ESC to close 3.61 (by 184 users)sirius 시리우스
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized sirius
aka siriuseu


genres crime, drama, family


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 06 Jan, 2013 - 27 Jan, 2013
episodes 4
duration 70 minutes
air day Sunday
at 23:45 - 00:55
status released


avg. score 3.61 of 5 by 184 users
total users 458
rating 664
favorites 4



Do Eun Chang and Do Sin U are twins that couldn't be more different. To help Sin U who is being bullied in his school, Eun Chang takes his place for a day which ultimately has serious consequences.
Years later they meet again, one at the bottom of society, the other as a prosecutor.


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Do Eun Chang
Do Sin U
Go Seok Min
Kim An Na
So Ri
Lee Hyeon Gu


assistant director


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30 Mar, 2016
The two works feature look alikes whose lives become entangled with one another. They also share a similar theme, both revolving around crime.


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jangminhae 27 Feb, 2015
Nice fighting scenes, nice plot, a loooot of complication and confusion about who is who, but it was quite good!!
I liked it, even though the ending was "Whaaaaaat???? Why end it like that??", but otherwise it would be an ordinary, possibly dragging, a--year-later ending and I hate that even more!! >.<
At least you feel let's say sense of justice by the ending...
I don't feel like giving it 4 stars, but 3 stars is a low rating for this drama.. So....
Very Good: 4/5
yuna 06 Sep, 2014
Hmmm... I thought I'd like it very much, but I don't really. I was expecting a bit more I guess. Now I'm struggling to finish it.
mikku77 09 Nov, 2013
Amazing!!.. Amazing actor & amazing story.
One of the best kdramas i ve seen so far. I m totally tear stained. Park sun cheon too was absolutely convincing in her role.
d0npian0 03 Aug, 2013
That was a good one. I'm glad it wasn't longer than 4 eps though because like this it didn't drag.
Tbh though, I was a little meh about the general storyline. What I really loved were the flashbacks that slowly gave everything a context. Like, why would the twins be so different to begin with? why would the mother be so horrible towards one of her sons? I think it was great how be slowly got to understand why the brothers would have such a weird relationship.
vanityfull 20 May, 2013
WHY is this only episodes long, WHY???
nyappychiyo 04 May, 2013
Really a masterpiece. It gave the huge flood on my face!
stellybish 16 Mar, 2013
I must say they made the perfect choice when they casted Hyungsik as the younger version of Jun Yung!
They really look alike and made everything look even more real ~
I must say I liked their acting a lot! Playing twins is not an easy job!
I liked the story too ~
I just don't get why the police didn't arrest Seok Min in the end? They got the drugs so? ....
When they showed the grown up versions I thought the twins really did change before going to prison because their personalities were completely oposite xD But it wasn't like that ~
Like how they changed their positions many times xD Confusing everyone and everything xD

Well, while I was watching the final episode, at the end of it they showed the twins smiling at each other at something like a bookstore?
So I guess Eun Chang woke up and really opened a cafe. ^^
yoonmin 08 Mar, 2013
I liked it. The acting was amazing from Seo Jun Yeong, and the story is interesting. But I never though it would end like that... too sudden :/