ESC to close 3.3 (by 10 users)aurora gongju 오로라 공주
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized aurora gongju
english Princess Aurora (literal)
aka orora gongju


genres drama, family, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 20 May, 2013 - 20 Dec, 2013
episodes 150
duration 40 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
at 19:15 - 19:55
status released


avg. score 3.3 of 5 by 10 users
total users 66
rating 33
favorites 1



Aurora is the daughter of an extremely rich family. Aside from herself she has her parents and three older married brothers. One day, she coincidentally meets best selling author Ma Ma. He lives with his three sisters all of whom are older. Aurora and Ma Ma fall in love and promise to marry, but Aurora's father suddenly passes away, causing her father's company to go bankrupt. Not knowing what happened to her family, Ma Ma misunderstands her.


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Hwang Ma Ma
Han Su Da
O Su Seong
Hwang Mi Mong
Hwang Si Mong




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bluey 29 Feb, 2016
(WARNING - MAY CONTAIN SOME SPOILERS! though i dont specifically say what happened)

Just finished watching this

Firstly, hats off to all of the actors and actresses here. Their acting felt very real, it feels as if their characters actually all exist in reality beyond that of a TV drama. One of the best dramas in terms of overall acting in general, in my opinion.
And interestingly enough, the male main characters aren't the typical ones whereby one is "good" and the other is "evil" towards the main female characters, and the "love triangle" isn't the typical "love triangle" either, so that's refreshing.

Secondly, the storyline is simply...unexpected. I suppose the first half of the drama it was more or less nothing unusual, but the second half really got me so shocked in so many times, I still dont know if it was for the good or the worse. It just feels like the drama suddenly has got "more drama" all of a sudden, and there are times when I'm like all "this is so unbelievable... really a makjang drama", but their ability to act and make their characters believable to the storyline is what made me continue watching (besides the fact that I'm also interested in what will the ending be).
This drama got me wondering what will happen next, and usually from the few ideas that I'd have in mind, one will come true, but not for this drama lol. Simply beyond my imagination. It went from "wth did i just watch" to "wth??!what??!" lol. But I suppose that's the fun of it, when things happen beyond your imagination. I quite enjoy this although at times I'm simply bewildered at the developments.

Thirdly, the bad thing about this drama is that it just cuts-off some characters suddenly by saying they are leaving Korea. And then the character(s) is simply forgotten, as if they dont exist in the other characters' circle of family or friends anymore. That makes it kind of awkward, although, believe me, there are already plenty of other characters here that I didn't feel the 'emptiness' lol.

Fourthly, the sudden deaths...idk there's just too many instances lol. The last one got the biggest "WTH?!" from me lol ah until now I'm still affected by it T_____T

I'd recommend it for anyone who is willing to watch 150 episodes and who wants a rollercoaster ride of a drama! Some parts of the development seems extremely exaggerated, but hey, it is a drama after all. WHere's the fun if it's all expected, eh?

Oh and I'd just like to say, O Chang Seok (who plays Ma Ma), is hella fine! XD
rooomanoooma 08 Jan, 2014
episode 119 has shocked me literally with the death of unexpected character to die 0.o
the author has emphasized on living each day to the max without worrying about a thing since we're gonna leave one day T^T
I'm used to watch characters' death in many dramas but not to the extent of a fine character ,without any expectation just suddenly, dying to flip up the whole story .. it's just one of kind drama really deserves my time , full of life lessons and marriage advices ..glad to pick up this long daily drama ^.^
rooomanoooma 10 Sep, 2013
an update after watching 74 eps so far.. the drama has hooked me up from the beginning & I dared to watch this drama as the 3rd, 100+ drama in a raw hehehe but it never let me down with the most interesting story & characters which caught up my attention from the earlier episodes.. The pull and push strategy is obvious but the main two cast are pulling it in a romantic lovely way thu the end of episode 74 is a bit dissapointing since I'm cheering for Ma Ma and Arura relationship ^.^ The 3 brothers & the 3 sisters on both sides are so hilarious & their stories are making the drama more fun to watch ..Ma Ma's stubbornness is so awesome for a novelist to have. The doctor + Da jia couple is cute on thier own charm ^_^
rooomanoooma 29 Aug, 2013
wooow such a unique drama with unexpected turn of events ;)
love it so much *.*