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  • 2014
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized kuroshitsuji
english Black Butler (literal)

Based On

based on manga
title kuroshitsuji
author Toboso Yana (枢やな)


genres action, suspense, supernatural, fantasy


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 18 Jan, 2014
duration 119 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.18 of 5 by 658 users
total users 1380
rating 2094
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2008 TV jp


Shiori is the child of a rich family that gets killed in front of her eyes. She is the only one who survives because a devil saves her. She then decides to keep the devil by her side as a butler in order to be able to take revenge for her parents. Disguised as a boy, Shiori takes over her family business, 'The Fantom Corporation'. Under the cover of that corporation, she and her butler Sebastian start to search for the killer, which isn't as easy as Shiori might have thought.


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Sebastian Michaelis
Genpou Shiori
Wakatsuki Hanae
Charles Bennett Satou
Matsuyama Takaaki
Undertaker Jei




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30 Jan, 2014
When Shioris parents get killed in front of her eyes, she is saved by a devil and he starts to stay by her side as her butler. To take revenge, she goes back to her house as a boy, to inherit the Funtom corporation and searches for the killer. The devil beside her is always there to take her orders and does, whatever she tells him to. Until they can finally find the organisation who killed her parents.

If you want to watch this movie, I suggest you bring two things with you. First of all, you should NOT think about the manga while doing so. And secondly, you should like Hiro Mizushima. I did both things and to be honest, I was able to enjoy the movie pretty well! What people will be most interested in is probably, how much the movie differs from the manga... Well, it starts with the originally tiny boy being a girl. And then there are many characters missing. Of course they couldn't fit in a long storyline, so for the most part there are no other devils (Grell) and some other side characters are missing (the cook).

If you look at it as just a movie, that by chance has similar characters like the manga, the result is actually decent! Most of the time, it's there to show how awesome Sebastian is and to be honest, I love that because Sebastian is the reason I watched it. The rest of the movie is a tiny, obvious detective story. There are only two or three things I couldn't see directly, but most of the time I got the hint immediately and with that, I wondered what the movie wants to show us, beside Sebastian.

So, in the end, I can say I enjoyed the movie. Though there were some scenes that I thought were riddiculous, I still can give this movie 4* because it showed me exactly what I wanted. A warning to those who watch it for the sake of the manga: don't. And a clear recommendation to watch it, if you love Mizushima Hiro.
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beautifur 27 Jul, 2015
Loved it so much omg.
Hiro & Ayame were PERFECT for Sebastian and Shiori (Ciel): appearance/mannerism/voice were almost the same as the anime characters. Also I usually hate Ayame's acting cause she's always over the top and annoying af but she's great in here, she totally nailed the bratty behaviour (btw I kinda like the idea of Ciel being a girl instead of a boy...). And Hiro is just perfection <3

Setting + scenery + ost were amazing. And Rin was so badass!! I loved her fighting scene. Lack of Grell was upsetting but I can see why they decided not to include such a character, it wouldn't work irl with a real actor imo so yeah, better this way. 5/5 for me, I'm not even sorry.
justironic 02 Jan, 2015
I'm the kind of person who likes remakes and spinoffs.

And I really really liked this one.
aqu135 08 Oct, 2014
Wow...when i saw the KKK outfits..i stopped the bloody movie! (It was crap to begin with!) I'm not even black and that was offensive...and japan got all touchy-feely about muse using the rising sun flag in their music video or some kpop group using newpaper clips of the nuclear bomb attacks! Hypocrisy much!
yokochan 22 Aug, 2014
omg i love the movie <3
i want a lovestory between shiori and sebastian xD *___*
janegreen 25 Jul, 2014
But was their manor located in Dresden or had I just imagined something?
kamisama1 19 Jul, 2014
dlgirl 11 Jul, 2014
I really enjoyed the movie, sure, it was way different from the anime, but I didn't expect much of it when I saw that there would be no Ciel. But this movie really surprised me <33

I think Mizushima Hiro really made a good Sebastian, I still prefer Ono Daisuke of course, but since I know how well Hiro can act as a butler in Mei-chan no Shitsuji, I was really looking forward to it <33
melissa 06 Jul, 2014
Just having Hiro back was enough for me.
I watched the anime, and I'm not sure about how I feel towards the movie. I enjoyed it, but it didn't drive me crazy. It wasn't bad, the settings were amazing, the music too, and the plot wasn't bad either.
Not a master piece, but a fun movie, I really liked the fight scenes. I have watched the scene with Rin shooting and wearing that maid outfit too many times.