ESC to close 3.61 (by 120 users)scandal: maeu chunggyeokjeogigo budodeokan sageon 스캔들 : 매우 충격적이고 부도덕한 사건
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized scandal: maeu chunggyeokjeogigo budodeokan sageon
english Scandal: A Shocking And Wrongful Incident (literal)
aka the scandal, scandal: that very shocking and immoral incident, scandal: that very shocking and immoral incident, scandal: a very astounding and immoral incident, scandal: a very shocking and corrupt event


genres drama


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 29 Jun, 2013 - 27 Oct, 2013
episodes 36
duration 80 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 21:55 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.61 of 5 by 120 users
total users 381
rating 433
favorites 3



A father loses his son in a building collapse because of another person. He decides to kidnap the son of that person in order to punish him. Later on, the son, Ha Eun Jung, discovers that the father he knows is actually his kidnapper, and his real father is responsible for someone's death.




U A Mi
Ha Eun Jung
Jang Eun Jung
Ha Myeong Geun
Yun Hwa Yeong
Jang Tae Ha




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leviathan 09 Oct, 2017
One of the underrated Kdramas, it was really heartbreaking also has a great soundtrack too.
nami24 25 Mar, 2015
finally finished it ^-^ /i was always interrupted while watching it so i left it for a while/ but this drama is nice and touching till the end *-* /although some chars are annoying/ the ha father is too cute .. and the jung father is cute at the end too :")
tho why hasnt soo young gone to the wedding or cuz she doesnt know them.. but who is for her :O that kiddy police officer would be a cute coupling with her *-*

even though its 36 episodes the drama needed them like i dont think they prelonged it so to the people who are wondering if they should watch it or not because its too long.. don't worry its good *-*
goodluck to whoever watching it~
nami24 09 Feb, 2015
whats that ost that have la la la la
its cute *-* <3
still in ep 16 so far and i'm hooked *O* this drama is amazing!!
i dont get why the sister is encouraging her father even though she knows he is doing a bad thing tho.. like even is she wasn't convinced he killed someone if that building is completed and then fell many people will die and he would be considered the murderer of these people if she really wanted to protect her father she shouldnt be like that...
well i could understand why jang sun joong want to fight his mother but he too should at least think of the people he is represnting...
still though this drama is amazing *-* but did joo ha really fall for her brother..? i feel bad for her.. omg ;-;

the father is cute :c the evil one only when he is jealous of his wife.. he loves her yet too awkward to show it and dosn't know how to make her love him but then again its his fault i guess.. if he wasnt a bad guy i would have felt a little bad for him...
i ship ha myunggeun with eunjung mother tbh u.u but then myunggeun daughter wont be with jang eun joong :c

Edit: i take it back he isnt cute
the real father is annoying me more and more now.. he is the cause of all of this how dare he get angry if anything everyone should geta ngry at him and he should feel the guilt forever and be depressed and wants to kill himself and blame himself and the mother should shout at him and ha myunggun should also scold him and punch him few times and the real son should kick him in the face.
fkjdfkhud its just too frustrating
he have no right to feel anything.
ryofanka 11 Aug, 2014
OMG the 2 first episodes...cannot stop crying ;(
bayanoh 20 Jul, 2014
I love the relationship between Jang Tae Ha and Hwa Yeong. He loves her but can't seem to know how to act on it, and she always rejects him. The way he flinched when she got hurt by him breaking the computer was so cute, and also the way he gets mad when she laughs with someone else. I know he is a bad person but I can't help but feel sorry for him.
koriya 22 Mar, 2014
Nice story, but I had a problem to finish it. It was more melodrama than action what I didn't like at all. And really - why 36 eps? They should have finished it with 24 eps and it would be a great drama overall, but... it was just too long for me.
I gave it 3/5 because of the great acting and nice OST :)
bluenvision 07 Nov, 2013
I think there is an inconsistency in episode 15. @@

As we know, the cassettes were switched by Ha Myeong Geun before it was sent for voice test in 1988. But in this episode, Jang Eun Jung sends the sample they have for voice test. Strangely both voices match up. Normally, they shouldn't because Ha Myeong Geun must have been keeping the original recording to himself. :O Could it be that there were a few copies of the original recording? x.x -confused-
yokochan 28 Oct, 2013
Great Drama *________________* !