ESC to close 4.31 (by 2473 users)neoui moksoriga deullyeo 너의 목소리가 들려
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized neoui moksoriga deullyeo
english I Hear Your Voice (literal)


genres drama, romance, law, fantasy


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 05 Jun, 2013 - 01 Aug, 2013
episodes 18
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 4.31 of 5 by 2473 users
total users 3629
rating 10647
favorites 396



Ten years ago Park Su Ha's father was brutally killed right in front of his son's eyes. The boy fortunately survived thanks to student Jang Hye Seong, who witnessed the incident and testified against the murderer, Min Jun Guk, in court. Since that day, Su Ha is able to read people's thoughts, an ability he now uses to find and protect the woman who saved him back then. In the meantime Hye Seong has become a public defender, though she struggles to identify with her clients and is visibly annoyed by her new colleagues, particularly dorky former police officer Cha Gwan U. But when Min Jun Guk is eventually released from prison, both Su Ha and Hye Seong find themselves as his first targets of revenge.




Jang Hye Seong
Cha Gwan U
Park Su Ha
Seo Do Yeon
Min Jun Guk
Kim Gong Suk




06 Aug, 2013
Jang Hye Seong ends up witnessing how Min Jun Guk kills Park Su Has father. Even though the murder tells her to stay silent, she ends up telling everyone at court that she saw him and that the even took an evidence picture. Before he goes to jail for 10 years, Min Jun Guk swears he will come back and kill Hye Seong. She regrets her decision, especially because she only stepped up as a eye-witness because she thought her arch-enemy Seo Do Yeon would do the same, trying to show how morally great she is and show off. 10 years later, Hye Seong is a public lawyer and nearly forgto Min Jun Guk. But Park Su Ha never forgot. After his father was killed in front of his eyes, he started to be able to read peoples minds. And since he swore to protect Hye Seong from Jun Guk, he now tries to find her and protect her.

In all honesty, even though the story sounds great, I didn't start it for that. I started it because I knew most of the cast and decided I wanted to watch something that is currently airing. And I'm so glad I did choose this drama!

Hye Seong is a strange character. Somehow, she feels like a tiny freak but at the same time very natural and real. That's how I would describe the whole drama in general - real. Not in terms of story, since a mind-reader isn't very realistic. But the reactions of everyone were something I could follow and completely understand. I also really liked how the characters weren't made to be loved or hated. For example the arch-enemy of Hye Seong somehow starts to become just a very important part. As well as the killer, Min Jun Guk. It's not like they are drawing the characters in black and white. They are all grey and have their own faults that sometimes are worse than you would want it for a main character.

To be honest, I can't say anything bad about this drama. I could go on and talk about the court trials that might sounds boring for some, but I really loved them. I got excited for the court scenes whenever, because that's when Hye Seong started to shine. Also the chemistry between the cast was perfect, the acting was great, I loved the rays of humor that were in every episode of this drama, even though it has a rather depressing, thriller-ish theme. Filming was also great, the ending was superb and this is probably the first time they didn't mess up a drama after adding episodes. I actually felt like at least one additional episode was needed and the second one was to make the ending feel better and not cut off.

I'm happy with this one. 5* and please watch it, if you like some thrilling romance stories.
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24 Aug, 2013
I Hear Your Voice is about a public defender while Prosecutor Princess is about a prosecutor. In both dramas the female lead gets into her job without having had any interest in it. She isn't liked by her colleagues either. Later on, she grows into her job and gets serious about her cases and finding out the truth behind them.


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gova 31 Aug, 2013
very good drama and good performance from all of the actors/esses.

I don't know if this actually happen in real life too but

I didn't understand how they set up a trial without knowing
if the victim is really dead or not !! they didn't convince me and made the result of it
predictable !!

because of this and some other things I couldn't rate it with 5..
carroline 28 Aug, 2013
"Oska" e Lee Jong Suk together again like in Secret Garden... i was dying laughing in the first scene where the were together on the elevator ;°D And what about the cameo of layer Choe Yun and Mae Ri from A Gentleman's Dignity? Ahahah :°D

This drama was really cute (well, Park Soo Ha character is just made to be adorable) and well played. I loved how the stories of the different cases made the characters reflect and change, and plot in general was pretty interesting and fresh... but too many coincidences and forced facts bothered me a little now and then. Also... i didn't like the OST at all...
So, just 3 stars for me but absolutely an enjoyable drama!
missdrama 23 Aug, 2013
I gave it 5 stars because..

the plot about the law was brilliant. The characters, each of them lovely. The romance made the drama adorable since Hye Seong never played with the feelings from Lawyer Cha or no one tried to break the couple although so many side characters wished for it. The bit comedy in here was enjoyable. The villain Min Joon Gook wasn't pitied but also never hated, but the character was just amazing and the reason why this show was so thrilling. Not to forget the OST, no, I do not mean the songs with the lyrics - I mean the instrumental ones, were great.

I'm honest, I didn't watched it in a row since it wasn't addictive but I never thought of dropping it since it got potential. I loved everything in it, the cases, the developement of the characters and the main story.
Definitely recommended. Watch it 'til the end - not just the half of it. Nothing is annoying so it's not hard to bear. You won't regret it.
jangminhae 23 Aug, 2013
One of the best kdramas ever... I couldn't help myself smile widely every time Soo Ha bit his lip or cry whenever Hye Seong and Soo Ha were crying themselves. The storyline was perfect, it was not boring for even one second and of course the actors were the best. I still haven't lost my faith at the quality of SBS channel and its perfect music backround. I just want to thank all the people that worked so hard to offer us this drama, because they did such a great job. It was surely one of a kind...
Masterpiece: 5/5
bklauxd 22 Aug, 2013
i guess i'm the only one who felt bored the entire time while i watched this, i finished it because the comments were positive about it but no.. Min Jun Guk's story was interesting
ofelya 21 Aug, 2013
i died countless times while i watch this drama. omg actors are amazing. storyline is perfect! ost is perfect! what can i say more? i also like age gap stuff so much.
one of my fav dramas <3
and....SuHa i fckin love u! my pure baby. i cant forget his eyes, tears and screams.... and his kisses too T^T
jangminhae 20 Aug, 2013
Soo Ha fighting!!! aja! aja! aja!
bruhh 18 Aug, 2013
This drama is amazing, but Soo Ha is very UGLY...omg i cant accept they together!
Lawer Cha FIGHTING!!!