ESC to close 4.15 (by 531 users)nine: ahop beonui siganyeohaeng 나인: 아홉 번의 시간여행
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized nine: ahop beonui siganyeohaeng
english Nine: Nine Times Time Travel
aka 9, nain: ahop beonui siganyeohaeng, Nine Time Travels, Time Travelling Nine Times


genres drama, romance, fantasy, time travel


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 11 Mar, 2013 - 14 May, 2013
episodes 20
duration 45 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 23:00 - 23:45
status released


avg. score 4.15 of 5 by 531 users
total users 1166
rating 2204
favorites 32



Possessing the power to change the past, Park Seon U tries his luck nine times. Even though he thinks he is the master of time, the outcomes of his travels will prove him wrong. He has to make sure to take the right steps to get the perfect ending.




Park Seon U
Ju Min Yeong
Park Jeong U
Park Seon U (young)
Ju Min Yeong (young)
O Cheol Min




18 May, 2013
One day, when he was around 40, Park Seon U suddenly was faced with only 6 months to live because of cancer, a dead brother and left all alone, since his father was killed 20 years ago and his mother never got back on her feet because of that incident. The lovely Ju Min Yeong, who chased after him to get his love for 5 years finally sees all her dreams come true, as he offered her to date her for 6 months. But things change, when the police give him the things they found with his dead brother, who froze to death in the Himalaya. There were incense sticks, and strangely his brother was holding on to them while freezing to death. When Park Seon U tries them at home, he suddenly finds himself 20 years back, in December. Suddenly, he realizes, he can save his live and love, his father, brother, mother and destroy the guy who supposedly killed his father - all thanks to the nine incense sticks.

If you are looking forward to only a touching love story between Park Seon U and Ju Min Yeong, you'll get bitterly disappointed. If you want a complex drama, full of surprises and excitement, then this is it! This drama is something new, I never could guess what would happen next and there are so many obstacles and problems, you might think you're going crazy. All the characters are very real, there doesn't really need to be one of those overly bad characters. There are only many characters, that clash. Their oppinions, their history, their goals. And this makes it so exciting to watch!

I can't tell you all the good parts about that drama, there are too many, but I'll try and tell a few things. First, the character design. Even though there is the current time and the time 20 years ago, the characters were very clear. No mixing up of characters.

Also, all the important elements to keep you excited are in this drama. The love story isn't the main point, but it is real. It's not the classical love-or-die situation. Rather than focusing on heartwrenching love, it's also about friendship and family. I really loved Seon Us best friend, Yeong Hun, and his boss, O Cheol Min. Even a tiny character was somehow getting involved in the story, and even though it's about time-traveling, you can still follow the story well.

I just loved how you couldn't predict anything that would happen. Even if you thought about 10 different scenarios, you probably didn't get the right one. And every episode was filled with everything: love, excitement, sadness and laughter.

The bad things are only two I have to mention, that don't really do anything to the drama:

Phone calls were cut really awkward. They kept switchting the sides of the pictures during calls, which really annoyed me.

And the sencond "bad" thing was the realtime-screentime ratio. Seon U goes back in time for 30 minutes in a 45 minutes episodes. That's good. But when he looks at his watch with only 5 minutes left and starts to have a race about live and death or travels around town to make 3 different phonecalls... But it's a drama and the highlight of the episode, so it's fine!

What makes me give this 5* isn't only that it's not about romance only. It's the main character, the acting, the storyline, how things ended... Everything was good. Even though I have to say, I felt a bit betrayed at the end, because the focus kind of switched and because I still haven't figured out the last scene... But well, I can't complain either! It's a good drama! Watch it! Now!
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Both titles tell a story of a character who is given a chance to go back to the past. The Protagonist's actions are driven by his desire to save somebody's life and his actions have the power to drastically change the course of the events.


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k91710 06 Jun, 2017
It was amazing!!!
jeaudrey 10 Mar, 2017
I really want to finish this.
When i started to watch, years ago, i could`t find the ep.12 to download, so i just give up.
But i remember to really like the drama, so i`m gonna finish it, but i don`t know if i start all over again or just continue where i stoped.
alexadm81 09 Jul, 2016
I don't think I can comment that much on this drama. Everything was perfect except the first 2 episodes (which were interesting but that's all) but it's been a long time that I've seen such a good written drama with almost no flaws. The screenwriters did an amazing job! Too much of an underrated drama in my opinion.

The ending was more than perfect:
I still think Sun Woo saved his older self now since he doesn't have to chase Choi Jin Cheol. Maybe he used the sticks only to save his father and his older self?

5/5 and it goes right to my favourites dramas list because it was excellent, I could write so many reasons why I enjoyed it so much, especially after the first 2 episodes, so well written and thought.
frannam 08 Jun, 2016
Drama maravilhoso, com um roteiro original e super bem construído, além de um elenco totalmente digno! Amei do início ao fim, inclusive esse desfecho que até agora luto para entender totalmente! haha
beeesseoul 24 Sep, 2015
I have to agree with everyone else and say that this drama was a masterpiece beyond any plotholes (that I'm sure were there, this drama being about time travel) or that confusing ending. The writing was terrific. Everything fit so perfectly at the end that you don't even think too much about unanswered questions, if you had any. It explained everything beautifully and maintained a perfect balance between tragedy and happy/moving moments, which allowed the drama not to drag on but instead create new exciting conflicts. I was never bored watching this, never had to force myself. It was such a pleasant surprise. And although the ending was confusing, the fact that it's meant to keep the viewers thinking satisfies me even more.
One last comment: Lee Jinwook is so charming.
sial 23 May, 2015
Tenho que dizer que foi um dos melhores k-dramas que já assisti.
Ainda estou com um nó na cabeça por conta do final, já procurei comentários sobre ele e achei várias teorias, mas parece que sempre tem um furo, rs. E acho que isso é o mais legal. Mas ainda assim gostaria que o final fosse um pouco mais direto sobre o que de fato aconteceria dali para frente. E sim, a ultima cena depois dos créditos deixou tudo mais confuso.

Gosto de filmes e livros que tratam sobre viagem no tempo, e esse drama não me decepcionou.
Para quem gosta do gênero, eu indico.
E a minha dica é assistir cada episodio com muita atenção, porque os detalhes se revelam muito importante para o todo.
nami24 07 Feb, 2015
waaah this drama is a masterpiece <3
how everything is linked together it made me cry and laugh and scream ;-;
the ending is confusing but its still nice *-* but then again the sticks are still there? why would jung woo need them.. did he want to change the past too? to not kill his father maybe.. then another timeline will start *-*
but at the ending the one who saved jungwoo is the older sonwoo right? i think he was from a very far future... idk why.. since he said long time no see while he just saw him a while ago in the restraunt..
maybe the brother died again..
but its great it makes you think a lot what will happen and imagine things
the young sonwoo grew up great and somehow.. fate is something that cant be avoided u.u

well yeah i just like saying nonsense ~~ but i liked this drama ;-; once u start u cant stop <3 *-*
its kinda unique and different than other time travling storys or that what i think
anyway i dont get why people say the acterss didnt do good i find her acting good here she fitted her role nicly :o
oh wells *shrugs*
lostinthemist 24 Jan, 2015
I have seen quite fair share of movies related to time travels or that deal with time differences. "Nine" reminded me of "The Butterfly Effect" at first, but then it had some elements from "Frequency" and ultimately developed its own idea about timeline which I've never seen before. I found it fascinating.
Because if we think about most of movies about time travel then timeline is always considered linear. Like a straight line. You change something in the past and changes take place immediately in the future. Future has already been changed if you go back to your time. "Back to the Future" is the perfect example.

But as far as I understood, "Nine" has two timelines running at once, as if these two timelines are parallel - exactly 20 years apart. If past was changed on 24th January 1993 at 17.00 then future will change on 24th January 2013 at 17.00 - exactly 20 years later. Even if the main character has already gone back to his present time, change in his present can occur later. Such a portrayal of timelines made "Nine" so unique.
And they pulled it off well, without it looking too silly or absurd. As other users before me, I thought it was pretty much over in episode 8 or 9 and I started to worry how the hell will they fill in next 10 episodes. But then it got more crazier... like a snowball effect.