them along.

The plot was great, with a lot of tongue-in-cheek references to some common occurrences in the Korean drama industry. And while the show has some more serious moments, it always manages to retain the comedy that moves it along, along there to be a great balance.

The acting was awesome, with comedic timing down, and great friendships all the way around. While yes, a few of the characters were almost cookie cutter villans, even they had at least one aspect that deviated from the norm and made them interesting.

While the episode extension did hurt the show somewhat, it still manage to stay pretty entertaining until the end. While not without flaws (Seong Min A felt a bit contrived at first) for being full of heart, for having successful character arcs all while being an entertaining watch, this show exceeded my expectations.
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09 Jun, 2015
Both dramas talk about the production side of Korean TV. One is about the making of a drama, the other the making of a variety show.


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yummy 20 Jul, 2013
I cried and laughed so much in this drama. In the beginning it can be sometimes a little bit slow, but I finished the last 9 episodes in one day, because I couldn't stop watching.
purtysunshine 17 Jun, 2013
This drama...was okay. It was a little over the top and filled with "Seriously?!" moments but it managed to keep me hooked with a bit of charm, humor, and trolling episode cliff-hangers. I won't put it on my re-watch list but I wouldn't necessarily not recommend it either. Depends on what mood you're in. :D
sh0oa 11 Jun, 2013
there is no such romance till end of ep14 finally ! ill watch ep15 now
zor6a 07 Jun, 2013
ilate 23 Apr, 2013
Great drama! I really like the plot and the bittersweet ending. Masterpiece for me :)
irresi 02 Apr, 2013
I watched it to the end just becouse of Siwon. His character was daebak! I smiled everytime I saw him :P (I'm not his big fan but still he was the best :D )
the story was ok, but sometimes boring.
I liked this drama :)
perhilien 02 Apr, 2013
It was awesome. Si Won was really funny. And Kim Myeong Min was really really really good.
carroline 30 Mar, 2013
It took me months to end this drama... I loved the first 10 episodes, it was brillant, original, smart and funny... then they add "melodrama" and, in my opinion, transformed an interesting and outstanding drama in something banal.
I think that was exactly when all the "bad guys" disappeared and an ex lover appreared instead.
Boring :|
What a pity :|
As someone already suggest, i also think that the production had to change the direction of the drama in the middle of it....
Still, the drama was interesting and well played. Is not a masterpiece anymore for me, now that I ended it, but still I can say i really enjoyed it.