ESC to close 2.68 (by 57 users)basketball 빠스켓볼
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized basketball


genres drama, history, romance, sports


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 21 Oct, 2013 - 17 Dec, 2013
episodes 18
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:50 - 23:00
status released


avg. score 2.68 of 5 by 57 users
total users 228
rating 153



Growing up during the time South Korea was under Japanese government and living in poor circumstances, Gang San dreams of becoming a successful and famous basketball player like his idol Min Chi Ho, so he can provide his mother with a comfortable life. But when Gang San gets involved with the wrong people and falls in love with Choe Sin Yeong, his life takes a turn to the worst, as he now finds himself in the midst of political unrest and intrigue.




Gang San
Choe Sin Yeong
Min Chi Ho
Mi Suk
Bae Seong Won
Hong Byeo Ri




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01 Dec, 2013
Both Korean drama are set in the 1930's; at the time, South Korea was under the control of the Japanese government. While fighting for their own dreams and beliefs, the main characters have to face the difficult, political and social situation they're in.


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thefreak 22 Feb, 2014
Drama, give me back the time I wasted on you!
xdsmile 23 Dec, 2013
The overall is good, there were so stupid actions by the main characters which is really was so annoying. the acting was so-so of some actors. GYB was funny and whenever he is talking, I feel he is lying because of his tone.

Good ending, but..
Sooooo open ending,
you just can't imagine whats gonna happen after that, GYB betrayed them maybe? he deactivated the bomb?? or did it really explode and everyone died? And what happened to BY and her father? and I Bok Joo and his little brother? 8D

there were high values that the drama wanted to deliver to its viewers.
like liberation, human rights...
love it
hephzibah 19 Dec, 2013
I got stuck on ep 10, aaaaages ago...
Now, after I have read the recap for the last episode, I am soooo glad that I did not pour in more of my time than those 10 hours...
Yeah... I am not finishing it... Thank God, that better dramas did not leave more time for this one!
xdsmile 15 Dec, 2013
I've watched 3 episodes so far, I like the drama, but sometimes I feel it isn't in 1930s.
I mean - women driving cars, so stylish and shiny. And what celebs wear sun glasses at mid-night?
looking forward the rest of episodes especially regarding min chi ho's story
thefreak 07 Dec, 2013
I love Gang San a lot, but this guy has to get his head out of the clouds because at the moment (episode 6) Min Chi Ho is totally stealing the show!
And although I really dislike Shin Yeong -this girl is just pissing me off!- she looks way better with Chi Ho than with San. That stiff, polite realtionship between her and San just doesn't do it for me~~ there are no sparks!

I'm so sad about the fact that Byeo Ri is a minor in this show, because the Byeo Ri X Min Chi Ho couple is the most heartbreaking couple in the whole drama! Q__Q
donshi5 02 Dec, 2013
after two weeks of braking, i finally started this lol
first episode, and i moved to the beautiful memories about Gaksital.
and all about Gaksital.
ah that era! completely won my heart~
what i wanna say 'bout drama itself:
incredibly addictive! i thought that everything would be much worse, but i feel that this drama can become a worthy contender of Bridal Mask, and it's unbelievable! i saw it just two weeks ago, but already insanely miss the era when Japan rule in Korea. this era, it's touching and interesting at the same time. great actors, their playing. Kan San's character is perfect, another lyrical hero. fell in love with him, pretty boy. Jo Hui Bong's abundance of roles... so funny! can't wait to see second ep and third and... you understand :) i have like this story so much, already won't let it go.
donshi5 18 Nov, 2013
@hephzibah thanks anyway!
hephzibah 18 Nov, 2013
I have read this somewhere:
They wanted to do this series in 24 eps. The timeline would have gone from 1939-1948.
Then they cut back the episode count to 18, ending this season in 1945. And then they will make a second season about the remaining years, longer than the first planned 6 episodes. IF everything adds up... And it is a very-very big IF...