ESC to close 3.01 (by 402 users)baekseol gongju 백설공주
  • 2004
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized baekseol gongju
english Snow White (literal)
aka taste sweet love


genres comedy, romance, friendship, music


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 15 Mar, 2004 - 04 May, 2004
episodes 16
duration 60 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:50 - 22:50
status released


avg. score 3.01 of 5 by 402 users
total users 685
rating 1211
favorites 16



Ma Yeong Hui is in love with her best friend, Han Jin U, although he perceives her as the strong and kind friend she is. On one of her travels she meets a guy and ends up sleeping in his bed. When she returns to Korea and meets again with Jin U, the other guy turns out to be his younger brother.

Additional cast: Hong So Hui (홍소희)
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Ma Yeong Hui
Han Jin U
Han Seon U
Jang Hui Won
Sugihara Minako


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Both are about the love relationship between an older woman and a younger man. She is a klutz in life, always thinks she's ugly and dreams to become a patissier by opening her own shop. He is a rich person who came to discover her beauty.

09 Jul, 2010
They deal with a woman with no love life. She wears glasses and doesn't know how to put on her clothes in a way to catch men's eye. She decides to change her appearance and does that, but it seems that after that act her love problems begin to increase, not decrease. She has to decide between her old love from school who put her through a lot suffering, her new crush who makes her feel comfortable, and stirring feelings of guilt and friendship.


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alexadm81 24 Sep, 2013
The first episodes were really good, but in the last 6...

It was annoying to see Young Hee and Seon Woo arguing almost every time about matters that didn't matter that much. Also the makeover made her change quite a lot. At least the end was cute :D

It wasn't a bad drama, but I've seen better dramas than this one. Too bad because the first episodes were really nice and I liked the cast, but all the arguing in the end made it hard for me to finish this drama, so 3/5.
fertry 16 Jul, 2012
I decided to drop this one after 5 episodes. There's like a bit too much of everything. Her endless love for Jin Wu is annoying, her locks are ridiciolous and Hui Won is one of the most boring characters ever BUT the worst thing about this drama was that EVERYONE always said that Yong Hui is ugly. I mean WHAT? They put her into ugly clothes, give her glasses and some locks and say that she's ugly? Even despite all of that you could still see her cute face and nice body. I hate it when they do something like that in drama.
But what actually made me drop the drama after hoping it would get better was the appereance of the third female character Minako. This was so unnecessary, especially because Yong Hui and Sun Wu were finally slowly starting to fall in love
teelove 11 Feb, 2012
I was really enjoying it but I stopped when she started to change. It was because I felt like she changed. It was funny and enjoyable but once they changed her looks, it was like she was a completely different person. I hope I will one day be able to watch the last reminding eps later.
saranghe 06 Nov, 2011
that cast is strong so going to watch this...

don't disappoint me snow white!!! ^^
nenanetoos 03 Oct, 2011
Yaa the drama wasn't bad.... I watched it cuz of Lee Wan :D i LUV HIM <3 <3 <3
leylachan 22 May, 2011
Ok this drama means so much to me. Not that it's a master piece but I think it's the first Kdrama I ever watched. At least my 1st memory of watching a k-drama is associated with it.
Yeah like nami24 I loved her boss ^^ so cute!!
nami24 06 Feb, 2011
it wasnt soo bad
but i loved her boss ^__^
whitedestiny 16 Sep, 2010
I agree with what others said.. i mean i liked how they didn't make a scene with her complete makeover in one day, but her clothes also changed like magic LOL and most importantly she changed. I LOVED LEE WAN :) I wanna watch something else he acts in, I loved him that much hahaha

finally, they dragged the last two/three ep.. instead of on again and off again relationship they could have shown other 'obstacles of love' (I loved seeing sun woo and young hee together)