ESC to close 3.38 (by 354 users)sangeo 상어
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized sangeo
english Shark (literal)
aka Don't Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus


genres drama, suspense, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 27 May, 2013 - 30 Jul, 2013
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.38 of 5 by 354 users
total users 796
rating 1197
favorites 6



Han I Su and Jo Hae U were heading towards having the perfect teenage romance before one night their world shatters. Hae U, thinking I Su is dead, attempts to move on with her life, and I Su, having learned the truth behind what happened, returns, determined to get revenge on those who destroyed everything, even if it means bringing Hae U down. As I Su works to complete his plan and Hae U rushes to stop him, they both start realizing nearly everything they've known has been lies and the truth goes much further then they could have thought.




Jo Hae U
Han I Su
Jang Yeong Hui
Byeon Bang Jin
Kim Su Hyeon
Jo Sang Guk




30 Aug, 2013
Shark is like most revenge thrillers, tightly plotted, dark and to a certain extent, melodramatic. And like other thrillers, the show does fall victim to a few vices, mainly it gets pretty slow and a bit too convoluted to follow easily. There are a lot of interweaving threads (and photos) that complicate matters and sometimes you have to stop and sort out who knows what and whose who.

The acting is passable, nothing ground-breaking and a lot of people were underutilized but the cute moments were great.

The show is a nice watch, although you may want to watch something mindless and fluffy afterwards.
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03 Jul, 2015
Both were created by the same director and screenwriter, and both are high quality revenge dramas. Rebirth has a higher quality of acting overall, and of story.


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Son Ye Jin to make a comeback in a new drama 'Shark' for the first time in three years since her previous work in the MBC drama 'Personal Taste'. According to...


jessicarose 28 Jun, 2017
At episode 7 I think it's a slow paced drama. The story is interesting but it takes too long for anything to happen. Also too many boring and unnecessary scenes. I wish it would take up some pace. I'm not dropping it alrealdy but maybe I should because it's getting close to the middle...
neo9000 14 Feb, 2017
I am not sure why I watched this...
beeesseoul 09 Jun, 2015
I liked it. It had many twists that were refreshing and kept the story worth watching. I found it easy to watch episode after episode. I liked how they kept things realistic to a point
like having Haewoo restrain herself from cheating and yet cheating but also not making Joonyoung into a bad guy just so that her cheating was justified.
However, this one doesn't stand out to me as a revenge story (I love revenge stories), it's just one of the others. And many things were expected like
that ending. SO EXPECTED from beginning to end. ESPECIALLY SINCE ITS KIM NAM GIL.
meakoo 20 Mar, 2014
OMG i just finished the drama and i can't sakjjshdjshadgsajjias no words can describe how i am feeling because i really loved it from the very first minute till the very last minute.the cast were awesome and very very good. the storyline was brilliant and so touching, and oh god the revenge plan is so cool, even the ost were good,and actually it kinda reminds me of missing you and both of them were perfect to me, honestly. i just don't understand why people were so negative about it, like really it deserves much rating than other stupid drama, and i don't know why people hated the end, it was so clear what happened, but i guess people only looking for romance, so yeah. Again i really loved this drama and its a must drama watch, i really recommended to you people, and i don't know how am i gonna get over this drama :') .
thefoxjiu 25 Jan, 2014
Honestly, Shark was perfect to me. I just can't understand that it didn't have a huge success whereas some poor stories like The Heirs (yeah i'm sorry...) got so many attention. Shark was really touching and the character of Han I Soo so complex and saddening, as well as the story of revenge which was more than palpitating. The character of Jo Hae Hoo reminded me of I Miss You's Lee Soo Yeon, these kind of characters who suffered too much to have any joyful feelings.
A brillant story, seriously.
rooomanoooma 18 Nov, 2013
I really enjoyed the drama from the beginning till the last end scene ^.^ The plot was brilliant & the revenge plan was perfect ..The cast did a great job as well as the writer ..❤ . ❤..
it doesn't deserve a poor rating don't judge it according to it
artesia 09 Oct, 2013
sorry,dropped!to much depressing for my mind.
alexadm81 12 Sep, 2013
Really great drama. The acting was awesome. The plot was really well written.


Yi Hyeon was going in the surgery room for the liver transplant and Yi Soo was struggling to live just to give her the liver.

I think Hae Woo and Joon Young broke up because of the chat they had. She said she doesn't want to make him suffer anymore so I think they divorced. There was no point for them to be together anymore.


She threw the shark necklace because it was time for her to forget him.

It was so obvious what happened in the end *surprised face*, don't know what was so hard to understand...

Many negative comments but I think this drama was so good.