ESC to close 3.34 (by 222 users)dr. frost 닥터 프로스트
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized dr. frost
aka doctor frost

Based On

based on webcomic
title dr. frost (닥터 프로스트)
author Lee Jong Beom (이종범)


genres crime, mystery, psycholog.


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network OCN


date 23 Nov, 2014 - 01 Feb, 2015
episodes 10
duration 70 minutes
air day Sunday
at 23:00 - 00:10
status released


avg. score 3.34 of 5 by 222 users
total users 481
rating 741
favorites 3



Baek Nam Bong, also known by the name Dr. Frost, is working as a counsellor at the university campus where he finished his psychology degree and during the night works in a bar as a bartender. However, despite being very bright, he has one flaw -- due to an injury he got as a child, he is unable to sympathize with others. When a new assistant, Yun Seong A, begins working with him, the two start to try solving the different problems of those who come to them to seek help.


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Baek Nam Bong
Yun Seong A
Nam Tae Bong
Cheon Sang Won
Song Seon
Detective Park


original creator


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03 Feb, 2015
Dr. Frost follows OCN's tried and true formula of procedural dramas, while also jumping onto the webtoon adaptation wagon. While not terrible by any stretch once it finds its footing, it also fails to live fully up the hype created.

The show is far less gritty than others produced by OCN, with little blood and gore outside of the occasional murder scene. And thanks to the channel's history, the criminal/procedural aspect is well done, with many characters that grip you.

However, the show does manage to fail in making you feel anything for the male lead. Because while it's his character to not being able to feel emotion, there still needs to be something that catches the viewer and makes them want to root for him. And here there was little of it.

A quick watch, it's not the worst out there and a recommend for those that like mind thrillers but unfortunately not something that will blow you away.
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14 Feb, 2015
Two Korean dramas revolving around crimes the protagonist and his team try to resolve, while bringing an underlying past to light as the series progresses.


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leviathan 22 Mar, 2018
@kirtil abi, beğenmemekte haklısın, beğendiğim manhwa yı mahvetmişler içine etmişler bildiğin soğudum okumuyorum artık o derece. Başroldeki elemanı normalde severim ama Frost'un coolluğuna gizemliliğine yakışmamış hiç. Gerçi Dr. Frost karakter olarak Sherlock Holmes özentisi oraya hiç değinmiyorum bile.

Diziyi sanırım karakter Sherlock Holmes'a benziyor zaten, yanındaki kız da Dr. Watson oluyor sanırım. Senaryoyu da BBC dizi uyarlamasını kopyalayalım bitsin gitsin kafasında yapmışlar gibi geldi.

Ayrıca acayip sıkıcıydı 4 bölüm anca dayanabildim :/
kirtil 19 Jan, 2017
@sweetsuga buna 2 ona 5 veren birisi olarak bu soylemine alinmammi gerekiyor anlamadim? Bahsettigin iki seyin birbiriyle alkasini da anlamadim. Bu yorumu benim icin yazdiysan neden ingilizce yazmadigini da anlamadim.
sweetsuga 18 Jan, 2017
Só olhando pra pessoinha que deu 2 pra Dr. Frost, mas deu 5 pra My Sassy Girl...Hmm...Nada confiável.
somiboo 20 Jan, 2016
@danisensei I agree
somiboo 20 Jan, 2016
Absolutely loved it. Perfect amount of episodes but needs a second Season.
Random chan 29 May, 2015
@alex3 judging by the genres and review -- not really
alex3 29 May, 2015
so theres no romance stuff in it? just wondering
kirtil 25 Feb, 2015
A timely crash saved you from reading my long rant and after a restart and a little time doing nothing, I decided I did not hate it that much to write it all again.

I felt kinda cheated by this drama. It started fun and entertaining and then took a turn for the deep and emo. I was definitely not in the mood for it when I started watching this so rated only 2.