ESC to close 3.55 (by 255 users)jang ok jeong, sarange salda 장옥정, 사랑에 살다
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized jang ok jeong, sarange salda
english Jang Ok Jeong, Living By Love
literal Jang Ok Jeong, Live For Love
aka jang ok jung, live for love, jang ok-jung, living by love

Based On

based on book
title jang ok jeong, sarange salda
author Choe Jeong Mi (최정미)


genres history, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 08 Apr, 2013 - 25 Jun, 2013
episodes 24
duration 80 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:20
status released


avg. score 3.55 of 5 by 255 users
total users 673
rating 906
favorites 9



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Jang Ok Jeong
King Suk Jong
Hyeon Chi Su
Prince Dong Pyeong
Choe Suk Bin
Queen In Hyeon




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28 Jun, 2013
This drama had such a strong, satisfying start that its slow decent into makjang territory was just all the more disappointing. It's almost as if we have to completely different shows here:

The first half - A sweet re-telling of the most infamous woman in Korean history.

The rest of the series - A melodramatic sageuk with bickering politicians and fizzled chemistry.

I love shows that try to shed a new light on popular stories (whether they be fictional or otherwise) because it is always so interesting to see things from a different point of view. I was also so pleased in the beginning of Jang Ok Jung because it did exactly that - it took a typically hated character and gave her a story where we could root for and love her.

But then it lost it's original purpose and started sticking more to historical facts and traditional sageuk shenanigans and in the process gave up all of the glorious chemistry between the leads. It also lost its lovely cinematic screen in the later half as well, which was just sad (this drama was so very pretty at first).

I would like to blame the ratings for most of this, since even with such a strong start Jang Ok Jung suffered from low viewership. And it's unfortunate but around the time the series started to go downhill is also when the ratings started to pick up (but only slightly) which probably encouraged the producers to continue forcing it down a road it was never meant to travel.

Having said that, I've never read the novel or seen any of the writer's other works so I can't say that either weren't also at fault. I CAN tell you that it is full of disappointment and misfortune.

It's such a shame and such a waste of what could have been a very original and beautiful series. Props to the actors for at least giving it their best. Cheers!
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alexadm81 11 Feb, 2017
Even though the first 3 episodes were a bit slow, I've enjoyed every minute of the remaining ones. The acting was very solid, especially from Yoo Ah In and Seong Dong Il. I thought Chi Soo would have more of an important character but he appeared only in the second half. I've liked all the characters. It is a classic hystorical drama, I totally recommend it! 5/5.
banillacream 09 Apr, 2016
and now i'm watching 'daebak'... deja vu LOL
unicoone 31 Jan, 2014
I wish I could describe my emotions properly, but my poor English wouldn't let me, so I'll just try.
If you have doubts, then just start to watch this drama and (i'm sure) you won't drop it! First of all, this cast, oh my god, i was in the fairy tale, because every actor was playing his\her role so great. I believed everyone! I think it's a big plus to start watch this drama. Second of all, oh this story! All of episodes I literally biting my nails! Screenwriter did a good job!

And my a little opinion - there was THE BEST scene with kiss! THE_BEST! I cried, when I was watching it! D:

5/5. Guys, you must see this!
rooomanoooma 11 Jan, 2014
" The only thing that could protect love in the end was love "
loved the drama with all its upside down events ..
truly superb acting & story 4/5
eunhye 03 Jul, 2013
Well, at least they made nice 5 last minutes of the show. Coz I wasn't sure with the ending, they changed the history, so... But well, I'll start from the beggining.
Of course, in was funny that in the PS wasnot said that the Ok Jeong's son ruled only 4 years and after him the place was taken by the son of Suk Jong and Choi Suk Bin, better known then as Yeong Jo. By the way, who could be seen in many dramas (or mention of him). And, for some reason, not for his patronage of Confucianism, but for the fact that he put his son in a wooden chest as punishment. Ah, the history ....
There's indeed three different stories in this drama.
The first one, the one I liked, is the political history story line. It's really enjoyable. King Suk Jong was a great politician, very powerful and clever. If you know the Korean history, you must probably remember that every king had a council and his
authority never being full. But Suk Jong was different. He manipulated, he did what he wanted, he made the Council to respect his position. Wow! And Yoo A In perfectly portrayed this king. He was strong, he was wise, I believed him totally.
The second is the story of Jang Hui Bin, the women that left her name in a history. In this drama we can see her from the other side, not as an evil, greedy women, but as a women, who tried her best to save her love and family. Well, Kim Tae Hui is gorgeous, and despite the fact I would like to see some other actress, she did her job well. Not perfectly (coz let's face the truth, actually, she's not such a good actress) but, still, enjoyable.
And, at last, the third one, the story, where king loves Ok Jeong. And this was a disaster. Well, disaster for me, coz I'm already sick of the one-type-love they (screenwriter and directors) try to show us through the screen. There wasn't even chemistry between A In and Tae Hee, there wasn't something new in the love line. Everyone loves Ok Jeong, she loves the King. Everyone suffer and try to save her. A lot of slow dialogues and over-dramatized scenes. She confronts others consorts, gets in troubles, gets help from the one that loves her, a few slow dialogues again. And again from the beginning. Golden formula? I don't think so, just lame scenario.
What about other actors, I still don't know why do they need Jae Hui in it? I mean, Chi Su. He was useless. And this wasn't the best role of Jae Hui.
Lee Sang Yeop, please, stop hurting my heart and get the role of main lead, to get the girl! Hehe))
Han Seung Yeon, girl, just stop acting until you learn how to do that. You ruined the drama. And your mouth...Eww.
Hong Su Hyeon, as always, the women with a stick somewhere inside of her body XD Still, very suitable for the role.
Seong Dong Il, my forever love) Do you wanna see the great antagonist? Here he is! Awesome)
The rest I didn't remembered. Oh, and the children actors! they were great too.
That all ^^ Just a 'small' review)
irate 27 Jun, 2013
jang ok jeong went crazy. or maybe it's kim tae hee creepy acting. don't misunderstand me, i love her, but in this drama her acting is creepy as heck.
smaclair 27 Jun, 2013
They followed history and made her die! I wanted her to survive in China as a famous fashion designer, but no,she wants to be all sorry and practically kill herself.
Still a good show though.
lothiriel 26 Jun, 2013
How funny that
Kim Man Gi and Co. cried vulgar blood when it came to Ok Jeong, but they seemingly have no problem with an equally lowborn concubine who even can't read (that was hilarious when she held the Story of Sa upside down) and support her becoming a queen XD