ESC to close 3.84 (by 1107 users)eunmilhage widaehage 은밀하게 위대하게
  • 2013
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized eunmilhage widaehage
english Covertness
literal Secretly And Greatly
aka covertly, grandly, secret to greatness

Based On

based on webcomic
title eunmilhage widaehage
author Hun (훈)


genres action, comedy, drama, mystery, suspense


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 05 Jun, 2013
duration 124 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.84 of 5 by 1107 users
total users 1773
rating 4249
favorites 42



Won Ryu Hwan is a North Korean elite soldier who gets the order to infiltrate South Korea. Ryu Hwan does so by pretending to be the village idiot in a rural town and patiently waits for an order for two years. But nothing happens until the arrival of Lee Hae Rang, another soldier from Ryu Hwan's unit who pretends to be an emerging rock star; and Lee Hae Jin who poses as a normal high school student. With the two comrades comes the eagerly awaited order, but its content is not what Ryu Hwan expected.




Won Ryu Hwan
Ri Hae Jin
Ri Hae Rang
Kim Tae Won
Seo Su Hyeok
Yun Yu Jun


original creator


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14 Mar, 2014
In both films the main character is a North Korean spy working undercover in South Korea. Even though he misses his family back home, he remains loyal to his home land.


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yoonmin 02 Oct, 2013
I wanted a simple movie, something that would make me laugh and cry. And it certainly made me cry, damn. The acting was really good too.
I don´t really have a lot to complain about. The plot did seem a bit... unoriginal... but it was still fine with me.
And I don´t know about you, but to me Lee Haejin seemed like he had a crush on his dear Team leader. The comments like "I just wanted to be closer to him(Won Ryuhwan). He is my dream and my savior." "(in next life) I would just want to be born next door to an ordinary team leader(aka Won Ryuhwan)".
And also the scene where Won Ryuhwan hugged him close to hide from that girl and the guy harassing her. The scene was filmed like it´s a big deal, and the look on Haejin's face... Also that he want´s to help and protect him at any cost all the time. AND the scene where Ryuhwan put his hat on him! Seriously.
If this isn´t proof enough I don´t know what you want. He totally had a crush on Ryuhwan. Just sayin'.

And I really like Soohyun and Hyunwoo :D
zaharisa 22 Sep, 2013
I finally decided how to describe it.. It was an average coffee, but left a nice aftertaste in my mouth.

I'm yet to decide between 2 and 3 points. Maybe I'll give it 2 at the end.
thefreak 21 Sep, 2013
This project had so much potential in its cast! But that was all in vain Q__Q
'Secretly And Greatly' wanted to be an action film with underlaid humor and aspects of friendship but in the end, it turned out to be a total mess as it couldn't quite decide on the flow and mood. The development and outcome was way too predictable and only to make the viewer cry (which mostly is a signal for the lack of ideas and originality).
The main cast didn't have enough time together for me to feel with them -and their friendship-.

I'm so disappointed in this movie because I expected so much more!
stellybish 21 Sep, 2013
Wow, I didn't expect this to be subbed so fast!
I think I missed some info of the plot because of the subs but I still got the movie as a whole ~
The first part and then later on were soo different!
The acting was really good for me and I love all lead actors <3
Ahh... that's why Soohyun is one of my most favourite things ever!!!
He can seriously pull off any acting!

About the ending...
It's so sad that they all died ;w; But let's be realistic... there was no way they could go back to their country and staying in S. Korea as traitors was not nice too.
It was really sad because during the movie Soohyun and the other leads bulid quite nice memories with the people from the village ;w; It like they lived their own life! Not as kiling machines :)
& sorry but... is it wrong to ship this??? haha <3
089110 20 Sep, 2013
There wasn't anything great about this movie besides the casts.
The story itself was very simple. I only really like the friendship between the three main casts and some funny parts.
liyirna 16 Sep, 2013
The creators put every element from other movies to make it popular: flower boys+idol industry+fights+poop-barf humor+tearjerk+family+tragedy+village neighborhood's charm+north koreans+romance.
infidence 14 Sep, 2013
@eunhye Why is that?
eunhye 14 Sep, 2013
Stupid as Hell