ESC to close 3.02 (by 52 users)ttatteutan mal hanmadi 따뜻한 말 한마디
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized ttatteutan mal hanmadi
english One Warm Word
literal Kind Words
aka one word of warmth, a single warm word, a word from warm heart, one sweet word, good word


genres drama, family


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 02 Dec, 2013 - 24 Feb, 2014
episodes 20
duration 75 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.02 of 5 by 52 users
total users 173
rating 157



The drama starts off when Na Eun Jin breaks up with Yu Jae Hak, with whom she had an affair. Jae Hak is the CEO of a big company, and he is in a loveless marriage (on his part) with Song Mi Gyeong, the woman his parents chose for him all because of the wrong reasons: she is from a bad family background but has a nice personality, so if things might go the wrong way she will have nowhere to run off, she will just produce the heirs, supervise the housework and jump every time her in-laws ask for something, never saying no. And for the last twenty years she was just that. Na Eun Jin is quite the opposite, she married her university sweetheart Kim Seong Su, she is working as a reporter while raising their young daughter. There is just one thing that casts shadows on the beautiful picture: Seong Su was cheating on her a few years back, and while he stayed with his family when he needed to make the choice, things never went back to the way they were before, all her trust for her husband got lost forever. When she starts to get threatening mails naming her a cheater, her guilt gets the better of her and asks for a divorce, even though her affair with Yu Jae Hak already ended. The only time she contacts him again, is when her family gets into an accident caused intentionally by people that can't be tracked. Now the cat is out of the bag on both sides: Jae Hak knows that his wife knows, and that she put people on his tail with the possible intent of causing harm for the woman he loves. And Seong Su starts to pick up on the strangeness of his wife's behaviour, too. The drama is about how one (already ended but known by everyone) love affair can affect not just the ones involved, but their spouses, their kids, their entire families, how it can change people's personality, how it can bring everyone to emotional turmoil.


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Song Mi Gyeong
Na Eun Jin
Yu Jae Hak
Kim Seong Su
Na Dae Ho
Kim Na Ra


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hephzibah 26 Feb, 2014
Thank you!
Now I don't need to write anything. You wrote down everyting I wanted to say about all three couples and the drama as a whole...
089110 25 Feb, 2014
This drama could have turned out to be a very good drama for me, but at the end, it's just a "good" drama. I gave it three stars.

I like the whole idea of it being revolved around the aftermath of an affair. What I didn't like was the fact the writer decided to throw in the relationship between Eun Young and Min Soo. I personally didn't find it necessary to make it that complicated. However, it is a "drama", so I can let that problem go a little. But the ending of this drama made the drama less satisfying.

From my point of view, this wasn't the type of drama where it was necessary for everyone to get a happy ending. Even if the writer was trying to send some kind of message about divorce, one of the relationships just wasn't headed that way. That couple was Yoo Jaehak and Song Mikyung. Even though Mikyung is the type of person to not show her true feelings, she came off as completely emotionless and cold towards Jaehak when he tried to win her back. There were several times she said that his words didn't move her at all. Plus, I think Jaehak didn't try hard enough, especially since he never actually admit what he did was wrong. He appeared more regretful about losing Eun Jin. Mikyung wanted to feel loved, but what Jaehak did to change her heart wasn't convincing enough. Considering Mikyung's personality and her attitude towards him, it didn't make sense for Mikyung to act so cold and then suddenly changed her mind to find ways to accept him. And she accepted him so easily. I think it would have been better for them to divorce because their relationship was headed that way.

As for Eun Jin and Sung Soo, I was rooting for them even though Eun Jin did irritate me a lot. However, I had to consider the fact Sung Soo isn't perfect, so they had a chance at working it out. I'm happy they got a happy ending because both of them were more convincing that they still have feelings for each other.

I didn't it find it necessary to make an ending where it's obvious Eun Young and Min Soo will get back together. How obsessed must you be to forgive a guy who almost killed your sister, brother-in-law, and niece? It would have been better for both of them to go their own ways and simply learn how to move on.
hephzibah 08 Feb, 2014
This just turned into something I did not want it to be... The things I feared came true...
When this started I wanted it to be about the four mains, and about how their marriages survive this, or don't.
They gave me what I expected with
the younger couple having the better chances to go back to a marriage that based on love and understanding, withstanding all the bad that they went through...
But with them being the couple that built their marriage on emotion, they had the bigger chance of never being able to get back what was lost. I so WNATED them to get back togheter but at the same time was really afraid for them...
The other couple was the one I thought will stay togheter if they stay with the setup of their marriage: the woman endures everything and leaving his family never even crosses the mind of the man, becouse it is a business deal that is working... sort of... Then they will stay married, but not happy... But if the woman goes all the "I will take your money and live my life in comfort alone from now on" way, that's a whole other situation.

These were the outcomes I thought possible.
And some ways they all came true, and we don't know on which outcome they will land on...

But the sibling misery... I simply hate it... Saying it even though
I love them as a couple!
But this brought the focus to something else entirely! I wanted it to stay on the marriages! But now they all thinking about what is good for their siblings, and not what is good for them... I wanted them to stay in the marriage or get a divorce only for themselves! But no, they are now more concerned about them then themselves!

And I am just pissed I did not get what I want!
I still watch it with interest, I am not bored or annoyed... The series is good... But I am disappointed in so many ways...
Well, two more eps to go... I still will be watching it...
hephzibah 12 Jan, 2014
I am the same as you! I just started this becouse of the actors, and then it totally sucked me in! And I agree with everything you wrote before me...

I am not telling it is thrilling! No, it is far from it.
But it just makes me think. And I really like it. It is not the "what will happen next" kind of think, or the "you have to keep up with the storyline" kind either. Those are good kind of "thinkings", too... No, it is the "moral or immoral" kind. The "shit, what would I have done" kind of thing. This I usually get from movies, not from long running dramas, and I am amazed that they can drag this out this long without being boring or repetitive!
This was just such a great surprise, becouse I was prepared to drop it after a few episodes as being one overly done cryfest and melo-mess. Thank God my expectations did not come true!
Right on the halfway mark I am happy to tell that I love every character. Things they do are "understandable", as in "that can happen" not that I would do the same. I can't find one, who is clearly just "good" or "bad". All four of then have faults and good points, nothing is black or white, and that is just great!

The only thing I can take issue with, is that
They brought togheter the siblings of the two wives in a love relationship... And that the boy's every second sentence is that he can't let himself do freely as he wants, becouse he is soooo unlucky and "Fate" will come and bite him in the ass... Well, yeah! It will...

But that aspect of the consequences are just too much and too melo for me...
Well, it could have gone a few episodes shorter and just without that storylone. Too big of a coincidence...
089110 10 Jan, 2014
I began this drama because of the actors and actresses starring in it despite the fact I didn't like the idea of it being about two married people having an affair. However, this drama is more about the consequences of having an affair rather than two cheaters meeting up with each other. I like how the writer takes us through a story where cheating can affect not just you and your spouse, but those who are close to you and those close to the person you're having an affair with. Plus, the writer shows us a few different perspectives of how people may choose to deal with it. As this drama progresses, it gets better. I'm really curious to see how this will end. I don't expect a happy or sad ending because this drama is about life, a reality that can happen to anyone. What I'm expecting is a divorce or the couples to find a way to love again. If not, they may end up living in a long life of misery.