ESC to close 3.77 (by 1538 users)bogosipda 보고싶다
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized bogosipda
english Missing You
literal I Miss You


genres drama, suspense, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 07 Nov, 2012 - 17 Jan, 2013
episodes 21
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.77 of 5 by 1538 users
total users 2767
rating 5797
favorites 122



Lee Su Yeon is a bullied high school student known to everyone in her neighborhood as the daughter of a murderer. Those around Su Yeon avoid her or scorn her, causing her to isolate herself until the day she meets Han Jeong U, the son of a rich chairman. Jeong U doesn't seem to care about her background, taking her side and protecting her from others who try to hurt her. The two become friends and slowly start falling in love with each other, but Su Yeon's sudden disappearance due to an accident separates them. Fourteen years later, Han Jeong U has become a homicide detective, and still searches for the first love he can't forget.




Han Jeong U
Lee Su Yeon
Gang Hyeong Jun
Han Jeong U (young)
Kim Eun Ju
Hwang Mi Ran




04 Feb, 2013
From the very first episode your heart is breaking for Lee Soo Yeon. When Han Jung Woo comes into her life you see a glimpse of hope for her, hope for light in her dark world. I feel the writers did a wonderful job with every single one of these characters. Lee Soo Yeon is not the typical weak girl who tries to hard to get the man. Even with everything bad she experienced she only showed fear and never weakness. You feel so much pain for her. You feel her hatred for those who harmed her, you feel her pain and obligation she feels she has to Kang Hyung Joon, You feel her torment when she recalls what happens to her . Yun Eun Hye did an amazing job. Han Jung Woo, what a sweet heart and your heart breaks for him too for all the pain he goes through. Although he lived a great life with Eun Joo and Kim Myung Hee, you still know being thrown away from his actual family is something that constantly hurts him. There is so many elements to this show and they are all very deep and heart wrenching. Its a terrific drama. There are things that keep you smiling and you are thankful for the positive relationships in the show. Kang Hyung Joon is an amazing character as well. Its a confusing feeling watching him. You pity him, you hate him, you are afraid for him and of him, but ultimately you just pity him. The ending is amazing! You will cry.
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20 Jan, 2013
I Miss You is a show that suits a very specific audience and is one of those dramas that you either really like or really hate. Unfortunately for me, it fell into the really hate category.

The drama starts off great, strong in the childhood aspect, slightly weaker with the adults, but watchable. And while the story is clearly written with one goal (to wring as many tears out of the audience as possible), there is some aspect of being able to go with it.

That being said, everything goes off the deep end as the story progresses. The dark aspects of the childhood arc are disregarded. The characters make no sense, and the relationships that were forged were terrible. Instead of wanting either guy to win, I began to feel both were terrible for the female lead and that all three really should go their own ways.

It's hard to like a story when you can't root for the main couple, because all the reasons they are getting together are wrong, and frankly don't make sense.

The acting isn't terrible. Everyone is great at crying, which is great because that makes up about 80% of the show. The only real person I felt dissatisfied with was Yun Eun Hye because I didn't feel anything for her character as an adult; and in her defense, it seemed like a combined issue of bad acting as well as a badly written character.

The family camaderie between Jeong U, Eun Ju and their mother is great, and was the sole reason I continued to watch this show.

Unfortunately, with this show, Yun Eun Hye continues her streak of bad luck with dramas post-Coffee Prince, and Yu Seung Ho heads off to the army with an unsatisfactory show. The only person who somewhat came out of this show unscathed is Park Yu Cheon who continues to slowly, but steadily improve on his acting.

My verdict: too weepy and badly plotted for my taste, but give the first few episodes a shot. You'll quickly come to know whether it's your cup of tea or not.
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missiealice 11 Nov, 2018
Esse eu droppei na época porque shippei errado fortemente e peguei birra do prota (tenho birra do ator tb) kkkkkkk.
cocci 10 Nov, 2016
Too much is too much. I didn't even watched 5 episodes and I'm completely desensitized by now. I just don't care anymore, I kind of just distanced myself from the characters and I don't care about this show anymore.

I had a feeling he would die but seriously, I was still clinging to some hope. They killed the only sane adult in all this universe, one of the few characters I actually like, I'm just out at this point.
alex3 15 Aug, 2016
Alright, I just finished this drama and after they became adults it was SO frustrating to watch. I have no idea how I even got to the end of it @_@
alex3 12 Aug, 2016
I really enjoyed young actors performance at the beggining.
nightrainboww 08 Aug, 2015
It was very good until episode 20 - then the last episode kind of ruined it, and I had to lower the score by one. :/

I would have preferred a dramatic ending!
nami24 23 Jan, 2015
at first I thought it would be too dramatic and I wouldnt like it so I didnt watch it..
but then I suddnly wanted to see what its like and now... I regret not watching it earlier ;-;
I loved this drama omg the mains and joon omg joonie ;;
the child actors did great too!
and somehow I feel this child actors here resamble their adult actors some dramas they just pick randomly bjt here idk I felt they look alike.. but the main lead yoochun and his child actor dosnt :o
anyway this drama is great glad I watched it but even tho its late... still <3
tears are falling drip drip drip tuk tuk tuk
smiles are fading more more and more jom jom jom
I like this ost <33

but i feel that joon.............. idk ;-; ommggg it just too much feels wat to do >.< i just cry and cry after the last ep and that last part in the "what if we meet that way"
then .. will joon will still like her i guess but..
when i think that he have to spend the rest of his life in jail for all the things hes done... like.. now he cant even create other memories anymore..
when he tried to kill himself and so yeon didnt even look at him... how must he have felt... its just too sad >.<
d;lfkdjsfdkj ;-; i know he is the second guy and bad one .. but idk
oh wells

still crying ;-; its too sad yet so enjoyable.... yoo seongho great acting~ yoochunnie and yoon eunhee too <3 the cast were great ;-; <33
miyuka 18 Jan, 2015
I like it i like it i like it!!!! I really like this style of dramas. I mean very dramatic and with such a powerful love. First 4 episodes were perfect for me. Also ep.3 ending.. It was the most beautiful scene i have ever seen. There is nothing special with this scene for anyone but i just love it. The way he cry, the way he say 'suyeon suyeon' all the time.. I felt the real love and this is so important for me.
irate 15 Jan, 2015
i couldn't get myself to watch this till the end, have been stuck for many months now. dropped.