ESC to close 3.45 (by 691 users)yeonaejojakdan; cyrano 연애조작단; 시라노
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized yeonaejojakdan; cyrano
english Dating Agency; Cyrano
aka Dating Agency: Cyrano, Love Manipulation: Cyrano, Flower Dating Agency: Cyrano, Flower Boy Dating Agency, Flower Boy, Love Manipulation, yeonaejojakdan: sirano, kkotminam, yeonaejojakdan, yeonaejojakdan; sirano, 연애조작단: 시라노, 꽃미남, 연애조작단


genres comedy, drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 27 May, 2013 - 16 Jul, 2013
episodes 16
duration 45 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 23:00 - 23:45
status released


avg. score 3.45 of 5 by 691 users
total users 1351
rating 2381
favorites 16


dakchigo: kkotminam band
2012 TV kr
kkotminam ramyeongage
2011 TV kr
cyrano; yeonaejojakdan
2010 film kr
same setting
iutjib kkotminam
2013 TV kr


Min Yeong works for a dating agency, where there are tight rules for whom you can match up with whom. Every person gets sorted into classes and a certain class cannot be matched with another, lower, class. But when Min Yeong realises that two of her clients would be perfect for each other, she matches them and promptly looses her job. Because the A class client should never be matched with somebody from a lower class.
Being fired, she now has to look for a new job, and by accident, she finds Cyrano, the Dating Agency that takes on clients that pay them well and match them with whoever the client wants to. They are practically cupid. But doing it only for the money rather than the romance, they don't care much about bending the rules a little...




Seo Byeong Hun
Gong Min Yeong
Cha Seung Pyo
Mu Jin
A Rang
Hye Ri


original creator
singer, composer


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21 Aug, 2013
Dating Agency: Cyrano is exactly what you would expect of a summer romance; light, breezy and cheerful.

The show has the general episodic format that you would come to expect, but it has the added benefit of not simply being about the couple-of-the-week but also developing our main characters. So while you may not feel for each case, you do watch as everyone grows and learns. And when it all comes together - albeit in a somewhat odd way for the show - there are nice touches and callbacks.

And the acting, while nothing superior, is enough to move the show along. While it felt like the secondary characters were done a bit better than the leads - the two goofy henchmen for example are great - the light tone of the show allows a great blend that makes for a fun watch.

Nothing great, nothing terrible, the show is what you would expect of a tvn rom-com. Enjoyable, sweet and nothing overtly heavy. A fun summer watch and a great pick me up.
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17 Jul, 2013
Working for an agency, that arranges marriage partner seems exactly like the thing Min Yeong would like to do - if the system wouldn't be so stupid to make categories for people from A to F. With that, it's not allowed for her to pair up an A-category woman with an F-category man, no matter how sure she is that they would like each other. When she gets fired because she tried it anyways, she meets Seo Byeong Hun, Mu Jin and A Rang in the Cyrano Theater, doing exactly the thing she tried to do before - matchmake people that are in love, not in the same category. So she joins the agency and plays cupid for those who love, but don't have to courage to confess their love. And during that occasion, she also somehow finds love herself...

When I heard that this would be a flower boy series, I wanted to watch it right away. But it feels so much different than the other flower boy series from TvN. But the story still fits perfectly! Lots of lovely characters, a lot of humor and overall a fluffy story.

Every few episodes the Cyrano Agency tries to matchmake another guy with a strange girl and so you get to know the guys from the Agency as well as all the other important characters. I totally enjoyed all the cameos, the clients and the people working with the heroine. Even though it wasn't filled with action or excitement, I always looked forward to the next episode, to see how well Byeong Hun knew his clients and could bring them closer to the target. Compared to the movie, I love this drama a lot more. The characters are a lot better and loveable and the stories of the clients are so heartwarming and cute.

I only have two complaints.

First is: Please feed your main actress. Many people know the actress of Min Yeong from the group SNSD/Girls Generation and complained about her hair. I can only complain about her body! She was so thin, I sometimes felt really uncomfortable watching her. And with that I mean really really uncomfortable. Whenever she was grabbing something I was worried she might break her bones, since they already showed so much... And that made me enjoy the drama less, since I always got distracted by her too thin arms/legs.

Secondly, I would've hoped they ended the drama as calm and funny as it started. The last two episodes felt so out of place with all the drama and action. I can't say I disliked the basic idea, but it dragged and felt out of place. Especially the climax felt so fake, I would've hoped for a more emotional instead of exciting climax, to make it fit the rest of the drama.

Aside from that, I liked everything, even the cringe-worthy scenes and characters. For my two complains, I deducted a star, but I don't regret the time I spent watching Min Yeong, Byeong Hun, Mu Jin and A Rang. Watch it for your dose of fluff and romance!
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19 Jun, 2013
Both stories include some agency trying to help people with love. In Dating Agency; Cyrano, they help people to fall in love, while in Finding Mr. Destiny it's a guy helping people to find their first love - without any interest in why you would look for them. Even though the agencies aren't 100% the same, they both get involved with the customer a lot and somehow feel similar.


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luchia07 29 Jan, 2016
Mu Jin ! I Really like this character =D he is cool guy
alexadm81 22 Aug, 2014
How is it possible for such a cute little drama to be so entertaining?! It was really well made, engaging sub-plots, chemistry, awesome characters! [3]

This was such a good drama, never felt bored!!!
evaki 28 May, 2014
I really liked it! I finished it within a week!!
jangminhae 20 Mar, 2014
@dashuu well, yes they were never actually together. =[
dashuu 20 Mar, 2014
@jangminhae you mean there couldve been more making out? agreed ;)

I ship this drama couple so hard, If the actor wasnt married with kids already, I wouldve wanted him to be Sooyoungs baby daddy so bad xD gosh theyre so sexy together!
artesia 25 Feb, 2014
romantic and cute drama.i can't say other.
kamilles 24 Feb, 2014
I didn't expect much from this drama, but it deserves 5 stars! I loved this drama a lot, it's quite short and easy to watch as well! :)
jangminhae 30 Jan, 2014
just finished this drama and, well, it was so cute!!!
the ending was a bit so-so but i generally liked the whole drama very much!!
Very Good: 4/5