ESC to close 3.69 (by 1314 users)itazura na kiss: love in tokyo
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized itazura na kiss: love in tokyo
literal Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo
aka playful kiss, イタズラなキッス〜ラブ・イン・トーキョー

Based On

based on manga
title itazura na kiss (イタズラなKiss)
author Tada Kaoru (多田かおる)


genres comedy, romance, school, youth


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 30 Mar, 2013 - 29 Jun, 2013
episodes 16
duration 50 minutes
air day Saturday
status released


avg. score 3.69 of 5 by 1314 users
total users 2061
rating 4846
favorites 77


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A girl named Aihara Kotoko confessed to a smart, handsome boy names Irie Naoki, but he rejects her. On the next day her and her father moves into their new house, but immediately it falls into pieces. After the incident, her father's best friend let's them stay at their house, and coincidently it was Irie kun's house, so now she has to deal with Irie kun, and choose what she's going to do about him.


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Aihara Kotoko
Irie Naoki
Ikezawa Kinnosuke
Komori Jinko
Ishikawa Satomi
Aihara Shigeo


original creator


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05 Aug, 2013
Itazura na kiss is, like most stories that have withstood the test of time and remakes, filled with cliches. However, like other stories in that grouping, it still manages to be fun, even if it's not the best adaptation out there.

When compared to the other versions out there, Japan always inevitably seems to fall flat when it comes to their live-action versions. The actors always seem odd and out of place, and this version is no different. Miki Honoka, while loveable as the dim but resilient Kotoko, has some serious work to do with her acting; she over-exaggerated more often than not, which is great for most of Kotoko's scenes, but ruined the more quiet, sincere moments for me. Furukawa Yuuki had the general cool, aloof air that defines Naoki but seemed to lack the small changes that showed Naoki warming up to Kotoko. It's a similar story with the rest of the cast; the fill the general shape of the characters, but tend to miss the tiny beats. So they all work, not great, but not completely out of sync either.

The story works well if you're looking to see the manga recreated almost scene for scene as a live-action. Having recently read the manga, a lot of lines and actions are directly from the manga. Which is refreshing in having a solid, this-is-the-real-storyline, in a world of changing things up, but if you've read the manga and are looking for something familiar but new, this may not be ideal. So story is a matter of preference.

And while the overall quality of the show is far beneath the other adaptations (shaking camera, unfocused shots, talking people being half cut on the screen) there's a sincere heart that always follows this story that's here as well. A fun, breezy watch. Don't expect award-winning...anything really, but great for those pick-me-up days.
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30 Jul, 2013
I can't be objective in reviewing this drama. The reason is, despite the many flaws and cliché, I was (almost) obsessed with this drama.

Overall: 9

Story: 6

Acting/Cast: 10

Music: 7

Rewatch Value: 10

This drama is an adaptation from a shoujo manga published before the 2000. Inevitably, the story is brimming with cliché. I suppose, Itazura na Kiss is the source of some of the cliché seen in manga and dramas in this decade. That makes Itazura na Kiss unfit for my taste. Well, it was supposed to be...

There are reasons that made the cliché bearable.

One, the perfect lines of the important scenes. For example, the rain scene in the finale (I can't get the finale out of my head these days). I love Naoki's lines XD

The second reason is the casting. While some of the actors are probably still green, they all brought the best out of their characters. Miki Honoka, who played the heroine, needs many improvements in her acting, but she managed to bring Kotoko who is not overly stupid or annoying; just adorable. As for Furukawa Yuuki (Irie Naoki), there are times when I thought that he lacked of facial expression. But, at the end of every episode, I always scrapped that thought out of my head. Furukawa's lack of expression at some scenes was actually the prove that he played Irie well, because Irie is a character who doesn't show his emotion easily. When he does show it, he didn't hold back, and Furukawa managed to portray that perfectly.

The characterization is also what made me tune in until the end. Kin-chan's character actually had more depth than he appeared at first. I don't usually like Kin-chan's type of character, because they pour all of their heart to the heroine, be all nice and supporting, yet NEVER gets the girl; it's just too painful to watch. Although Kin-chan fell into the same pattern, the dynamic of his character made me thought that watching him is worth the pain.

The music was quite nice, though not exceptional. Some people might hate the opening theme song, but I LOVE IT.

I gave the rewatch value a ten, because I couldn't help rewatching EVERY EPISODE for at least once after I watched them. As for the finale, I've probably watched it for five times. This drama is soooo cliche but it made me all fluffy inside~ Sometimes I need fluff in my life XD

I think this drama is for those who likes popular and cliche romance. It's not for those who feel uncomfortable with the casting or is looking for something serious.
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01 Jul, 2016
The main protagonists in both dramas have similar personalities. Aside from that, in both dramas the main girl and guy end up living together.


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sillysym 07 Jun, 2018
It's really bad. Bad acting. Bad everything
jeaudrey 24 Jan, 2017
Well, the korean version is in my opinion the best, and since i dropped the tw version, i want to watch this.

I am at ep.10, and i really like, although is very unrealistic, and sometimes i want to push kotoko in the face, like, how can someone like a guy who really gives a shit about you? Also, naoki is one of the worst actor ever, I don t know when he is angry, happy or anything, and I also can`t see the love that he was supposed to have for her.

Is not that bad, but i would recommend the korean version =)
kematic 06 Oct, 2016
I've watched the anime (2008), the Taiwanese version (2005-2007), the Korean version (2010), and this Japanese version (2013-2014), and this one is by far my favorite, thanks to season 2!

Must watch if you are as in love with this story as I am!
juliavanila 30 Aug, 2016
It took me over 2 years to watch 13 episodes and I had to drop this I can't watch (and stand) it anymore, tragic
kate64100 26 Mar, 2016
I must've grown too old by now, because even though I survived through the previous series all those years ago, I can't deal with this one now.
Mate, she's harassing him. She's stalking him. She's invading his privacy. If it was a guy doing it, everybody would be all creeped out, but since it's a girl, that's funny and cute. Nope.
It's gross.
I'm out yo.
miduhyo 26 Jul, 2014
three hours and twenty minutes of special.
let me die of happiness because *--* <<3
this is such a beautiful thing, sankyu. (*^^*)
natsumi5577 23 Jul, 2014
There is also a 3H special confirmed for this drama and it will be out on september. "Itazura na kiss: love in Okinawa", is gonna be based on their honeymoon. XD
himitsux33 22 Jul, 2014
Oh my God, where do I even begin.

I watched the Korean version, which I hated, a long time ago. Last night, out of pure boredom and lack of good Japanese dramas on Viki, I decided to finally watch the Japanese version. Since then, my brain has been in so much pain.

First of all, let me just say that the plot is ridiculous (no surprise since it's based on a manga). To me it seems that Kotoko doesn't even love Naoki. Rather than that, she's just obsessed with him. How can you be in love with someone you don't even know personally? Having a small crush on that person, yes, but being in love? Really now? Really?

Oh, and she's plain stupid.

Like oh my freaking God, the guy shows no interest in her yet she tries so hard to make him fall in love with her. Kotoko's either a masochist or an idiot. Or both.

A normal and sane girl would give up on such a jerk. But not Kotoko, no. Instead, our lovely protagonist does everything to make sure her Prince Charming from hell doesn't get close to other girls so she can bother him for a little bit longer. For example,
when Naoki says he's going to marry Sahoko, Kotoko together with Yuuko try to ruin Naoki's alone time with Sahoko. I'd like to remind here that at that point Kotoko thinks Naoki really likes Sahoko. So yeah, Kotoko basically tries to ruin his love life and acts as if she owns Naoki.
Seriously, girl, you need to stop. This is not healthy. You can't force someone to suddenly fall in love with you. Go see a psychiatrist, please. Also, she's being a b!tch herself because sometimes she gives Kinnosuke false hopes that maybe she likes likes him. Poor Kin-chan.
Or not.
Because dude, you also need to calm the fck down and stop liking a girl who's obviously blinded by her obsession with Naoki. Go find a not mentally sick girlfriend.

Now, moving on to Naoki.

He makes fun of Kotoko whenever he gets a chance, calls her stupid (well he's right) and other names, ignores her (no wonder, I'd ignore such an annoying girl too), and basically he's being a total d!ck to her. But at times, when he feels like it, he
kisses her.
Just because. For fun. Because YOLO, right, Naoki? Right? Oh wait, what are you saying? You can't hear me over your emotionless face and lack of any human feelings and reactions? But don't you worry, I'm sure that being a cold-hearted and soulless aßhole will help you. I mean, it's working, isn't it? There's already an idiot who's head over heels in obsession with you. But remember to be a d!ck to her to make sure she stays with you forever. And kiss her sometimes to mess with her feelings. Or you know, for fun.

Oh well. I hoped that at least the Japanese version would be more bearable and less idiotic.

Guess I was wrong.