ESC to close 3.27 (by 213 users)zhen ai hei bai pei 真愛黑白配
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Taiwan

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romanized zhen ai hei bai pei
english Love Around
aka jan oi hak baak pooi, 真爱黑白配


genres comedy, romance


language Mandarin


country Taiwan
type real
format TV
network TTV


date 09 Jun, 2013 - 27 Oct, 2013
episodes 21
duration 90 minutes
air day Sunday
at 22:00 - 23:30
status released


avg. score 3.27 of 5 by 213 users
total users 479
rating 696
favorites 6



The love story between Zhou Zhen, which is the son of a former gangster and Liang Xiao Shu, the daughter of a policeman, which leads a radio war against his father.


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Zhou Zhen
Liang Xiao Shu
Chen Mei Li
Zhou Da Kuan
Zhou Ying Ying
Gao Zhe Xuan




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16 Dec, 2013
Zhou Zhen - son of an ex-gangster and now a rich hotel-manager - is crazy in love with his girlfriend and would do anything for her. When she suddenly leaves him, he gets depressed and only enjoys listening to a special radio show from Liang Xiao Shu. Xiao Shu is the good daughter of an ex-police man who won't let her precious daughter stay out later than 22:00 o`clock because it's dangerous. Xiao Shus boyfriend cheats on her in Zhou Zhens hotel, where they meet the first time. And they become friends by trying to be the shoulder to lean on in the sad times they have to get through. Nobody knew how deeply they were connected, as well as all the people around them...

So basically, this story starts out perfect. George Hu and Chen Ting Ni really are a good couple and I can't help but love them together. The side-characters all go well together, they are all loveable and cute. I was very addicted until episode 15. That was when the drama you were expecting for the last 10 episodes to happen finally unfolded. The climax was there, but somehow it got dragged out so much, that I got bored and actually wanted to stop watching a few times. I had to cut every episode into three pieces to finish watching this drama. And then the climax isn't all that great either, because they kept building up problems instead of keeping one or two episodes to resolve everything. The ending is hurried and unromantic, if you ask me, and the only good part at the end was Zhou Zhen being his romantic, steady, lovely character. He made the drama 100% better - just too sad that it's not much about him in the end. Also the time invested into side characters at the beginning was way better and more detailed, while at the end they couldn't handle all the storylines they built. I fet disappointed so much to miss out all the other love-lines.

But on the other hand, the OST was awesome, it was still always funny as well - especially if Ying Ying and the grandmother were there, and the feeling of love for the characters didn't fade away. The onle thing lacking was the storyline, I guess. But still, the last 6 episodes were too cruel to give it more than 3*. Also the ending wasn't as good as the beginning, so it's just a so-so drama with a 3* rating. It wasn't bad, but just not paced good enough for my taste. I'd recommend it, if you like taiwan dramas anyway, like the cast or want to see a lovely meeting to marriage drama with your classical involvement of parents and drama!
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21 Oct, 2014
Both dramas are about guy falling in love with a girl who starts to have some problems with her business. The guy starts to help, not letting the girl know.

18 Nov, 2013
Both dramas star Chen Ting Ni and deal with a man and a woman whose relationship starts out unpleasant, but then grows into one of friendship and love. In both, the protagonists show each other gentleness and positivity and, although these are romantic dramas, the twists are quickly overcome by their positive attitude. The protagonists in both are also somewhat similar, and even the experience which brings them together is the same.


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frannam 29 May, 2016
George Hu <3
tamayatz 05 Apr, 2016
I've watched 10 episodes and after that it started to bore me, skipping most of the stuff.
honey 21 Dec, 2013
@filo Hmm, I also feel like it got weak at that point. From Ep. 15 it was really hard for me to keep on watching. They pick on the drama of

her brother being dad and how it came to that

a lot. Until the end, to be honest. So you might consider that unncessesary drama and might just watch a bit more, before you drop it because it's too much. ^^' I got through it only because I liked some of the characters too much and because I know that TW-dramas are mostly built up like that... ^^''
filo 11 Dec, 2013
I loved it until now...
But since the end of ep 10 I feel it's going to be annoying... Is it true? I mean there's still 11 eps left.
Should I watch it until the end? Actually I don't like too much useless drama.
tomoesama 22 Oct, 2013
Ok, it is pretty average, but it's soo sweet XDD
artesia 06 Sep, 2013
pretty average for my opinion,but it's good for spending some leisure time in somehow.
very,very interesting the opening theme,this song has got a nice sound!!....

hamsy 05 Aug, 2013
The 3 first episodes are really good!:D
cinderella2442 31 Jul, 2013
Still loving it like crazy!!!

Come back to me ~ ♫ [3]