ESC to close 2.7 (by 875 users)yeppeunnamja 예쁜남자
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized yeppeunnamja
english Bel Ami
literal Pretty Man
aka Beautiful Man, Pretty Boy

Based On

based on manhwa
title yeppeun namja
author Cheon Gye Yeong (천계영)


genres comedy, drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 20 Nov, 2013 - 09 Jan, 2014
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 2.7 of 5 by 875 users
total users 1783
rating 2364
favorites 12



Dok Go Ma Te, a beautiful man whose charms can win over any woman, plays around the uses his face to enjoy life. Kim Bo Tong, the innocent girl next door, who has been in love with him ever since they first met, lives a dream that one day she will get to be together with him. After Ma Te's mother tragically dies, Ma Te discovers a secret about his past that makes him make up his mind to work hard and earn a lot of money. For that, however, he will need Bo Tong's help.




Dok Go Ma Te
Choe David
Kim Bo Tong
Hong Yu Ra
Kim Dae Sik
Jaek Hui


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Jang Geun Seok To Return To The Small Screen In 'Beautiful Man' sara 7 posts 01 Jul, 2013 by vanelya10
Jang Geun Deok will finally be making a comeback to the small screen. On June 18, his agency, TreeJ Company, confirmed that Jang Geun Seok was recently cast...


paulixx27 16 Dec, 2013
so boring... the plot is about nothing for me. even the cast is not helping here, I hate Geun Suk character, also I hate that IU is running around him like crazy, I hate when main girl is like that, huge embarrassment...
so lame and slow drama. we have 8 episodes but nothing is happening, everything is about this whole company and money case I guess.
I was expecting great drama.. till now it doesn't look like that..
On hold. maybe when I will see that action developed I will come back to it in future. But now, I can't see any hope for it...
sbloom 16 Dec, 2013
@followme if the socks are still there by episode 8, yes, bye bye drama
moonlightangel 15 Dec, 2013
Awful. I don't know if I should continue this drama!
followme 13 Dec, 2013
I'm disappointed. The plot is boring and so absurd. I can't watch it anymore. Damn these socks!!!
seba 04 Dec, 2013
Seriously, I love Jang Geun Seok but he needs to man up a little bit!
makiru 02 Dec, 2013
Geunsuk's hair stylist is high. Or blind...
A pretty man needs to have pretty hair... that's not the case.
There's a nest on the top of Geunsuk's head. Why?!
paulixx27 01 Dec, 2013
I started to be a little bit bored...
I don't know, maybe because main couple is like not-main couple? I can't imagine romantic scenes between them cause till now Ma Tae doesn't care about Bo Tong at all.. or maybe in sister-brother way in my opinion...
But for now I will stay with this drama hoping that some action will finally start. For now I'm not that impressed. But I will give it a chance :)
And what is all about this "beauty" of Geun Suk.. I mean he's good looking, but let's not exaggerate... what they show in drama is too much.. And when they changed his hairstyle, oh gosh.. totally nope ! awful... It feels awkward when Geun Suk is so excited that he is so beautiful.. I don't like it xD
stellybish 30 Nov, 2013
Geun Suk... yet again I demand for a change in hairstyle.
He looks like a cute lost puppy but I don't think we need that in the series.

The drama is going in a weird direction but it's still enjoyable.
Sadly I don't get most of the characters... specialy Hong Yura...