ESC to close 3.05 (by 59 users)arata kangatari
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized arata kangatari
english Arata The Legend
aka arakan, アラカン, 革神語

Based On

based on manga
title arata kangatari
author Watase Yuu (渡瀬悠宇)


genres fantasy, adventure


language Japanese


country Japan
type animated
format TV
network TV Tokyo (テレビ東京)
by Satelight (サテライト)


date 09 Apr, 2013 - 02 Jul, 2013
episodes 12
duration 30 minutes
air day Tuesday
at 02:05 - 02:35
status released


avg. score 3.05 of 5 by 59 users
total users 142
rating 180
favorites 1



Hinohara Arata is a Japanese high school student. At school, he has problems because he doesn't have many friends and gets bullied. In a parallel world, there is a boy sharing the same first name, Arata, who is the only successor of the Hime clan. The problem is, he is male, while the Himegami that rule the country are traditionally female. The fate of these boys is intertwined as they switch places and each find themselves in an entirely different world.






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monjaelisa 04 Apr, 2015
@Random chan so very true! without manga we wouldnt have anime.... and its always fun seeing ur fave mangas going anime or drama adaptions xD its not always equally good adaptions... but there are some great ones.
Random chan 04 Apr, 2015
@monjaelisa XDDD it does. And omg, there are so many bad manga out there as well :P -- like anything. But anime is indeed awesome and not saying either of them is better :o. Their coexistence is epic.
monjaelisa 04 Apr, 2015
@Random chan *hugs* well... Im not saying I dislike manga.. there are some good ones... I really love mangas... but unless I find a really interesting one I try to watch out for animes first... arata should definately qualify for a 2nd season tho xx..
Random chan 02 Apr, 2015
@monjaelisa :o I love manga a lot more because it lets my brain at least think a bit and I love reading and thinking myself how it's said and with what voice etc. For example, I despite the anime adaptation of souten kouro because it is awful (well, in my opinion it is awful xD) but so many people like it. After reading the manga and then watching the anime -- Cao Cao isn't as cool as he is in the manga. And he's my favourite historical figure anyway (alongside with Nobunaga) so I'm super annoyed with it. Probably wouldn't have minded without reading the manga first -- but the manga is waaay too epic XD.

Well, Inuyasha is something different since it's by one of the most well known mangaka artists in Japan :P. I think whatever she'll create will be animated regardless of quality. But yeah, hope is nice XD. 2013 wasn't THAT far in the past, when you think about it.

I just like how manga is more relying on your imagination and ability to see between the frames too, a bit like in books, rather than just give you the content directly :o. Idk, I wish that I knew Japanese a bit better to read manga fast and buy it directly from Japan (lol cheap >D). Would have ordered arata kangatari manga right away since I remembered about it XDDD.
monjaelisa 02 Apr, 2015
@Random chan yep, 2015... even shoujo animes are wellknown for its shiny boobs and fanservice all over the place.. xD
well, probably not... but hey.. inuyasha took years to get a sequel... so however unlikely it seems.... nothing wrong with hoping ^^
I still personally gotta pick up the manga series.... not that fond of reading tho.... too much work compared to simply playing an anime right in front of you.. not really the same feeling either c:
Random chan 02 Apr, 2015
@monjaelisa not even ecchi animations, I'm talking about regular animations. All females are portrayed in such a sexual way with their boobs all over the place. Even normal shows =\. The manga is ok :o, I liked it (read only the first vol in the library before). I doubt that a second season will come though :o.
monjaelisa 02 Apr, 2015
@Random chan so true... most ecchi and fanservice animes easily get sequels and stuff while things like this remain underrated... its kinda sad actually....
well I guess... we'll just have to remain hopefull.. maybe they will decide to give the anime a 2nd season within the next few years.... and if they dont there's always the manga... tho personally I prefere the anime x-x
Random chan 02 Apr, 2015
@monjaelisa not many of the anime series released to the market get popular in Japan even if fans themselves like them. It's a pity ;_;. It is such a refreshment to see a 2013 anime without bouncy boobs and screaming girls XD.