ESC to close 3.35 (by 1207 users)monstar 몬스타
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized monstar
aka monseuta


genres drama, life, romance, music, youth


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network Mnet (KR)


date 17 May, 2013 - 02 Aug, 2013
episodes 12
duration 60 minutes
air day Friday
at 21:50 - 22:50
status released


avg. score 3.35 of 5 by 1207 users
total users 2079
rating 4049
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Yun Seol Chan is the lead singer and front man of the famous boygroup "Men In Black", but his huge popularity and at times unmanageable temper repeatedly lead to incidents. One of those incidents results in Seol Chan having to go to high school again so he can improve his image and calm down the media.
At school the idol meets Min Se I, an honest and straight-forward girl who recently returned to South Korea and doesn't care about his stardom; and his former childhood friend Jeong Seon U, who is known for his cold attitude, but also for his excellent marks.
Seol Chan's start at school is more than jolty while he is forced to participate in a band project together with a group of outcasts, which also includes Seon U and Se I. But he soon realizes that there is something they all have in common: love and passion for music.




Yun Seol Chan
Min Se I
Jeong Seon U
Han Ji Ung
Sim Eun Ha
Cha Do Nam




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17 Nov, 2013
Min Se I comes back to Korea from Australia, where she was spending most of her time with sheep. At her school she meets, Seol Chan, a famous idol, who mistakes her for a fan and treats her pretty bad during their first meeting. His following scandal makes him come back to school regularly, where he has to meet Min Se I and gets involved in various school activities to make the public forget about his scandal and show them that he's a good boy. And the better he gets to know Min Se I, the more he enjoys his school life...

This drama got me all excited. I really like musical dramas, and this one had at least one song in every episode. When I knew the song, I got even more excited and I have to say, there is no song that I disliked in this drama. Also the pace and stories of the characters and how they unfold was good, until episode 8 where it kind of started to drag. The drama reached it's peak and I fel like it didn't fit the drama. Something a little bit more lighthearted and realistic would have been better. I feel like 3/4 of the the characters have a rather too dark past and for that dark past, they don't get the screentime they deserve. That's something you realize latest at the ending, when you are standing there, asking yourself 100 questions that didn't get answered until now. And seeing how that was the last episode, you have to think about a solution yourself or just live with it as another slice-of-life drama that stops in the middle, the same as it started in the middle.

I kind of feared writing this review, because I still don't know what to think about that ending. Of course there was a lot missing, but I enjoyed the drama with every piece of it. And I kind of accepted it as a slice-of-life masterpiece. Something, that doesn't tell you everything because it just didn't happen yet. Like friends that at some point just left you and you don't know what happened with them afterwards. Of course I would contact them, but looks like we can't for this kind of friends.

So I'll give this drama 5* for the good music, the cute acting, the fluffy feeling while watching it and because I am generous and will ignore the ending, that I disliked. Please watch it if you like music-dramas and/or school-dramas mixed with a bit of social problems like bullying, outsiders, betrayal, etc.
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08 Sep, 2013
Monstar, like many other teen music shows, is filled with a great score, good acting and sincere beats that make the moments. But what makes this show so much fun is that the music isn't there simply because, it elevates the scenes and moves the story forward. The songs are chosen for a reason and sang/played with heart.

Each event feels heart-tugging because we're dealing with teenagers for whom everything is life-or-death and you feel it, because the characters are well written and well portrayed.

While the show does falter a bit at the end, it remains heartfelt throughout. There's rarely a dull moment, and always a sense of nostalgia; it's a great watch.
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Both Korean dramas are about a group of young people who individually use music to overcome hardships and express their emotions. Both are musicals, making use of both older and a newer songs to aid the mood of the scenes.

08 Nov, 2014
They have many things in common: A very naive and pure female lead, a very attractive and popular male lead, and a soft-hearted second male lead who is somehow far away from all the others. The characters face similar problems in both, such as bullying and the start of bonding. Monstar lacks the fantasy part of Hi School: Love on, and Hi School: Love on is missing the music of Monstar.


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tomoesama 25 Jan, 2016
It's cute. Nothing which we haven't seen in another teen drama but still fairly enjoyable. I needed something fun and easy to watch to cut from the exams' boredom, and it filled its purpose.
strawberryz 05 Aug, 2015
uwup 30 Jul, 2015
very enjoyable
beautifur 20 Dec, 2014
Oh my god. Boring, boring, booooring. Only 12 eps but felt more like 100+ (80 mins per ep is definitely too much) I literally had to force myself and keep watching cause around ep 3 I already wanted to drop the whole thing but thanks to Kang Haneul's gorgeous face & voice my will power I didn't. Every character is annoying, Min Seyi & Seolchan especially - and since they happen to be the two mains /ugh/ Seyi is so dense and her lack of reactions bothers me to no end & Seolchan is rude, bossy and childish (also someone should prevent Junhyung from singing cause he's tone deaf af), Seonwoo is sweet but way too passive. Others are nothing special either, Kyudong is the only one I can tolerate. The dialogues overall are embarrassing. Seriously, who wrote them. Not even gonna start on the plot/script cause there is nothing good to say. And the ending... tl;dr = BAD, possibly one of the worst dramas I've ever seen.
melxchan 17 Dec, 2014
First I really loved the drama. But the pot became a bit plain. One episode was like 90minutes, which was really too long (they could've cut some scenes). But all in all, it was good. However I think the series could have been much better if the script was better. (Focus was randomly used and the main story hasn't even really started...)
vestema 20 Nov, 2014
The ending just dropped the whole rating thing for me. Seriously? It was so poorly done in my opinion. Nothing special, nothing good, no feels, nothing remarkable. Disappointed me.
misekeith 22 Oct, 2014
I actually liked it very much. I didn't see the "imperfections" everyone was talking about, didn't think it missed on the romance (c'me on, they're supposed to be Korean high school students... I haven't seen that many 'realistic' portrayals of those till now) - had pretty good characterization, very good writing with no dragging - and yes, I did not perceive that much of a difference between the so-called 'first' and 'second' part. They flow beautifully, imho.

Also, I'm kind of ashamed for not having watched this little gem till now because of the negative comments here. :(

Also, the light humour, and some of the priceless musical numbers. Seriously. I'll miss this. Might watch it again, even (and do, I usually don't do that).
vikisecret 04 Oct, 2014
The first half was good then it turned into something else ... The music is okay but the romance .? Not that good
but I won't say I didn't enjoy watching This drama .. I really enjoyed <3