ESC to close 3.84 (by 1107 users)eunmilhage widaehage 은밀하게 위대하게
  • 2013
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized eunmilhage widaehage
english Covertness
literal Secretly And Greatly
aka covertly, grandly, secret to greatness

Based On

based on webcomic
title eunmilhage widaehage
author Hun (훈)


genres action, comedy, drama, mystery, suspense


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 05 Jun, 2013
duration 124 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.84 of 5 by 1107 users
total users 1773
rating 4249
favorites 42



Won Ryu Hwan is a North Korean elite soldier who gets the order to infiltrate South Korea. Ryu Hwan does so by pretending to be the village idiot in a rural town and patiently waits for an order for two years. But nothing happens until the arrival of Lee Hae Rang, another soldier from Ryu Hwan's unit who pretends to be an emerging rock star; and Lee Hae Jin who poses as a normal high school student. With the two comrades comes the eagerly awaited order, but its content is not what Ryu Hwan expected.




Won Ryu Hwan
Ri Hae Jin
Ri Hae Rang
Kim Tae Won
Seo Su Hyeok
Yun Yu Jun


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14 Mar, 2014
In both films the main character is a North Korean spy working undercover in South Korea. Even though he misses his family back home, he remains loyal to his home land.


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akioony 02 Dec, 2013
This movie is perfect. From the start I knew that it wouldn't be as funny as it seems. Beautiful (in a tragic way) and very touching movie.
carroline 26 Nov, 2013
There something wrong in this movie in my opinion. It starts as a comedy, the idea to have a sharp north korean spy who pretend to be the fool of a south korean village, is just hilarius. Then, at the end, the movie became a full tragedy.
That's cheating! I didn't like how the movie developped at all.
koriya 26 Nov, 2013
wow, such a great movie. to be honest, i expected it to be funny, because of the poster i guess, but it turned so sad and touching story ;w; the first part of the movie was funny indeed but the second totally changed my point of view. i've always avoided any movies and dramas with Lee Soo Hyun (just because i didn't find him a great actor at all - still not ;P) but i really enjoyed this movie :) amazing job!
aries 23 Nov, 2013
I don't know if I sound completely out of it but... did the north koreans really speak in their own dialect? It didn't sound like it..
otherwise a good but sad movie :)
poulminjae 09 Nov, 2013
I totally loved this movie.
Even if it was too predictable and lame, I had a great time watching it.
I loved when
Hae Jin showed his loyal side to Ryu Hwan. Everytime they were together I saw that he is totally owned by Ryu Hwan. His heart belongs to this one special friend. It was the best part of this movie.

I expected more friendship-time between boys and less war. But it's still great movie. I would give 4/5 but because of cast I will give 5/5 :)
It's really worth watching ^^
yunchin 23 Oct, 2013
Since I can't sleep after watching this movie, I really need to drop a line about it...
So, my advise for ones who still hasn't seen it, though it may not affect you that much - get some tissues for yourselves, get your tissues on!

I won't say a word nor about plot, acting nor cast. But... what if one day everything you lived on will turn out nothing but dust? And all things you've treated lighltly will actually become the dearest ones?
I didn't expect this movie to give me that kind of thoughts and some more, that's why - 3 points out of 5. Or even 3,5 I'd say.
These two hours of watching weren't a waste, they were not for sure.
invincible 18 Oct, 2013
I like this movie was really good but the ending ....
zaharisa 06 Oct, 2013
It looked like a crush to me too :D