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  • 2013
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized kazoku game
english The Family Game (literal)

Based On

based on book
title kazoku game (家族ゲーム)
author Honma Youhei (本間洋平)


genres drama, family, mystery, suspense, psycholog.


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 17 Apr, 2013 - 19 Jun, 2013
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Wednesday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 4.19 of 5 by 668 users
total users 1123
rating 2802
favorites 52


kazoku game
1983 film jp
same setting


Yoshimoto Kouya, a home tutor who has a mysterious past, visits Numata family upon a request to educate their son, Shigeyuki, who is withdrawn socially because of bullying. After Yoshimoto holds a short family meeting, he decides to accept the offer. As per the process of education, he disintegrates the family and drives it to collapse.




Yoshimoto Kouya
Numata Shinichi
Numata Kayoko
Numata Shigeyuki
Numata Kazushige
Asami Maika




18 Jan, 2017
I honestly considered dropping this after episode 2. Because the bullying was really difficult to watch. It made me so freaking angry, but I figured it was a sign of great depiction. So I kept watching, and I'm glad I did.

This was my kind of psychology. I kept pending between loving Yoshimoto and hating him, and that means he's a versatile character that's difficult to get a grip on. Awesome.

For the other characters, I really didn't like the kid. Or the dad. I mostly felt sorry for the mother honestly, but I liked big brother. He was most interesting. Also, I realized I recognize the actor (!) and I like him a lot so. All good.

On a kind of side note I thought his actual girlfriend was a very refreshing character even though she didn't do much haha.

The actress girl with three personalities was nice. I didn't even suspect her when she showed up again lol so. Well done script.

About the backstory. I... thought I'd hate it, but I kind of came around just at the end? The explanations worked for me after all. So I'm satisfied. (Especially with the very end open endingssss)

What I liked most I think, was all this chaos in such a pretty little wrapping that you could never tell. I like those stories, where you just have to dig a little on the surface for things to come crashing.

(Literally. That was nice)

Also this is the second drama I've seen with Sho and he was kind of the same last time wasn't he haha? It was good though, I like him.

Overall, very good. Definitely good as post-school drama when I didn't want to do anything besides lay on the couch, since it really needed some focus haha.
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10 Aug, 2013
In both, a weird outsider intrudes into a seemingly normal family and helps change their ways by breaking them apart.

20 Jun, 2013
Both dramas talk about an outsider, who has a mysterious past, intruding upon a family with problems and trying to solve them in weird, yet effective means.


"Kazoku Game" Revived In 2013; Sakurai Shou Starring akiraka 1 posts 05 Feb, 2013 by akiraka
It was recently announced that Arashi member Sakurai Shou is to star in the upcoming Fuji TV drama series "Kazoku Game" (The Family Game), based on the novel ...


hidoineko 18 Nov, 2015
This drama had me hooked immediatelly. It had dark scenes and funny scenes and the story had me hooked. Sakurai Sho was brilliant and that catchphrase caused goosebumps because of the way he said it. It sounded so scary.. Kamiki Ryuunosuke was also great.

And the ending i could almost hear my jaw drop to the ground.

Seriously, when shinichi asked if what he was told was the truth and Yoshimoto just smiles and says ii nee had me really wondering and left me wanting to know more.
ainaki 31 May, 2015
For me the last two episodes destroyed the vibe in drama. I liked the darker side of the story and ep 9 and 10 made a fairytail from really good drama and it really dissapointed me.
suki034 15 Apr, 2015
I felt like this was a very important drama for families of today to watch. The issues are really quite relatable
lorekk223 01 Jan, 2015
It's... amazing.

I'm still shocked.

Amazing. Amazing.
ephie 26 Sep, 2014

funny, scary, I don't know what to wait... still in 6th episode but i think i will finish this drama very soon ^^

hidde 14 May, 2014
A really good mix of mystery, drama and comedy.
ending was toooo happy to be true, but its warm to see them become a real family after all
reonsoru 21 Mar, 2014
So far, I am really impressed with this drama as well as Sho's acting.

I am not gonna say too much, since I don't want to spoil the experience.

Just this much: The main character isn't exactly nice and the drama has a lot of critism towards society so far.

If you like slightly darker dramas, you might feel intrigued to watch this one as well.

Update: I posted review on my blog now that I finished watching the drama! ^ ^
beautifur 12 Jan, 2014
Very good drama, quite disturbing at times as bullying is a very delicate matter.
First time seeing Sakurai's acting and enjoyed it. His character was interesting and complex, I think he did quite a good job portraying it. Same with Kamiki, I really liked his acting, especially in the last scene. Oh and soooo many plot twists, I was going crazy! Not to mention that ii nee phrase will hunt me forever lol

The ending though.

Was everything a lie?! We'll never know....