ESC to close 3.36 (by 855 users)4 gyosi churi yeongyeok 4교시 추리영역
  • 2009
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized 4 gyosi churi yeongyeok
english The Clue
literal 4th Period Mystery
aka fourth period murder mystery, detectives in 40 minutes


genres crime, mystery, suspense, school


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 12 Aug, 2009
duration 86 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.36 of 5 by 855 users
total users 1260
rating 2872
favorites 18



During fourth period, the students are in gym class. A girl returns to classroom to find one of her classmates dead and the other with blood on his shirt and a knife in his hand. She believes that her classmate was not the one to commit the crime and decides to help. However, they only have 40 minutes left of fourth period to solve the case before everyone returns to class and the situation is discovered.




Han Jeong Hun
Lee Da Jeong
Byeong Su
Do Il
Mi Chin Gae
Hong Ju Hui


costume designer


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08 Jul, 2010
It was a pretty good movie, with a lot of suspense that had me wondering who the real killer might be until the time of the revelation.

I liked the main characters as well; the number one student of the class and the quiet, mystery-lover girl who goes unnoticed most of the time. I found it a bit strange though for the two of them to remain as calm and collected as they did when they found their murdered classmate. Also, it was a bit strange for romance to be developped under such circumstances, but I kind of liked the interaction between them.

The supporting characters were also nice. From the teachers who knew nothing (or everything) to the friends who decided to help (or just scream at the sight).

All in all, it was an enjoyable movie with a few weak parts, which don't hinder the mystery whatsoever.
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089110 23 Feb, 2013
A movie I shouldn't have spent my time watching. Predictable plot and I didn't like the characters.

What I also hate is the unnecessary love lines in a movie. Did both of the main leads really have to end up liking each other? Or first of all, did Kang Sora really have to play this girl who is weird , but all of a sudden she's unexpectedly 'pretty'? It would have been better to focus simply on the mystery of the murder than adding other things into it.
kureshi 29 Jul, 2012
I like It ^^
mushuto 24 Jul, 2012
Waaaa i really like it .. .and the end was so cuteee >.< Sora ?! Wae you take all cute boys?! >.> <3
jiyee 29 Jun, 2012
Average. 2/5
musicimmortalmelody 12 May, 2012
i liked the movie it was pretty interesting the director though could have made a better job.
catchxfireflies 19 Jan, 2012
Ha, I guessed the killer right from the beginning. I clearly watch way too many procedural shows, I just picked the most random person they happened to focus on.
It was still entertaining and the two leads were good, way too many people stomping all over a crime scene if you ask me, though. :P
r0lan 05 Jan, 2012
The only parts that made me sit on edge was the "cat & mouse" game towards the end...
haha other than that, this was exceptionally an interesting film.
idk i really enjoyed watching this XD
kuro112 21 Oct, 2011
Loved it~