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  • 2006
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romanized death note
aka death note: the first name

Based On

based on manga
title death note
author Obata Takeshi (小畑健), Ooba Tsugumi (大場つぐみ)


genres drama, suspense, supernatural


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 17 Jun, 2006
duration 126 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.44 of 5 by 4128 users
total users 5540
rating 14193
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death note
2006 TV jp
same setting
death note: the last name
2006 film jp
l change the world
2008 film jp
side story
death note
2015 TV jp
same setting


Yagami Light is the new owner of the 'Death Note', which is a notebook of death; a name written in the notebook causes death to the person holds it. And so, Light decides to become the justice maker upon the world, and to kill criminals. But what is justice anyway? How can a person decide what's wrong and right? Someone is trying to find Light and stop him, that man calls himself 'L'.




L Lawliet
Yagami Light
Amane Misa
Akino Shiori
Rei Penba
Misora Naomi


original creator
original creator


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20 Apr, 2014
''The person who's name is written in this note, shall die''.... A whole brand new twist to the original animation... a new story...

Death note the live action movie.. I gotta tell you, as I watched this movie I was warned not to get my hopes up about it too much. Me in overall being a very big fan of the original anime, I heard the story had been altered quite a bit.. my expectations were lowered... almost to a point whereas I would say they weren't even there anymore... they were nonexistent to me as I watched this movie. However, what I didn't expect was for my already low expectations to be made even lower... I will be writing a spoilerless review of the death note movie.

Yagami Light is but a normal teenage boy who litterately has the world layed out in front of his feet... However, while he himself in overall is used to having the world bending down to his feet, he doesn't seem to be very fond of the world he is living in. he feels its corrupted, in dire need of helping and saving... and so shall it be, was he given a chance by himself to do it.. he would jump for a chance to actually alter the world to make things right. One day, it happens... Out of nowhere a magical notebook belonging to a shinigami (god of death) is withinn his reach, and he decides that he should be the creator of a new and better world without any sort of crime and evil. And so Kira is born! however, there are individuals onto light's game... also, the police hired a superdetective of some kind known only as L to everyone that knows of his existense.. And so the two boys chase for one another and trying to reach justice, each by their own very different ways... the journey begins...

This is the bases of the overall deathnote story, However as you start the movie, Light has already gotten the notebook being ready to encounter his god of death. Having made countless of sacrifices, the story of the first death note movie ufolds.... The story of one boys desperate desire for a good world, to the point of corrupting his own soul for it to get there, Love, Life and Limits are very much tested in this first death note movie, in overall covering the arc before L and Light's meeting.

The story itself had some elements from the anime, but it had been altered. Too much rather, details and keyparts of the original story being left forgotten. In some ways, the characters in this adaption, really ruined it for the original characters.. Several misses of this kind added up and listed together one by one, makes shame of the original stories. In my opinion, to be able to enjoy this movie fully, you must have refrained from reading the manga or watching the original anime. The keyparts are existent, yet twisted to the point of them being broken. I found the shinigami animations to be rather amusing, really alike the original ones, so I did appreciate this tiny added detail..

The music in the movie overall wasn't really anything to brag about, the actors did an overall acceptable job, while at most parts of the movie I found their chars to be somewhat plain.. It had its glimmers, yet for me the heavy rock shell protecting the tiny gem, it just wasn't worth it. I will not comment on or diss the actors, I do however hope their acting improved per this day today.. Overall summary, its an OK live action. Not really good, but it is acceptable.. IF you are a fan of the manga\anime, I'd recommend you to stay away from this live action... or in the least to watch it with no expectations atall... If anything, watching the anime would be the best move as the movie in overall despite of being somewhat long.. it doesn't even begin to explain most parts of the story... Recommended for newbies or people with no intention of ever watching the anime.... not recommended for veterans who might see this movie in overall as a dissapointment..
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17 Dec, 2011
Both revolve around the idea where law fails to protect the best interests of people, displaying a struggle between two different ideas of justice. Styles of outsmarting the opponent are also quite similar.


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unguanime 27 Dec, 2010
I love Matsuken as L and loathe Tatsuya as Light.
Compared to the manga, it's absolutely far worse.
It's hard to judge when you're a fan of the original work. I criticized nearly everything while I watched this movie.
nikki 30 Nov, 2010
I don't like it. Anime is better.
nikki 30 Nov, 2010
I don't like it. Anime is better.
ninatan 13 Nov, 2010
Worst cast ever.. how could they mess up such a great story? I was really shocked after watching this.

Watched it 2 years ago or so, though.
mikomi0e 04 Aug, 2010
If I haven't seen the anime before it would be more exciting. But I love genius Rivals in a movie and the plot isn't bad, I liked it.

flcl 18 Jul, 2010
Some good actors in this one but to me it seems like they only produced this because fangirls wanted it. Soundtrack was nice(?) and the plot is nice too but this is not the kind of plot you want to remake/rewatch. Once you have seen the anime, stuff like this is just failure.

Still pretty enjoyable and could be slightly nostalgic.
thefreak 19 Jun, 2010
can't find the whole movie....only the first parts on youtube...T______T
but I think the second and third film are much better then the first one.
I'll watch the anime when I have the time to do so^^
keithjon13 23 Mar, 2010
anime version one was hella better! Good movie though! :D