ESC to close 2.9 (by 418 users)baeuneun baeuda 배우는 배우다
  • 2013
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized baeuneun baeuda
english Rough Play
literal An Actor Is An Actor


genres action, drama, erotic


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 24 Oct, 2013
duration 113 minutes
status released


avg. score 2.9 of 5 by 418 users
total users 815
rating 1211
favorites 2



O Yeong is an actor who was able to become a star thanks to his new manager. However, his ignorance and talent of getting into trouble soon lead him down the road to self destruction.


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O Yeong
O Yeon Hui
U Geun
Hong Ji Min
Kim Jang Ho


producer, screenwriter
costume designer
sfx director
assistant director


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Both South Korean movies are about actors who become too full of themselves and slowly lose grip on reality and what's important in life. Both movies are also written and produced by Kim Gi Deok.


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jihye 01 May, 2016
É o filme mais confuso que eu já vi, to perdida até agora, nem sei dizer se eu gostei ou não
missblackrabbit 28 May, 2015
I felt the lead was all over the place and lacked consistency in his character between scenes.
Had to wait to very final sentence (or close to), to finally get what the message was about... the only great parts of this movie:
1- Clair de Lune from Debussy (albeit not the best choice, still a great tune)
2- Starting and ending with the same scenes was very powerful and complimented the moral very well.

I don't think it's a movie about the brutality of the world of cinema. I think the lead could have been a business man or any other type of artist and the message would have been the same. To me, this movie is about growing profesionally and not taking success, small or big, for granted. To keep on fighting to be the best we can be rather than considering we've achieved nirvana and stop trying.

2/5 Watchable but low enjoyment
dzyublik 07 Sep, 2014
a film about the brutal realities of the world of cinema. the movie is good, but not the best. and the main character SO good! all the emotions were so real. I believe it. great job!
taekyul893 02 Apr, 2014
I thought I understood Oh Young's (Joon) behaviour & thought "soon I'll find out!" then the movie just ended?
I was expecting an explanation on his psychological & mental issues but they never came :(

Think that's why it's sometimes hard to understand Joon's character during the movie.
iluvlynx 16 Mar, 2014
I was shocked when I first saw the gifs of the sex scenes when the movie was first released, but now that I've finally seen the movie, I really couldn't care less. It's just a sex scene, people... It did seem a little forced at times, though.

The movie... I got the message out of it
that he was on that circle of sin -> suffer -> repent -> sin again, and it showed his climb to the top, become just as awful as the actor in the first movie he was in (Kang Bin or something), and finally realize that being humble and hardworking is the recipe to life
, but maybe I just have a hard time recognizing people... I couldn't remember the character's relation to Oh Young so that was incredibly confusing throughout the movie.

No matter how many times I see it done, watching a movie that opens with a closing scene and re-plays the closing scene at the actual end of the movie seems to be powerful for me. All of a sudden, I remembered the confusion I felt at the intensity and violence of the first scene, and that semi-realization (because I was still confused who the female actor was) made for a big impact.

If I were to watch the movie again, perhaps I would connect more dots. However, I must say it was a little hard the first time around. The cinematography was beautiful, though, and the soundtrack was chosen nicely.
prototype 05 Mar, 2014
wow... thet was..... i dont know!!!! XDD
the movie was so so... average. but joon acting skill was brilliant! the sex scenes was indeed awkward HAHA (his asss! we saw his assss!!!)
invincible 23 Feb, 2014
It was little awkward to watch sex scenes with him xD
And the ending .. i was watching nd then .. this is end??? Looks weird
I expect little more but Lee Joon did a good job
rukiia 17 Jan, 2014
the movie is boring, but Lee Joon is a great actor. he is amazing!