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  • 2010
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized chuno
english The Slave Hunters (literal)
aka Pursuing Servants


genres action, history, romance, martial arts


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 06 Jan, 2010 - 25 Mar, 2010
episodes 24
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.98 of 5 by 631 users
total users 1376
rating 2511
favorites 89



It's the time where slavery is at its highest peak, where runaway servants get severely punished for fleeing from their cruel masters. But in spite of that knowledge some are desperate enough to take even that as a possible consequence, and try to run away, but there's one big threat awaiting out there, the slave hunters. For payment, they hunt runaway slaves just to bring them back to their heartless masters who can't wait to lash their anger out on them again. This is the era of Lee Dae Gil, and his fellow slave hunter comrades, a pitiless bunch, who would seemingly do anything for money.




Kim Hye Won
Lee Dae Gil
Song Tae Ha
In Jo
General Choe
Hwang Cheol Ung




16 Apr, 2011
So, today I finished another Drama I've been watching for about four months now, namely Chuno. It's a historical Drama about slave hunters in the 15th century in Korea. The Drama combines a few different storylines which all lead together in the end. One of them is about Lee Dae Gil and his companions, "General" Choi and Lee Wang Son. The three of them are slave hunters, who catch run-away slaves for the nobles and get paid very well for their work. Seemingly, they would do anything for money, but with Dae Gil having his own history as a noble who once was in love with a slave, things are much more complicated than that. Dae Gil is, after eight years of separation, still searching for the slave he once was in love with, Kim Hye Won, though in the beginning it's hard to tell whether he is seeking her out of revenge, because her brother is responsible for his whole family perishing in a fire, or because he is still in love with her. Later on they take the young Seol Hwa into their group, who was part of a dancing troupe and forced to sell her body starting from a young age. She eventually falls in love with Dae Gil.

The three slave hunters take on the job to hunt down the run-away slave Song Tae Ha, a former general who is trying to save the youngest crown prince and who longs to change the world for the better. What the slave hunters don't know is that with taking on the job of hunting Song Tae Ha, they meddle with state issues they shouldn't get involved in.

Eventually even Kim Hye Won, whose brother bought them out of slavery, appears and ends up fleeing together with Song Tae Ha.

In addition to the story of the slave hunters and the state affairs, the life of the slaves themselves and them dealing with their destiny is told. Here, the story of Eop Bok and Cho Bok is told. They are both slaves who tried to run away and were caught, so they are now marked as slaves with a tattoo on their faces.

So, all in all, a story of romance, revenge, state affairs, history, revolution and tons of drama is told - sounds good, doesn't it?

And of course, it is. But with a whole of 24 episodes á one hour each the drama is too long, and after a good and interesting start it gets boring and repetitive for quite a few episodes. In the end, it gets really exciting again, but that still doesn't make up for the boring and frustrating episodes in the middle. If you want to give this Drama a try, don't hesitate to skip a few scenes in the middle, you won't miss out on that much.

My other critique is that the characters of Song Tae Ha and especially Kim Hye Won are kind of weak. The acting is awesome, but the characters aren't strong. Song Tae Ha is so naive it's unrealistic at times and Kim Hye Won's character is simply paradox and not very authentic, which disappointed me a lot because I mainly watched the Drama because of Lee Da Hae, who is playing Kim Hye Won.

But still, this Drama being a high budget production with amazing actors, an overall amazing story and overall amazing characters, it's definitely worth watching. Plus even if you're not that interested in history, you'll definitely learn something about the 15th century Korea and slavery at that time. And the fighting scenes are just divine. If you're not afraid of the many episodes, please do give this Drama a try! But be warned, I shed at least a million tears, especially in the latter half. On I rated it with 4/5 stars.
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21 May, 2010
Both main characters seek revange. There is also some similar light humour, romance and politics.


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kiyoshi 04 Feb, 2016
I'm gonna miss this drama. The acting was amazing and the story was very interesting. But at some moments, it dragged on ... So it's almost a masterpiece.

About the end :
I didn't liked it. I cried like a baby. I wanted Daegil to survive. :(
nami24 05 Sep, 2015
this drama was seriously amazing.. *-*
and the ost was so addicting too :D
i kinda wished that the slave would kinda forgive daegil but i guess he can't now..
and at the end i really had a small hope that maybe daegil won't die.. he might avoid it T.T
dang this so many tears D:

PS: the little prince was so adorable xD
tamayatz 30 May, 2015
This is one of the best periodical dramas I've seen! The fighting is great, there's a lot of them, it's funny and not your average drama with predictable events!
tsurumi 30 Apr, 2013
na tele5 ^^
minhee 06 Apr, 2013
I'll be watching this in TV, can't wait :3
ahmadz 31 Mar, 2013
Average !!
089110 17 Feb, 2013
One of the best dramas I have ever watched. Great storyline, nice romance, memorable characters even those who barely appeared. There were some boring moments, but still, it's a great drama.

I got very teary-eyed when I thought Wang Son & General Choi were dead. The part Lee Daegil was eating alone and imagining they were there was so sad. Also, the last episode got me close to crying. I wish it ended a bit differently since so many questions are left unanswered, but the ending isn't so bad.
berrytm 11 Oct, 2012
Omg this drama is really good <3 I loved it a lot. Everything was great, from cast to storyline to lines xD
One thing that stood out most was the AMAZING OSTs! Every single song was amazing and I'll never forget Im Jae Beom's one that will, from now on, remind me of the love story in this xD

I wanted Daegil x Eonnyeon/Hyewon at first, but Jang hyuk and Lee DaHae have two more dramas as a couple and so (sadly) I let them go and supported Eonnyeon/Hyewon x Taeha; and now I miss this couple. I saw Oh Jiho and Lee Dahae on Running Man together and they seemed so close ;u; Jiho seemed to be a bit protective AS IF THEY WERE ACTING THEIR CHARACTERS IN THIS DRAMA. /sobs Miss it a lot <3

I miss it so much already <3