ESC to close 3.44 (by 890 users)who are you 후아유
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized who are you
aka huayu


genres crime, drama, horror, suspense, romance, supernatural


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 29 Jul, 2013 - 17 Sep, 2013
episodes 16
duration 45 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 23:00 - 23:45
status released


avg. score 3.44 of 5 by 890 users
total users 1621
rating 3066
favorites 17



After an accident, leaving her in a 6 year long coma, Yang Si On gains the ability to see ghosts. Cha Geon U joins the lost and found department in which Si On works, and helps her to save the spirits trapped in the items within the lost and found department. At the same time, they try to figure out what happened to Si On and her ex Lee Hyeong Jun who still haunts her.




Yang Si On
Cha Geon U
Lee Hyeong Jun
Choe Mun Sik
Mun Heung Ju
Im Seong Chan




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14 Oct, 2013
Who are you is a show more for those that like proceduralshows as opposed to the paranormal. Following the outline of a cop show - weekly cases, an overarching case the leads are trying to solve - the ghosts act more as story-progressing elements; they move the plot forward, but aren't overtly important to the show.

Which is great for someone who likes a cop show with a twist, but less for someone who went into it expecting more on the supernatural side.

And while the lead couple have great banter and friendship, they lack the romantic spark. So we get great, meaningful scenes, if it was between friends and we weren't asked to believe they were in love.

That being said, the show isn't terrible. The main case is interesting and heart-wrenching, the episodic ones an entertaining one hour watch. Nothing to write home about, but nothing terrible either.
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21 Sep, 2013
After a 6 year coma, the police officer Yang Si On wakes up eith many of her memories lost. But she gained the ability to see ghosts. Realizing that she starts to see them when she touches their stuff in the lost and found center - her new work place - she starts to help them. Soon her co-worker Geon U gets interested in her ability to find corpes that where somewhere burried in the woods and stuff, so she keeps her close. Si On helps many ghosts, until she sees the ghost of Hyeong Jun und slowly finds out more about her own story...

Let's see. I'd describe this drama as some kind of romance, detective-action. But both a lacking a lot. For a romance story, it has too little chemistry and romance parts. For action, it is way too slow. You know everything two episodes before the main character discovers the secret. But while you alrady know it, they still try to slowly lead you to the "truth". So for an action drama, it's too slow. But it also isn't a drama or detective story. So clearly, it's just anything.

At first, the horror part was showing. I liked how she saw ghosts and the atmosphere they created. But from episode 5 on, they somehow messed up with the story. I felt a bit bored and even thought it kept me watching, there were so many times where I just thought "Oh. My. God. Why?" My biggest minus point is the way Si On acted at the end. I understand that she was a cutie girl with Hyeong Jun, before she had the accident. But after the accident she was calm and cool and I liked that about her. But during the last episode she goes back to her cutie character. Why? Wouldn't that show even better that she was able to move on and forget the accident and everything that happened? So I was kind of disappointed in the main character. And of course the lack of chemistry. I think I would like the drama more if there was less romance. Since they didn't have the chemistry for it, I felt bad whenever they had to kiss and show their emotions for each other...

So with that, I can only give it 3*. Sometimes it was boring, but it was still a good drama to watch. I enjoyed the episodes each week and liked the characters, even if they didn't go well with each other. If you like ghosts, you'll probably also like this. And even if you don't like horror, let me tell you: It's not that bad. The first ~4 episodes were a bit creepy but it is not so bad that you would get nightmares. The ghosts don't look creepy and it's only the atmosphere that makes it a tiny bit a "horror" drama. I hate horror and didn't think this was scary.
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21 Aug, 2016
Both are supernatural dramas about ghosts, featuring Taek Yeon, who has to deal with different ghosts every episode, in the lead role.


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thekoikoi 30 Jun, 2015
The synopsis seemed promising, but it was a waste, the plot was so dull... Also, I hate this Taecyeon guy, I know he's good looking and all, but his acting seemed like a joke, I couldn't get myself to like him at all. I started this cuz of Jae Uk but... I guess it's not worth it. I'm dropping it.
danisensei 26 Apr, 2015
I liked it a lot. But the final episode was kinda 'meh' imo. And I wanted it to end differently.
I wanted Hyeong Joon to wake up from his coma and come back to Yang Si On and they live happily ever after.

Rated 4/5.
nami24 26 Jan, 2015
I was always interested in this drama and now i'm finally watching it..
i reached ep 7
and tbh the main girl acting is a bit too much annoying... like why is her eyes always wide eyes... she have seen him like alot now so she could just get used to him
idk if its the script or what but the girl isnt she supposed to be some top police investigator? how come she is too week and gets scared easily and cant even defend herself probably what she always needs someone.. and this only when she is a lost and found center she almost died like 4 times now?
so when she was an investigator how many times is it? she always depended on hyong jun too?
idk it kinda annoyed me this part of the story where she is too week yet she thinks she is strong or something..

anyway even with all this idk why am still lured to watch this drama... maybe cuz of the mysteriousness of hyungjun character ?
well idk tho like the cases are barable i guess but the plot in whole isnt ..
i just finished master sun maybe this why i expected a lot from this one...
well i hope i will be able to finish this without dropping i really wanna see what happens to hyungjun ghosty
alexadm81 22 Apr, 2014
Awesome and interesting drama!
yoshi96 17 Mar, 2014
This drama has ruined my life, but I love it anyway! It was worth watching <3
ellenasabina 22 Feb, 2014
I must give thanks to Kim Jae Wook because he made me start this drama. After that I discovered a very meaningful and interesting story. I'm so happy there are still writters making these kind of stories. 5 stars
melicandy 25 Nov, 2013
Hyeong Jun oppa!!!! i kept watching this drama because of him..liked his acting, cant say the same thing for taekyeon..he sucks in this drama. And whats wrong with the last ep so boring !!!!!!
poor handsome oppa <3 <3 <3
sarahohimesama 14 Oct, 2013
i was going to endure this drama and finish it no matter how boring it could get until i fell asleep for 40 minutes in ep10.. when i woke up i said that's it and i hit the DROP button...

i love Taecyeon and Kim Jae Wook so much.. i hope to see them in other good dramas soon!