ESC to close 4.21 (by 829 users)two weeks 투윅스
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized two weeks
aka 2 weeks


genres action, crime, drama, mystery, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 07 Aug, 2013 - 26 Sep, 2013
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 4.21 of 5 by 829 users
total users 1606
rating 3494
favorites 60


two weeks
2019 TV jp


Tae San leads a pathetic life without purpose until his ex lover, In Hye, finds him. It turns out they have a little daughter he had no idea about and discovers that she might die if he doesn't donate his bone marrow to her. Surgery is set to take place in two weeks. In the meantime, however, Tae San gets framed for murder of a young girl.




Jang Tae San
Park Jae Gyeong
Im Seung U
Seo In Hye
Kim Seon Saeng
Mun Il Seok


singer, composer


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27 Sep, 2013
With its flaws and all, it was still perfect for me. Somehow it was realistic, the father-daughter relationship that is. Tae's san and Soo Jin's relationship was what pulled me in and made this series unforgettable and thought-provoking. It made me reflect a lot on life and what its purpose really is, somehow it reminds me of 49 days which means that the writer of this drama is that awesome. I'm now an avid fan of this writer since she simply outdone herself and her stories keeps getting better and better. I'm already anticipating her next series. I also give props to Lee Joon Ki and Lee Chae Mi, they gave life to the characters of this drama and showed a wonderful performance. The two main villains, glue stick (was Killer Kim), Detective Im, glue stick's appa, and Prosecutor Jae Kyung showed a good job as well.
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15 Aug, 2018
Both are about guys who are framed for murder but have to escape in order to save their daughters.

09 Mar, 2014
Both of these dramas are about a man that is falsely accused of murder. During the series, he tries to discover the truth behind his predicament. The difference between them is that while in Two Weeks the protagonist must save his daughter while he hides from police, in Three Days the protagonist want to found out how his father was involved in a chain of strange events and why he was killed trying to save the president.


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Lee Jun Gi will be playing the main role of the upcoming drama 'Two Weeks' broadcast by MBC. The drama tells the story of Jang Tae Sang, a man who has no pur...


frannam 21 Mar, 2017
MARAVILHOSO! Sempre estará entre os melhores dramas que já vi! <3
stehcamine 23 Feb, 2017
Você aí que não sabe se assiste: CORRE AMIGA QUE O TREM É BOM!! Só não foi sucesso absoluto devido ao timing, exibiu ao mesmo tempo que The Master's Sun, que levou todos os créditos da temporada, e a MBC não promoveu muito o drama, um pecado. MAS É ESTUPENDO!
jangminhae 21 Jun, 2015
Low budget (I had to comment that!!), still a very good drama!!
It was really cool and everything (I LOVE crime dramas)!!
I liked how at the beginning Jang Tae San was like a fool, shouting and just running away without knowing what to do because that's how he should be...
Later he got so much more comfortable with the situation he was in, going around freely, fighting back.. =D
And I believe that prosecutor Park Jae Gyeong's character was not smart at all.. Every successful plan was Jang Tae San's idea.. *__*

I really couldn't stand Soo Jin (am I the only one??). I don't know why. Maybe because I don't like "cuteness"...
A very thrilling drama overall. It kept me from studying, but it was worth it..
Nice ending too! The last episode was even better than the rest!!!!
Very Good: 4/5
guren 11 May, 2015
One of the best dramas I have ever watched, breathtaking by all means from beginning to end. great cast, great plot, great ost and great directing. It is the kind of drama that will make you feel like applauding at the end. Highly Recommended. [2]
peyton88 23 Nov, 2014
must watch :)
thefreak 02 Aug, 2014
I needed about three episodes to warm up towards Two Weeks but I'm so happy I finally watched it! Was about time!
The overall concept is nothing new, we all probably watched about one or two fugitive shows where their life is at stake, but the execution of this particular storyline in Two Weeks is brilliant! This drama is not just about Tae San trying to save his life to save his daughter, it's also the journey of a man who finally wants to become a better person, so he can be a better father in the end.
There were so many emotions implemented in the plot and acting that I either felt on the edge of a heartattack because of the suspense or was bawling my eyes out because of the raw emotions the characters were showing (especially Tae San/Lee Jun Ki).

I spotted a few things which weren't that great, e.g. the acting of Song Jae Rim and the little girl -I know pretty well that the girl is still a kid and that I can't expect her to be on the same level as veteran actors, but she sadly had a lot of scenes in which her dialogue seemed way too memorized and recited; as for Song Jae Rim: I think it doesn't require a lot of acting talent to play a killer who barely shows emotions, and his terminator-run had me laughing out loud a few times-
the fact that Tae San could suddenly move around rather freely after he wasn't chased by the police anymore. It's reasonable from the view of the police as they were re-investigating and Detective Im and Prosecuter Park were on his side, but he was almost strolling around in public and people weren't enlightened about his innocence, so why could he show his face in the hospital without causing a ruckus? It's not that I wasn't happy about the few minutes of catching his breath he had thereby, but I still found that funny.

But as I don't want to end this comment by stating the small things which I didn't like, I'll definitely have to conclude with the following:
Two Weeks is a well made thriller which has you covering your eyes to prevent you from a heartattack while also making you totally paranoid when something good finally happens to the hero. And the OST is another big plus on the agenda of this show, adding that Lee Jun Ki makes an awesome fugitive and belated daddy :)
meakoo 24 Jul, 2014
Totally got hooked from the very first episode couldn't stop watching.
in the beginning it was all about hide and seak and escaping it was very good, but it got more exciting in ep11 till the very end.

I've never seen an interesting character like song jae rim's is. He just blew up my mind with his acting (never disappointed me though ),

Such an amazing drama!!
yuukarin80 25 Apr, 2014
One of the best dramas I have ever watched, breathtaking by all means from beginning to end. great cast, great plot, great ost and great directing. It is the kind of drama that will make you feel like applauding at the end. Highly Recommended.