ESC to close 3.54 (by 81 users)jigoku de naze warui
  • 2013
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized jigoku de naze warui
english Why Don't You Play In Hell?
literal Why Is Hell Bad?


genres action, comedy, crime, drama


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 28 Sep, 2013
duration 130 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.54 of 5 by 81 users
total users 138
rating 287



Mutou's wife soon to be released from jail after an intense case of inadequate selfdefense becomes Mutou's, an underworld boss, inspiration to create a film with their beloved daughter Mitsuko as lead actor. But Mitsuko, as rebellious as she is, runs away from the film set only to get entangled with a stranger, who helps her escape her dad's lackeys. But not for long. When Mutou catches his daughter with this unknown guy his murderous nature awakes, because he can not fulfill his promise to his wife. To save themselves from death Mitsuko tricks her father into believing that he is a director. Not long after that they seek out Hirata and his amateur film crew to help them out with the filming. Crazy amateur filmmaker Hirata does not yet know that his passion for filming led him directly into a bloodbath led by the Yakuza gangleaders Ikegami and Mutou.


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Mutou Mitsuko
Mutou Mitsuko (young)
Mutou Shizue
Hashimoto Kouji


composer, director, screenwriter



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The two remind of each other in terms of their atmosphere, featuring a combination of action that is a bit silly and exaggerated.


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watashiwachiaki 19 Dec, 2015
@daredaniel I agree on almost everything you said, except the Tarantino part.

I've only seen 3 Sono Sion films and so far this is my favorite. It was so good and I loved it until the final act...
when the characters started dying... =(
addy1884 29 Apr, 2015
i dont remember exactly why but i dropped it after not even 10 minutes in -.-
minjung 25 Oct, 2014
I can't agree on the Tarantino thing but well... I kinda think the same than Daredaniel, except that i don't think its one of his best. It was insane and i loved it! Every character was unique and this movie reminded me why i love Sono Shion.
ginko87 19 Sep, 2014
Funny and original movie, but not the best one of Sono Shion
purefault 31 May, 2014
Holy shit... the final act of this movie is insane. haha.
daredaniel 17 Mar, 2014
Loved it so much, I've seen almost every film from Sion Sono and I think this was one of his best. It depicts the passion for making films as well as the 38mm vs the digital era and I felt so much heart in it. Somehow I could relate to one of the characters (the director), who reminded me of when I was younger and used to make short films with my friends and had dream that one day I would make something bigger. Every character in the film is damn likable, Mitsuko is Sion Sono's new super awesome character and there's even a Bruce Lee fanatic. This film also reminded me a lot of Love Exposure (my all time favorite film) on how it encourages the audience to pursuit for their dreams, no matter how crazy the journey is. The fact that it used some of LE's soundtrack was a plus for me as well. "Why Don't You Play in Hell?" was funny, bloody and touching and the final act was quite a mix of emotions making it easily my favorite film from 2013. The closing shot was genius.

Sion Sono is the best director working today and this film is his love letter for film lovers.

In a deeper analysis (this contains spoilers):

I watched the film yesterday and I'm still thinking about the finale. One moment I was dying of laugher and the next moment I felt really sad when the characters started to die one by one. Also, when Muto (Mitsuko's father) told his daughter "I Love You." before they started filming, I felt that Sion Sono was saying that he loved making films, like films were his children. The next moment when Mitshuko smiles to the fake director/boyfriend, and he smiles back I felt that Sono was trying to say that films are an art that can get that kind of reaction back from the audience. This is the kind of stuff that puts Sono in a completely different level of talentless hacks like Tarantino.

This film is also a slap in the face of commercial films (yeah I'm talking about 99% of your films Hollywood). Instead of going the easy way and make generic films for the sake of it that everyone could watch, the F*** Bombers waited 10 long years to make their masterpiece and even sacrificed themselves in order to accomplish their dream. Eventually one of the characters dropped this dream at some point, but the passion for films never really left him as he quit his job in order to do the film that he always wanted to make. So yeah, it is also an inspiring story for young filmmakers that want to make films in the future.

purefault 07 Nov, 2013
I left Japan just a couple weeks before this was released... -.-
artesia 16 Sep, 2013
can't wait me too!!