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  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized nailshop paris
english Nail Salon Paris
aka neilsyab pariseu


genres drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBCD


date 03 May, 2013 - 28 Jun, 2013
episodes 10
duration 60 minutes
air day Friday
at 23:00
status released


avg. score 2.7 of 5 by 655 users
total users 1118
rating 1769
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Hong Yeo Ju is a struggling author trying to catch a break. One day she witnesses an heroic act by a stranger. Sure that this intriguing man is the key to her next story, she follows him to Nail Shop Paris, a nail salon where only men can work. She disguises herself as a boy to work at the salon so that she can learn more about him.
[Two episodes on row, 23:00-00:00, 00:00-01:00]


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Hong Yeo Ju
Kim Ji Su
U Min





29 Jun, 2013
When Yeo Ju is depressed because she can't write a story about a gumiho without copying stories of someone else, she meets the brave Alex in the subway, who saves a stranger. Inspired by him and her best friends words, she decides to stay close to him and let him be the new main character for her book. For that, she even disguises herself as a boy and starts to work as "Bunny" in the nail shop where Alex works.

It sounds like your typical gender-bender?

Let me tell you, it is not. Of course they will find out that she is a girl sooner or later, but the drama about it was missing. Nobody cared, they just accepted it and went on. The first few episodes were horrible to watch. Somehow, the concept of this drama reminds me of a japanese drama, just that the execution of it was a lot worse. Every episode they have a customer and Alex, Kay and Jin try to help them. Alex can magically read from their nails what kind of body condition or problem they haave, Kay is the strong guy and Jin is the beauty that helps out with the rest. I'm not against the concept, but at first it felt messed up. You don't know the characters and with that can't understand why they do what they do. And even though you're supposed to get to know them better through their customers problems, it was hard during the first 3 episodes.

To be honest, after I got used to it the drama somehow seemed not so bad and cute. Alex was nice but the story with Bunny and Kay was more intense and interesteding. And Jin was very cute with his storyline. But now to the major issues of the drama.

First of all, what was that gumiho-storyline? And why did it have to be so random? This was nowhere near a good drama, this was a average fanfiction. I've even seen better fanfictions out there! The ending felt so forced and still was so predictable, that I got bored after the first 2 minutes. Aside from it being obvious and predictable, why was the main problem only mention in the second half of the last episodes, after giving some kind of "hint" in the first 2 or 3 episodes? It really was ridiculous.

And don't even let me talk about the storyline... Feeling developement is non-existend. Neither for the main cast, nor for the side cast. Alex changes his feelings as much as the main girl or Jin and Bunnys best friend do. It was random. I tought, maybe the writers were sitting there with a roulette and just randomly based their decision on who to hook up with whom on that.

This drama is your everyday fanfiction, with many obvious "plot twists" and strange stories. I can't bring myself to give it more than 2*, even though I liked the middle part of the drama and enjoyed the story during that few episodes.
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irate 21 Jun, 2013
alex3 20 Jun, 2013
what the heeeell, show about girl pretending to be a boy, again? ;.;
missfeelo 19 Jun, 2013
So... I haven't watched since ep.02, does it get any better? I know, realistically Alex is the lead but can I be wrong this time?
moonlightangel 17 Jun, 2013
makiru 17 Jun, 2013
I really wanted to punch Bunny in the face at the end of ep 8... WTF R U DOIN' GIRL?! ¬¬
You are not hannah montana, you cannot have the best of both worlds!!! Choose one! Grrr!
I still think sometimes the writers of this drama are on crack... It's the only explanation for all those random things happening...
wildsoul0615 16 Jun, 2013
ep 8
Let me kill this stupid girl please. She has such wonderful boyfriend... I think it needs to be with no brain to behave like her. This stupid.. Really...

And fact that only 2 eps left destroys me. What have this drama done to me.. My feels ;;
honami 15 Jun, 2013
I wanted to drop this drama, but for me, it started to be more interesting after 6th episode *u* I'm really curious how it will end~
mjkaori17 15 Jun, 2013
8th ep
end of 8th episode was horrible... poor Kay... what is Bunny exatly doing??? She is with Kay, she don't want hurt Kay's feeling...etc and now she is kissing with somebody else... And the preview of the next episode...aigoo....:(