ESC to close 2.94 (by 258 users)amnesia
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized amnesia
aka amunejia, アムネジア

Based On

based on game
title amnesia
author Idea Factory (アイディアファクトリー)


genres romance, fantasy, adventure


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network AT-X (Anime Theater X)
by Brain's Base (ブレインズ・ベース)


date 07 Jan, 2013 - 25 Mar, 2013
episodes 12
duration 30 minutes
air day Monday
at 23:30
status released


avg. score 2.94 of 5 by 258 users
total users 471
rating 758
favorites 11


2013 video jp


A girl wakes up from a strange dream and has lost all memories of her previous life. After a strange fairy appears and promises to help her, the girl tries to understand what is happening around her. She meets four handsome young men and they all seem to have a special relationship with her.






director, storyboard creator


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01 Dec, 2015
Both focus on a female protagonist who, in a way, suffers from Amnesia and has troubles finding out who she really is and what's going on.


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Random chan 08 Oct, 2015
Kento is the best *manly tears* ;____;

But jokes aside -- this was pretty lame. Not confusing at all but really really lame and script was awful......
mizuumi 06 Oct, 2015
I loved this! Even it was very confusing for many episodes, I'm truly happy I kept watching. I wish they would make a second season...

I really didn't expect how the situation was after all. Now I'm dying to play the game since I want to know if you can make your choice in the end of the game. I would choose Ukyo (or Toma or Shin). It would be great to have a boyfriend like Ukyo... Yeah. I would choose him. After all, he was the right one from Heroine's original world.
stabinsavvi 13 Oct, 2014
So Confusing at first but then it starts to make a bit of sense with each episode. I don't know about anyone else but the confusion made me have to keep watching so that I could figure out what the *fluz* was going on. Anyone else??
Then BAM like a whole thriller came to town. Definitely stick it out till episode 9 guys, things get super interesting!

The ending makes me hope for a 2nd season...

I really love the beginning OST, also the art work. The eyes are just beautiful with the colors and how they designed them and the clothes I really wish I had in real life... the guys clothes and Rika's, not the main's though since I don't like roses one bit.
danisensei 25 Apr, 2014
I usually don't like those apathic characters like this main one, but this time it was an exception.
It was due to her being a comprehensive and gentle person that she was able to truly understand each guy's real essence, while they were misunderstood by other people. My! Isn't this what really happens in real life? And isn't there a knowledge about reincarnation, when people can't overcome someone's death?
I wish I could find out what was her choice, but, if you think twice about this 'non-finished ending', there was a reason for that, as she liked the guy who was her BF in each life she had. But we know, from the end, the only world she had previous memories (before August 1st) was the one where she was Ukyou's GF. So that's the most probable option. And also because Shin, Ikki, Kento, and Tooma have a correspondent suit, except Ukyou. I don't know if this is correct, but I saw an analogy with life being a game where we're all cards (part of the game) and all have a hierarchy level, as the characters wear colours and patterns of playing cards.

It's not simply what we're watching, but it recquires a better ability to interpret what's subjective, not exposed, and to stablish a parameter with common knowledge. For all of this, I really loved it.
rosiaczek 15 Jan, 2014
I think this story is cool,however it's hard to watching because of main character (the other characters are interesting). At the end they could show something more,but it gives an opportunity to choose the best ending to anyone who watched it.
invincible 27 Dec, 2013
Little weird main was really annoying sometimes and the ending... i feel like something is missing
yurisama 09 Nov, 2013
I have to say__, they Ruined one of My favorite Mystery-psychological Visual Novel!!! TOT from masterpiece into garbage (not actually that much _you can watched it at least_ but Compare to the game, yeah, everything become nonsense, the storyline, Characters Etc.) but at least there people who watched it and loved it, I am glad to hear that, but there a lot who don't think like that and thought the game is the same as the anime is.. -_-"

although I was happy to hear about that it will be Animated ,after finished playing the Games (sigh..) That's way I don't like when a video Game getting Animated..
xamaya 14 Apr, 2013
It was a good anime with the mystery and confusion but I didn't like how it ended, it was lacking that 'proper ending' structure.