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  • 2010
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized bloody monday season 2
aka bloody monday 2

Based On

based on manga
title bloody monday (ブラッディ・マンデイ)
author Kiboyashi Shin (龍門諒), Megumi Kouji (恵広史)


genres crime, suspense


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 23 Jan, 2010 - 20 Mar, 2010
episodes 9
duration 58 minutes
air day Saturday
at 19:56 - 20:54
status released


avg. score 4.02 of 5 by 1952 users
total users 3120
rating 7843
favorites 114


bloody monday
2008 TV jp


It's been two years since brilliant hacker Takagi Fujimaru has helped Japan's Public Safety Special Third Unit to save Tokyo from a deadly virus. Now a new nuclear weapon threatens Tokyo, and his abilities are needed again.


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Takagi Fujimaru
Kujou Otoya
Kanzaki Jun
Orihara Maya
Kirishima Gorou
Takagi Haruka




14 Mar, 2011
Bloody Monday is known for it’s suspense and this second season was able to keep it up in an almost flawless way.

Takagi Fujimaru (Falcon) is leading a normal life now. His friends are in college and everyone seems to have moved on after the incident, but a new crisis is threatening Japan; a nuclear bomb is heading for Tokyo where it will destroy the city and kill millions of people.

The 'old actors' are reintroduced. Miura Haruma plays the lead again next to Sato Takeru, who became more important in this second season. Fujii Mina is back as Asada Aoi, Falcon's friend, and Kawashima Umika plays Takagi Haruka, Falcon's little sister.

We are also shown that the terrorists we have encountered in the first season are back! (Narimiya Hiroki as the wonderfully twisted J and Kichise Michiko as the sexy cold-blooded Orihara Maya), but we have new villains too.

The first episode gives just a bit of time to get used to the characters again before racing into a new story that is as complicated as exciting and thrilling.

Who has to do with who? Who will survive and who will not get out of this maze alive?
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10 Aug, 2010
I was very excited when I heard there'd be a season 2 of Bloody Monday. I found season 1 to be exciting and amazingly done. However, I have to say I was quite disappointed with season 2 in more ways than one. It was enjoyable but there were so many flaws it frustrated me. I think the more episodes I watched, the more irritated I became.

I think the thing that irritated me most were most of the new cast members. The terrorists weren't as enjoyable to watch and I didn't really like them like the first season's. I really disliked THIRD-i's new chief (or whatever he was), Hagiwara Naotaro. I found him annoying and unconvincing in his role.

One question ran through my mind time after time is why in the heck didn't Falcon learn how to DEFEND himself? After going through all that in the first season, how come he didn't even learn how to hold and shoot a gun? If it were me, I would've taken self-defense classes especially if there had been terrorists after me (and they were still LOOSE) and I was still "hacking" (which should've actually been called cracking since crackers are the ones who break into systems to damage it, or break into computers to get information, etc. Hackers are ITs and such where it's their job to "fix" computers, etc.).

One more thing, on episode 1, Asada Aoi didn't have to die due to Falcon's hacking to stop the bomb. Kirishima Goro had *threatened* to throw J and the bomb into the water. So why on earth did he not throw the bomb into the water at the very beginning? They would've been saved!

Anyway, despite its many flaws, this drama still had amazing action scenes. I really hope they'll finish it off and have a special (not too sure about another season).
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mizuumi 13 Jul, 2014
I finally got myself to watch this one till the end. All I can say is that I liked the second season too and totally loved J! Kanzaki Jun is just way too adorable character that I can't stop loving ♥
silentscream93 20 Oct, 2013
I want 3rd season!
dodi1d 20 Apr, 2013
i liked it but season 1 was the best! .. are they gonna make season 3 or what?
samanthawoo 10 Apr, 2013
Season 1 was better with no doubt, however still waiting for 3rd one...
lulukpop 17 Jul, 2012
just like the first season loved it! Both seasons had great feeling of suspense and loved the acting of Miura Haruma and Satou Takeru.
have to admit I was a bit disappointed with the last episode but still loved it
megs 09 Jul, 2012
Perfect drama until the last 2 eps. The end disappointed me. ;/
marishka 19 May, 2012
Maybe someone has any informations about season 3?
akanekensei 03 Feb, 2012
I like season 2 more than 1 xD Maybe because Falcon is less gullible and naive (he rocks!). There are also very sad moments. I've only seen 1st episode, but it was already breathtaking.
And J's hair... xD