ESC to close 3.39 (by 3020 users)sangsokjadeul 상속자들
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized sangsokjadeul
english The Heirs (literal)
aka The Inheritors, He Who Wears The Crown, Endure Its Weight, The One Trying To Wear The Crown, Withstand The Weight, Those Who Want The Crown, Withstand The Weight Of It, wanggwaneul sseuryeoneunja, geumugereul gyeondyeora, 왕관을 쓰려는자, 그무게를 견뎌라


genres drama, romance, school, youth


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 09 Oct, 2013 - 12 Dec, 2013
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.39 of 5 by 3020 users
total users 4413
rating 10245
favorites 247


sangsokjadeul christmas edition: sarangui mugereul gyeondyeora
2013 TV kr
same setting


Cha Eun Sang is a very poor girl. But she still managed to save up to visit her older sister, who just let her family in Korea know that she is going to get married. But when Eun Sang arrives in America, her sister is not to be found and the man she was supposed to marry lives with another girl. When she actually finds her sister, she only takes her money and disappears to somewhere, leaving Eun Sang alone with nothing. Luckily, the rich Kim Tan saw Eun Sang in her most desperate moment and decides to help her. They spend some time together and have magical moments, but when Kim Tans fiancée appears, Eun Sang starts to step back from Kim Tan and decides to go back home. But where she thought would be the end was only the beginning, because Kim Tam fell for Eun Sang. And it definitely was not their last meeting.




Kim Tan
Cha Eun Sang
Choe Yeong Do
Kim Won
Lee Hyo Sin
Yun Chan Yeong





04 Feb, 2014
Cha Eun Sang is the poor daughter of a mute housemaid. One day, her sister writes from the US that she is getting married. Eun Sang takes the chance and goes there to bring her the money for her wedding. But when she meets her, the older sister takes the money and runs off, leaving back a crying Eun Sang without money and place to stay. That's when she meets Kim Tan, a rich heir, who studies in the US. Somehow he ends up falling in love with her and decides to go back to Korea, to stay with his family and maybe find her. Lucky is on his side, as her mother is actually the maid of his house and they moved in to them, because they have money problems. But a lovestory between the rich and the poor is never so easy, as there are many people interferring with their personal lifes...

The thing I first thought of when I read about the story was Boys Before Flowers. It basically is a similar story. But I won't judge it for that, since that would have been good. Instead, Eun Sang is a rather weak character, crying all the time and the bully is not the main guy but the second male lead. In general, this is a very basic rich-poor-lovestory. The family make problems, there are many businessrelated problems, lots of crying and breaking up because of love and so on. I was hoping for more, since this was written by Kim Eun Suk, who also made Secret Garden and A Gentleman's Dignity. But this time, the story is clearly made for a younger audience. Not only because it's a high-school drama, but also because the story just isn't as deep as her other works. But still, I didn't dislike the drama for that. My problem is different.

At some point, I ended up loving almost all the characters, except for Eun Sang. I asked Kim Tan over and over why he would still like her, after she did the same thing again and again and didn't even show her feelings properly. It was really hard to see her cry because of the same thing, over and over. I got annoyed by her behaviour and wished that they had taken a strong character like the female lead in Boye Before Flowers was.

Well, but aside from that it had many good points and made me laugh. There were two or three episodes around episode 15 that dragged a bit, but I still enjoyed them, because of the great cast.

Maybe it is not a full 4* drama, because Eun Sang isn't all that great, but for the sake of the others I can rate it like that without feeling bad. If you want a basic romance story set in high-school, you wil like this!
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12 Jan, 2014
I'm actually really disappointed with this drama. It comes from a writer I love with a cast full of actors I love and somehow ended up royally sucking (sorry if that sounds harsh).

In retrospect, there were some good moments, humorous times, gorgeous shots, and even a few character developments that were touching and honest. But the story was clichéd to the extreme and full of recycled plot(s) (both from other similar shows and from itself...) and to be really honest here I was bored most of the time.

So, why did I keep on watching until the bitter end? I just kept expecting it to get better. I'm a little blow away that Kim Eun Sook actually penned this to the point where I'm actually considering the possibly that she has an intern who secretly wrote a majority of the scenes. I know writers can have "bad days" so to speak but I'm fairly confident that Kim Eun Sook has established a solid reputation and career off of having well plotted and witty dramas (that can, at times--admittedly--be a bit dull) but the long drawn out scenes of characters just staring at each other that happened over and over again (while pretty at first) where not only a waste of screen time but a huge waste of the viewer's time as well.

One of the only things that remained consistent with Kim Eun Sook's previous works was her spot on perfect hero Kim Tan (or "flawless namja" as my friend and I like to call him). If there is one thing that I've always been impressed with in Kim Eun Sook's shows, it's how amazingly perfect all of her leading men tend to be (even the ones that also make you want to punch them in the face).

But anyway, I don't understand the hype for Heirs and I certainly can't relate or agree with anyone who enjoyed this drama (though to each his/her own). I CAN say that I'm living in South Korea right now and it's extremely popular here so it must have done something right. I think it all boils down to:

Pros: Great cast, cute character interactions

Cons: poor plot, long boring scenes, humorously-cliché, eye-roll inducing moments, very little character development (exception: Yong-do and Kim Tan's mom), HORRIBLE SOUNDTRACK (♪love is the mooooment♪), cheesy dialogue, and unnecessary angst.

Watch at your own risk.
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02 Jan, 2014
Both dramas are about a poor girl attending a school for the upper-class society, with rich guys falling for her. Lee Min Ho is the male lead in both.


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missdrama 02 Jan, 2017
It was nice to see the main lead being nice and second lead bad this Time.

Yeah kinda boring, but the characters and humor in here deserved 3 Stars.
kiyoshi 12 Nov, 2016
The beginning was very interesting. I was thinking that this drama could be original at some point. But unfortunatly, it became boring, eventhough it was cute. And I wanted to rate it 2/5. But
the funny ending
made me rate it 3/5.
lovelyashley 04 Jun, 2016
the first episodes were interesting and as usually it got quite worse later.... I think the actors make you to watch it :P heh but overall it was a good drama and I enjoyed it, wasn't super bad :)

for me, Eun Sang cried too much! like, every single time o.O
I don't rly like when the characters change all of sudden after many years of condenting their beliefs and opinions.. but it's normal in drama so I guess we should bear with it :/
I pity Kim Won of breaking up with his gf... well, what he wanted most was the position of CEO and that was his sacrifice but still, I would prefer if he got both - position and gf ^^ I like happy endings :P
tomoesama 06 Dec, 2015
I want a sequel of this drama, but one which concerns only with Bona and ChanYoung.
strawberryz 17 Nov, 2015
Young Do, really love this character just like Woo Bin's act.

Simple plot, but still lovely.
frannam 07 Sep, 2015
Min Ho was my first Asian love, so anything that involves the same I'm running check, for sure! lol This drama was great, it's my list of favorites for sure! Read many critiques, and has some things that would change the script, it's true, but overall it was for me a beautiful drama, in which not only the romance of the leading arrested me, and I was captivated by several other secondary characters!
ChanYong and Lee Bona, for example, which couple more cuteness! <3 lol
The Eun Sang was annoying at times, but I can not understand all this prejudice that many have with Shin Hye (kissing scenes as, yes, to the west of us are weak scenes, but we must take into account the cultural embiente them) otherwise, I see all this poor performance that so many live pointing, just think she has a history of good-looking characters (girl helpless). Anyway, I recommend the drama for sure!
kamilles 12 Aug, 2015
It would be so much better with Young Do and Rachel as leads!
sotiffany 09 Aug, 2015
After all the hype this drama had gotten I watched it quite awhile after it was finished and as I had expected, was severely disappointed.
I'm not quite sure why so many people think it's a good drama. It has a foreseeable plotline, the acting is terrible (even Lee Hi has learned how to act with her facial expression by now) and it was so, so boring.
The only reason I did finish the drama was too see how the side couple made up of Krystal and Minhyuk would turn out.
The actors where without any doubt handsome but that didn't help at all.
Seeing how I finished this whole drama just in one day by mainly skipping everything, I can't even give this drama a "bad" as this was below bad for me.