ESC to close 3.6 (by 2633 users)iutjib kkotminam 이웃집 꽃미남
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized iutjib kkotminam
english Flower Boy Next Door (literal)
aka the pretty boy next door, my flower boy neighbor, neighbor hottie, my cute guys

Based On

based on webcomic
title naneun maeil geureul humchyeobonda (나는 매일 그를 훔쳐본다)
author Yu Hyeon Suk (유현숙)


genres comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 07 Jan, 2013 - 26 Feb, 2013
episodes 16
duration 60 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 23:00
status released


avg. score 3.6 of 5 by 2633 users
total users 4044
rating 9467
favorites 166


yeonaejojakdan; cyrano
2013 TV kr
dakchigo: kkotminam band
2012 TV kr
kkotminam ramyeongage
2011 TV kr


Go Dok Mi is a painfully introverted writer who would rather spend all of her time at home alone rather than in the company of other people. Having spent years perfecting how to best avoid social situations, her only real connection to the outside is her crush in the adjacent building, whom she regularly spies on with a pair of binoculars (while a different neighbor also watches her from afar). But after chatty game designer Enrique Geum catches Dok Mi in the act, she's pushed little by little out of her comfort zone and into the real world.




Enrique Geum
Go Dok Mi
O Jin Rak
O Dong Hun
Cha Do Hwi
Yun Seo Yeong




24 Mar, 2013
Flower Boy Next Door continues the trend of Flower Boy series trend of being funny, introspective and realistic.

Like its two predecessors, the show creates complex characters who stay consistent, and place them in situations we can all relate too. Their decisions, fears and growth are all based on values we've been shown, and it makes it easy to stand behind them.

And there's an amazing family and friendship dynamic created between everyone. Which makes this all the more fun to watch.

This show is a definite recommend.
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11 Mar, 2013
So, this drama is one I was really looking forward to. It didn't fail, but it definitely didn't bring on the feels like Shut Up Flower Boy Band did. However, Yun Si Yun MADE this drama. His character and his portrayal of the character brought the drama to life and gave it a freshness the rest of the characters lacked. Go Gyeong Pyo's character had a bit of this as well, but in general most of the characters had a nice richness in the beginning, become lack luster in the middle and then finally showed some spunk towards the end. This is mostly due to the script, but some of the acting is to blame, as well. In general, I give it a good rating. I would not watch again, but I'm glad I watched it once.
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strawberryz 01 Jan, 2016
I loved the development of go dok mi.
Enrique is a special character, like a happy kid.
Such a lovely couple. <3
sotiffany 29 Sep, 2014
I had such troubles continuing this drama from the very first episode on and I'm not sure why.
It might have something to do with Park Shin Hye as the main actress...
alexadm81 16 Jun, 2014
I would like to watch this, but Park Shin Hye in a main role, have to give it a second thought.
sola6365 05 Jun, 2014
I loves this series. It was easy to sympathize with the characters and I loves the ending:)
bzzfrog 29 Apr, 2014
Good drama, I enjoyed the story and Enrique was so cute. Shin Hye was well, but could be better.
ally 23 Mar, 2014
The first episodes were really interesting and funny, when they were introducing the characters and the story. But afterwards, the plot felt short, the characters were getting on my nerves and the story was plain boring. And I didn't felt chemistry between the main couple, sawry!
murii 26 Feb, 2014
I like Sin Hye in this one.

I feel bad for Jin Rak, he is so nice and understands Go Dok Mi so well but I already know he won't get her at the end :c
gomaberry 24 Feb, 2014
Not the best drama I've seen but I enjoyed the story. Loved Yun Si Yun's portrayal of Enrique but did think his character's relationship with Go Dok Mi was awkward at times. I do wish other elements were explored in the drama a bit differently. All in all it was pretty good and I did find myself laughing and sympathizing with a few of the characters.