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  • 2009
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized gimssi pyoryugi
english Castaway On The Moon
literal The Adventures Of Mr. Kim
aka kim's island


genres comedy, drama, life, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 14 May, 2009
duration 116 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.98 of 5 by 552 users
total users 779
rating 2196
favorites 30



A man named Kim jumps into the dark, quiet waters of the Han River. He wakes up and finds himself lying covered with sand. It is then that he realized that he failed to kill himself and simply drifted to an unknown island in the river. In one of the riverside apartment buildings, there's a girl who hasn't ventured out of her room for years. One day, she catches sight of a man living alone on an island through her binoculars and becomes intrigued. Day after day, his lonely but seemingly contented life triggers her curiosity and compels her to step out of her room after so many years.




Kim Seung Geun
Kim Jeong Yeon
Iron Bag
Apartment Guard
Ms. Kim's Father
Mr. Kim's Girlfriend


director, screenwriter
sfx director


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29 Oct, 2010
The films are nostalgic romances that follow the steps of two people from the opposite gender. Although they didn't even see each other's faces, the little traces one of them leaves after himself during his everyday life influences the other one. During an indefinite period of time between these two people, there grows a bond made by mutual understanding, care and respect toward the feelings of the other person. Both films move slowly!

12 Jul, 2010
Two extraordinary characters who decide to isolate themselves from all society meet each other by chance. It's quite questionable if they detached themselves on purpose or they were just left behind by the world. The bond between them grows bigger each day they spend together.


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babo 30 Apr, 2015
@iamasian I think it could have something to do with that she had some kind of social fobia and therefor had a hard time meeting other people. I don't know, just my thought :)
iamasian 27 Apr, 2015
I was wondering....the She Kim, why didn't she get some surgery for her big scar on face. After-all this is South-Korea, The Plastic country. Same thing was cashed in 'Sad Movie' through 'Shin Min-ah'. How come the people of this country fooled by such trick. On other hand, in respect of this fabulous movie, I am "SELF" assuming that She Kim hate plastic or cosmetics.
babo 13 Apr, 2015
I got a sudden urge to rewatch this, not for the second, not for the third time but for the forth time! And it was like watching it for the first time again, wanting to rewatch it as soon as the text started rolling at the end.
This movie is definitely one of my all time favorites.

If you are in a low, this is THE movie to watch to brighten your life.
jangminhae 27 Feb, 2014
a great and touching movie.
worth watching, funny and unpredictable
Nothing much or special, yet beautiful and cute
Very Good: 4/5
carroline 25 Apr, 2013
So lovely and beautiful! I'm in love <3
dangochan 31 Mar, 2013
positive movie xD great story and moments with poos..LOL daebak xDD
minimiau 28 Mar, 2013
O.o a great movie.
ahmadz 09 Mar, 2013
WOw A great , masterpiece , amazing ...etc movie , I've really enjoyed watching it .

One of my favorite movies . I really didn't expected so much from it , but it surprised me .

Highly recommended .