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  • 2012
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized switch girl!! 2
aka suicchi gaaru!! 2, スイッチガール!!2

Based On

based on manga
title switch girl!!
author Aida Natsumi (あいだ夏波)


genres comedy, romance, school, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV Two (フジテレビTWO)


date 07 Dec, 2012 - 25 Jan, 2013
episodes 8
duration 30 minutes
air day Friday
at 23:30
status released


avg. score 3.46 of 5 by 711 users
total users 1164
rating 2459
favorites 7


switch girl!!
2011 TV jp


Nika, still the ultimate switch girl, uses her 'ON' and 'OFF' modes to her advantage in order to help herself and her friends as they fight injustice, meanwhile navigating her new relationship with Arata.




Tamiya Nika
Kamiyama Arata
Hirota Masamune
Kimoto Masaru
Tamiya Chizuru


singer, narrator
original creator


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12 Feb, 2013
Switch Girl! 2 is the continuation of Switch Girl!! Nika still is a switch girl, being all lazy and "ugly" at home when in off mode, while she is a sparkling, popular girl during her "on" mode at school. Only Arata - her boyfriend - and Nino - her best freind since childhood - know about her switching. During this episode many other kinds of switch girls and boys show up and remind us, that there aren't only the ones who switch between beautiful-comfortable but also between nice-evil and in-love /out-of-love.

After the first season, this had some things I didn't expect. The first season was mainly focused on the school life and a rather normal story. Nikas worries were love and getting discovered as a switch girl.

In this season, they show a lot from outside the school - sadly, I have to say. Most of it was a bit too riddiculous. The evil switch girl she met during work nearly killed her - which is rather extreme, if you ask me. Espeically for the punishment she gets. The evil switch boy is also rather extreme, even though nothing new since we already met something like him in Meika during season 1. And last but not least the return of Meika and how evil Tokyo can be. It was a bit too much for evilness, though they did well in keeping the comedy up even during that times. I liked that they tried to spice the story up with things happening aside from Nika trying to sleep with her Arata. But the things that happened were just too strange and came from nowhere. I can't say I completely disliked it, but around episode 4 I felt a bit disappointed in the storyline. That's why I had to deduct one star.

Aside from that, this season has the same cool and funny stuff the first season had. The actors were all the same - aside from Monkey Boss - and did a good job. The fun moments reign over the serious ones, so I still give this 4*! Watch it, especially if you liked the first season already.
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aqu135 17 Dec, 2014
this season was...
brandymarie1987 03 Jan, 2014
This Switch Girl manga is one of my faves and the dramas have yet to disappoint. I hope there's another season!
beautifur 24 Dec, 2013
Sooo cute and funny! I hope for a 3rd season [3]
mushuto 07 Sep, 2013
i want moooooreeee ;w; srsly. i fall in love in this...
lisyoukai 21 Aug, 2013
omg i laughed so much <3 I hope for a 3rd season [2]
mancer 24 Jun, 2013
Awesome! I watched first and second season in one day :) And I also hope there will be third season.. It has to be!!
khaiz 09 May, 2013
Funny, funny & funny!! I really like it & I hope for a 3rd season ^^
alekei 08 May, 2013
I'm not a fan of romantic comiedies, but damn, this one is amazing : D both seasons were great, gimme mooooar D: