ESC to close 4.19 (by 2626 users)jugunui taeyang 주군의 태양
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized jugunui taeyang
english The Master's Sun
literal Mister Ju's Miss Tae
aka The Sun Of My Master


genres comedy, horror, romance, supernatural


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 07 Aug, 2013 - 03 Oct, 2013
episodes 17
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 4.19 of 5 by 2626 users
total users 3640
rating 11009
favorites 384



While all ghosts see Tae Gong Sil, nicknamed 'Tae Yang' (= Sun), as a great light and follow her everywhere, the young lady is scared of them to death, as her life is a neverending struggle to get rid of her unwanted escort. The rich master Ju Jung Won on the other hand only thinks about how to become richer. When their paths cross, Gong Sil discovers that Jung Won's touch scares away her companions, and decides to turn him into her safety shelter against his will. But Jung Won soon discovers a way to make her useful for himself. Their relationship - that starts as a necessity for both of them - grows into love, but their own pasts, personalities and even some ghosts try to interfere with their affair and separate them.




Tae Gong Sil
Ju Jung Won
Gang U
Tae I Ryeong
An Jin Ju
Do Seok Cheol




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05 Oct, 2013
Tae Gong Shil was the "Tae Yang" aka. big sun in her class. She was pretty, smart and had many friends until one day she had a terrible accident. She was in a coma and after she woke up, she could see ghosts. Being scared of them, she wasn't able to sleep and stayed at home all day to prevent running into ghosts that wouldn't leave her alone until she helped them. But this fact changes one day, when she meets Ju Jung Won. Whenever he touches her, the ghosts disappear. To use him as a shelter, she actually starts working at the shopping mall he owns and slowly he gets dragged into her world.

At first I was really scared of this drama. The ghosts look awful at first and I really understand why Gong Sil would be scared. But in the end, I got used to them and started to like the stories of the ghosts. They definitely are one of the good parts in this drama, since they never disappear. It's always about ghosts, not just some excuse or decoration around a main romance story.

Also, all the side characters are loveable. At first you might think you will end up disliking some of them, but it's really nice to see them come and go and add a bit to the story. They are all loveable characters.

What was lacking again is the ending. This drama was made by the Hong sisters, who also made My girlfriend is a Gumhio, You're Beautiful, Big, etc. and most of the time, I have a big problem with their endings. This time I didn't actually have a problem with it, it's just that it was lacking compared to the rest of the show. It might or might not be because of the one episode they had to add. They actually managed well to add one episode, the story still was interesting and cute. But I felt like it dragged and should've ended at some earlier point. Especially since the excitement level at the end was just too low for my taste. Where normally one episode wraps everything up, it felt like there were three wrap up episodes.

But on the good side, I was really happy while watching this drama. I would even say it's as nice as Greatest Love, since they didn't mess up the story (like in Gumiho or Big...).

My biggest reason fot giving this drama 3* is the acting. They are all just so great and lovely. My favorite partis when Ju Jung Won starts to talk to things he can't see. It just made his character 1000% more adorable and made him look so much in love with Gong Sil.

All in all, I don't regret watching it and even though it might not be as much a 5* drama as other dramas I've rated with 5*, it was still too good to rate it worse, especially after going back and comparing it with other Hong Sister dramas. So 5*, and please don't be scared of the ghosts in this drama! You will get used to them and they are all nice.
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05 Oct, 2013
Master's Sun is a great combination of romantic comedy and the supernatural.

The leads are entertaining and consistent. From start to finish, we see them grow while retaining their personalities, which is refreshing in a landscape where people seem to try on personalities like they try on clothes.

And the acting is great, with So Ji Seop showing everyone that he's as capable of comedy as he is at being serious. I'll admit I never understood his popularity until this show. And Gong Hyo Jin continues to impress as always. The rest of the recurring cast is superb as well, with great camaraderie and comedic beats.

And the plot - when not languishing on the childhood mystery - was fast paced with the classic Hong sisters metaphors and hidden meanings. Definitely a fun ride, especially when many of the 'ghosts of the week' helped move the main plot forward instead of simply being filler.

Having been disappointed in their last drama (Big), it's great to see the Hong sisters return with a fun watch. Not the best, but by far not the worst either.
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03 Aug, 2016
The main couple in both dramas are very similar; the woman is a good person, but some circumstances don't allow her to lead a normal life while the man is rich and handsome but has a bad personality. When the two encounter each other, they fall in love. The feeling conveyed by both is very similar.

13 Jul, 2015
Both are related to a female protagonist that can see ghosts and becomes possessed by them. Also the male leads are very stern and not interested in the female lead strongly at the beginning.


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maria16 15 Feb, 2017
The best drama of the Hong sisters!!!
iruru 09 Dec, 2016
A very quirky romcom with a supernatural flair. I laughed a lot, but the ending was so cheesy. The last 3 episodes were huge fails. Take those away and it's a great drama. The lead actress really impressed me. She made the main character so odd and weird and loveable and I can't wait to see more of her work.
r0lan 06 Sep, 2016
@goguma u can jst put "complete till eps 13 and dropped the rest" haha but there is some sorta closure towards the end... if u can put up a struggle to finish it haha good luck! :)
goguma 05 Sep, 2016
@r0lan omg exactly. I loved it till this point. And I stopped there and I don't know if I'll ever finish this.
dilsinho13 09 Jul, 2016
i love this show, the songs are amazing!!!
r0lan 19 Jun, 2016
it was good till episode 13 ended lmao
why do kdramas do that tho haha
3/5 overall :D
ryofanka 23 Feb, 2016
It was ok I guess, I would say that the first 14 episodes where fun but it got boring and predictable at the end.
I don't think that introducing the guy who can see ghosts at end was necessary :(
But I need to admit that I'm in love with the OST.
danisensei 29 Nov, 2015
I really liked the ghosts and their stories and liked how it ended for Jung Won's aunt, but didn't like that much everything else. Tae I Ryeong was too annoying; the guy who can also see ghosts seemed to be just to fill some space. For me, it was 3/5.