ESC to close 3.33 (by 139 users)nae yeonaeui modeun geot 내 연애의 모든 것
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized nae yeonaeui modeun geot
english All About My Romance (literal)
aka All About My Date, All About My Love, Everything About My Relationship, All About My Love Life

Based On

based on book
title nae yeonaeui modeun geot
author Lee Eung Jun (이응준)


genres comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 04 Apr, 2013 - 29 May, 2013
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.33 of 5 by 139 users
total users 412
rating 463
favorites 3



Two politicians from opposing parties must try to compromise in their personal and political lives as they fall in love and are forced to hide it for the sake of their careers.


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Kim Su Yeong
No Min Yeong
Go Dong Suk
Kim Sang Su
Jeong Yun Hui
An Hui Seon




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22 Aug, 2013
Easily like a Colgate ad it features people smiling 90% of the time, and that's maybe the biggest charm it has.

Look, I was going through a rough time, all angsty showering and stuff, so I decided to watch the easiest, happiest, corniest drama out there. And I found it; All About My Romance has no plot, no conflict, no underlying themes or nuances - it's just good people goofing around and being cute around one another for 16 episodes. Literally everyone ends up coupled, the OTP is together by episode 5 even.

Granted, Shin Ha-kyun is THE draw for me, hands down, I believe anyone else would've been dull, but he managed to give depth to his character and by extension, the drama.

So yeah, if you want to feel warm and fuzzy inside, go for it right now.
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gwinna 26 Jan, 2016
I'm in the middle of binge-watching this drama and I love it, but I had to comment on a piece of random trivia I just noticed! There were a few actors who I knew I had seen before but I couldn't place, so I came to this page and looked them up - and it turns out that Rep. Moon and Aide Jung played a couple in Chuno (slave couple)! No wonder they looked familiar! Also kind of funny how different the characters are, but it's a tribute to their acting.
usiekawaii 04 Oct, 2014
i want to see... *0*
linest 12 Jun, 2013
It's a cute drama.
Fluffy and fun. The cast did a good work.
leylachan 02 Jun, 2013
Not really convinced by the 1st episode.
But I love the cast so much, so I will try more effort

In fact it's very good.
Shin Hagyoon is awesome as always.

omo his assistant is so cute!!
lothiriel 31 May, 2013
Indeed, conflicts ARE needed. I just wanted to emphasize that despite communicating much more than the usual, the characters are still secretive about the most important stuff. And no matter how good the screenwriter worked here, she couldn't wipe out this super annoying Korean drama endemic-thing either :D it's highly possible she didn't want to avoid it at all, but still.

Egy kapcsolatban nemcsak azzal lehet konfliktust generálni, hogy pont a leglényegesebb dolgokat titkoljuk el egymás elől. De ez már átvezet a koreai drámákkal kapcsolatos általános ellenérzéseimhez, az pedig hosszú történet :)
hephzibah 31 May, 2013
Abot the characters talking to each other... If they would have spoken to each other every time it was needed then there wouldn't be any confilct in the drama and wuould have been just a bore :D But, yeah you are right...

Yes, Kim Su Yeong is the BEST! :D I wrote this before but I have to add this again: He is the perfect man, who is not without his own imperfections. But those make him even more endearing.
lothiriel 31 May, 2013
@hephzibah So true! I couldn't agree more about the intimacy.
There was a scene towards the end of the last episode, where the couple were holding hands and walking, while random people was taking photos of them. I rewatched the scene twice, because "Good grief, they look so good together! :O" AND I almost started to regret that Lee Min Jeong is Lee Byeong Heon's, and not Sin Ha Gyun's girlfriend in real life XD

Yes, there might be worse kissing scenes out there, but here it was a bit more annoying to see a dead fish than usual, because there were more kissing scenes than usual, i.e not just one in the whole drama as it often happens. But yeah, I forgave them too while watching the couple scenes :P

About the characters talking to each other: most of the time, yep, but not always when needed. For example, when Go Dong Suk first found out they were in a relationship, and told No Min Yeong to think about what she was doing. Later the couple were together and Kim Su Yeong noticed something was not right, but after asking what was the problem, Min Yeong replied "Oh, actually not much. There is a little something, but don't worry, I can solve it by myself." As expected, she couldn't... which resulted in that ominous attempt to break up. Girl, when someone exposes your secret relationship, it's a serious matter to your partner too, and you should solve this together. Argh.

Luckily KIm Su Yeong had this awesome ability of reading between the lines. He always noticed the hints, and grasped the situation after thinking a bit. I must love such male characters, that's why he quickly rose to my 'Best Male Characters Hall of Fame' :)
hephzibah 31 May, 2013
This show ended the same way it started! It was light, funny, sweet and just nice.
There isn't a single character in this drama I hate! How can that be? Never happened to me before... Even those who should put the stumbling-blocks in the way of our couple wasn't annoying or evil at all. Even those who I thought will put me through some misery becouse of them being a bitch or simply stupid to the point to wish them to disappear... well, even those grew on me, and I started to love them to death. Extra applause for Go Dong Suk (Kim Jeong Nam) and An Hui Seon (Han Chae A). Million thanks for not becoming everyones nightmare by playing the tipical female second-third lead...

"Two awesome men, Sin Ha Gyun and Gong Hyeong Jin stole the show."
Couldn't agree more! Moon Bong Shik was one of those characters I mentioned before as well! :D So many times I just wanted to pat his head or hug him for being so silly and sweet. And most of all funny.

I said so many good things about the main couple already in the past, so I will not repeat myself. I simply adored them.
Lothiriel you may be right about
Lee Min Jeong being a dead fish while doing the kissing scenes, but in all the other ones, while she needed to be intimate with Shin Ha Gyun it was so natural and without that thipical "I would prefer If you wouldn't tuch me" or the "ok, we are done with the hug, so please let me go already" feeling, that made me feel so surprised! I don't think that it is only becouse of Shin Ha Gyun. Those scenes made up for any loss I might suffer becouse of the lacking kissing scenes. BUT I have to tell I have seen so-so many lot worse than here! They were lacking only becouse they could have been so much better if she follows the lead of her partner...

I have to compliment the screenwriter as well for not dragging the troubles too long. Each and every one of them was solved with heart, without leaving resentment behind. We should thank her for not writing any "misunderstandig" scenes in the drama! Her characters speak to each other! They actually communicate! Most of the time they even understand what the other one is saying... Refreshing, really! Good job!