ESC to close 3.55 (by 1416 users)last cinderella
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized last cinderella


genres comedy, romance


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 11 Apr, 2013 - 20 Jun, 2013
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Thursday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.55 of 5 by 1416 users
total users 2248
rating 5024
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Sakura is a 39 year old hair dresser who hasn't had any love experience for ten years. Always busy with her work, she doesn't really take care of her private life. One day, a former colleague, Tachibana, gets transferred to act as the salon's manager, and not long after Sakura meets a 24 year old BMX rider, Hiroto. Their stories get entangled between feelings of love, jealousy, and guilt, while their friends experience their own ups and downs in their relationships.




Saeki Hiroto
Tooyama Sakura
Tachibana Rintarou
Takeuchi Miki
Hasegawa Shima
Oogami Chiyoko




25 Jun, 2013
This is the story of three female friends, who all have different positions in the society. First, there is Sakura, the main heroine. She is single, lives alone and looks more like an old man than a single woman. She talks the way she wants and doesn't really take care of what she's wearing. After finding a hair on her chin, she decides it's time to find love - even if she's already 40. And suddenly, she meets a young boy who seems interested in her! She is touched and lives through her second spring - sadly, she doesn't know that he approaches her for a reason and not because he genuinely likes her - yet.

Second, there is Miki, who is married and has two children. Her husband stopped sleeping with her, so she is asking herself if he is cheating on her. To make things worse, her mother-in-law moves in and makes her life hard. So she starts to look for a part time job to get out of the house and to be financially independent in case she one day has to live alone.

And lastly, there is Shima. She got divorced for a good reason and now enjoys her sexual live with everyone who actually wants to. But somehow she still doesn't feel fulfilled with that and feels that she needs more.

The basic story of the drama can't really be described in a few sentences. There are three friends, who all life different lives. And they all show us some moral. Aside from that, the main story is: will Sakura get Rintaro, her new chef but old and close friend, or Hiroto?

During the first episode, there is a lot of talk about sex and age. It even ends with Sakura waking up naked in bed! A Japanese drama that starts off with sex and on top of that it's a pairing that has a 15 year age gap!? I don't think I could hope for anything better, especially because it wasn't the vulgar sort of erotic that was in the center of this drama. I liked it from the first second on.

Sakura is a strong girl. And I really mean strong, maybe like the Makino of Hana Yori Dango-strong? She sure is shocked when everything gets out and she cries. But there is no major drama about it and it's rather normal. I also liked the characters who interacted with her. Rintaro was a very important part in the story - and not only as a love rival for Hiroto. I really found myself falling in love with Rintaro, so I can see how she also likes him. But I couldn't really see her development with Hiroto. At first she was enjoying his attention and behaved like a school girl. But after that? How did her feelings change? I can't see it, neither from the story nor from the acting.

And let me only mention: I dislike Chiyoko and how Japan is giving everyone their happy ending... Some people don't deserve it, so stop.

All in all, I enjoyed watching the show way too much to rate it worse than 5*. I really waited every week for the subs to come out and could laugh a lot with Sakura and the others. That's why I will rate it 5*, no matter what. Since it's one of those rare romance-centered, good girly-dramas.
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24 Jun, 2013
When I first read about that drama, I wasn't sure if I should watch it because I'm totally over with the whole "Cinderella" Theme and I didn't know any of the actors (I'm new to the whole Japanese drama thing), so I wouldn't miss anything right? I don't know why I started it then but I'm glad that I did it.

Overall it's an really good drama. The story was not certainly new but the idea to tell the story of an older woman with no fashion sense who fall in love with an young BMX rider was (at least for me) refreshing and fun.

I liked every character that they included and to add an homosexual one was awesome. The little side stories were fun. But I had some bad problems with Sakuras over the top teenage like behaving. I can understand that she is totally in love, hadn't a boyfriend for a long time and that Hiroto is actually so young, but please she is almost 40 and not a teen. That's the only thing that really annoyed me from episode to episode.

The music was a good fit for the drama sweet and fun to listen to. I wasn't bored at all. Great!

In the end, I would watch it again. It was fun to watch and everyone was (more or less) likeable. A good thing happend here.
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30 Mar, 2016
In both, the protagonist is a single woman past her prime, who is approached by an attractive man with an ulterior motive.

17 Feb, 2015
Both dramas follow the lives of three female friends through many ups and downs. The dramas center around love, friendship, work and family and have a "Sex and the City" kind of flair.


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danisensei 23 Apr, 2017
Although its outcome was too predictable, it was a funny, cute, and light drama. :)
dodii 28 Feb, 2016
Really loved the ending! Didn't thought it would end up that way but its the way I wanted it to end. As some point, Chiyoko was annoying and I think it didn't 11 episodes neither. And Haruma Miura <3 <3 <3 No comment needed ~
shiroko 30 Aug, 2015
I suppose that only in Japanese drama a 39 years old woman can behave in so childish and bizarre way. It's nothing special and original but I like it somehow :)
strawberryz 19 Aug, 2015
Haruma Miura is the only good thing in drama.
goguma 06 Dec, 2014
I thought this would be more spicy or dynamic (just a really light-hearted fun watch) but it started to kinda drag and it became quite boring.
pyapi 24 Aug, 2014
@asarin I agree that her comfort is the comfort of someone who she has known a long time, someone who she trusts. While it may be something shared with a friend, I think it's also very important to share that type of trust and comfort with the person you're in a relationship with. Your significant other should be more than you friend, after all, right?

And do you want me to spoil it for you? Hahah
asarin 24 Aug, 2014
@pyapi I agree she was comfortable around him, but imho that's the same comfort someone has with friends. That's the kind of comfort you get when you know someone for a long time. Nothing more. From what I see now she acts around him like around older brother or long time friend. She may love him but she's not in love. I got stuck at ep. 7 so maybe my opinion will change after I get further and see the chemistry you're talking about :) But since this is typical drama I guess she ends up with
Hiroto? :D
pyapi 23 Aug, 2014
@asarin, I agree with you about his opinions being horrible. I got the feeling he kept on saying that just to bug Sakura, though, because a lot of the qualities he criticized were exactly the ones he seemed to like. The main thing that made me believe Tachibana had more chemistry with Sakura was how she acted around him - much more free and unrestrained compared to when she was with Hiroto.