ESC to close 3.76 (by 140 users)zetsuen no tempest: the civilization blaster
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized zetsuen no tempest: the civilization blaster
english Blast Of Tempest
aka zetsuen no tenpesuto: the civilization blaster

Based On

based on manga
title zetsuen no tempest
author Shirodaira Kyou (城平京), Sano Arihide (左有秀), Saezaki Ren (彩崎廉)


genres action, supernatural, fantasy


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting System, MBS毎日放送)
by bones (ボンズ)


date 04 Oct, 2012 - 29 Mar, 2013
episodes 24
duration 30 minutes
air day Friday
at 02:00 - 02:30
status released


avg. score 3.76 of 5 by 140 users
total users 291
rating 526
favorites 4



The story is focused in Fuwa Mahiro, a teenager whose younger sister was mysteriously murdered. Mahiro is contacted by Kusaribe Hakaze, leader of the Kusaribe family of mages, and they form a contract to go after the ones who killed his sister. His friend, Takigawa Yoshino, joins in this mission and in a crisis which may involve the entire world.






director, storyboard creator


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ralphina 01 Mar, 2013
Besides all the fillers, it was somewhat enjoyable and fresh (:
vanelya10 18 Jan, 2013
People like you really get on peoples nerves claiming they know everything and anything after seeing some animes.....with these motives like FMA era was average than u really dont got anything in your mind....tell that to anyone....I DARE YOU...on the official site of FMA......and then see what happens....but u even wont try....because u saw 500 anime.....u dont have a single anime on mdl.....and really? loli imbeciles....u must really got a complex for some great animation example like High school of the dead for making their characters look as real boys and girls.....(yeah with big breast and short skirt and nudity....that's your example?....very lame) those are just for stupid boys who need big breast girls and blood sucking zombies in the same anime....for those who can barely follow the story ( look even at the scores between zetsuen no tempest and high school of the dead.....7.85 for HSTD and 7.96 for zetsuen ***and its not even finished airing***)...........

u know its really sad to see these kind of persons who are claiming that they have saw sooo 'many' animes that they think they can even start giving lectures........i assume u were born watching them that your so high and mighty right?and whats your problem with ao no exorcist? u really think that good animation consists of making a girl look like a girl and a boy looking like a boy.....if they are made like this whats your problem? what? its the fact that they lack that hard looking boy face with muscles and a scary face? and whats soo bad at them that okamura made them awful? story-line, characters, the plot, the manga? what do u expect...another cowboy bebop or trigun or dragon ball anime to be at a high expectation? cuz i dont understand people like u saying that even FMA was average, then what anime is good for you(beside the all ecchi anime stuff with nudity)......really whats your problem?
majorzero 18 Jan, 2013
@vanelya10 I tried to be nice but...firstly, I watched more anime than you, period. Secondly, I have my own taste and it tells me that everything Bones made in post FMA:B era was average at best, Zetsuen no Tempest unfortunately not even mediocre, you mentioned Gosick and this is, no offence, loli Sherlock Holmes for imbeciles, AO is disgrace for every original E7 fan and I'm not going to argue about Star Driver, Un-Go and No.6. If you know thing or two about anime then you must understand differences between character design for male and female audiences, check out High School of the Dead and Hellsing for example. The problem with modern Bones animations is lack of good directors (even Okamura Tensai went away and made god awful Ao no Exorcist) and total lack of good writers (Mari Okada who currently in charge of Zetsuen no Tempest didn't wrote anything worth watching since Hourou Musuko, not to mention she was actually fired from Ano Hana production because Nagai Tatsuyuki didn't liked script). So, in my expirience with almost five hundred japanimations and with actual interest in industry from business perspective, I assure you that Bones now achieved very bottom line in their history from both artistic and business standpoints. And yes, Zetsuen no Tempest not that great piece of literature, I suggest you read more than one story about doomsday.
vanelya10 17 Jan, 2013
@majorzero ahh...BONES studios are one of the best animation studios which creates epic rated anime such as Full Metal Alchemist, Ouran high school host club, eureka seven and AO, darker than black, gosick, and soul eater (as well you must know them all) and because they have a great style of their own they are trying to adapt the Zetsuen no tempest's manga to its own original style of anime (if you assume that u know this industry u must at least seen some similarity between the opening style of zetsuen no tempest and FMA....)

and what is the problem with their character design? look at the manga and you see the similarity between the manga and anime.....if u assume again that u know the industry than u know that an anime must make a good impression and it need to sell in order to get another season, it need to get a great design and color and backround....beside bones dont make 'ANY' manga into an anime so they pick up ones who can REALLY get a true reputation.....(and its getting one, being picked as one of the best ones in opening category with a great opening)

for those who know how a great anime can be picked, they dont just look how gayish the character design is made or for who the design is made in order to get a category of people to look at it but they need to start to watch at least the first episode and see how it can amaze my own experience.
majorzero 17 Jan, 2013
@vanelya10 With all respect, but I know how this industry works, you may not believe me, but even shows like Baccano and Drrr!! has this in core, it's not about plot twists it's about fanservise, I bet there are already hundreds of yaoi doujinsi based on manga and anime. Just look at the character design and tell me who'll be interest more in this stuff: hardcore otaku, casual viewer or fujiyoshi? So no, my points are actually valid, yet, I didn't said that characters are homosexuals, what I said was Bones made them in this way in fanservice purpose to sell few more BD/DVD.
vanelya10 17 Jan, 2013
@majorzero i really think you are mistaking this anime for another kind of anime, plus with its type of story line and suspense i doubt that the relationship between mahiro and yoshiko can possible be considered as gayish.......beside with the female characters that apparently are in both lives of mahiro and yoshino proves that they are a normal pair of high school friends which have conflicts and problems in love, their actions are proving your 'gayish' theory is invalid
majorzero 16 Jan, 2013
@vanelya10 Hm, because this guys are literally too close for simple friendship, even if they are not in love, that's why I wrote gayish, this is actually type of fanservice for target auditory, and you can imagine target auditory of this anime mostly fujiyoshi.
vanelya10 15 Jan, 2013
@majorzero why do u think its gayish?