ESC to close 4.23 (by 2761 users)byeoreseo on geudae 별에서 온 그대
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized byeoreseo on geudae
english My Love From Another Star
literal You, Who Came From The Stars
aka man from the stars, you from another star, my lover from the stars, byeoreseo on namja, 별에서 온 남자


genres comedy, drama, romance, sci fi


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 18 Dec, 2013 - 27 Feb, 2014
episodes 21
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 4.23 of 5 by 2761 users
total users 3899
rating 11678
favorites 438


likhit rak kham duang dao
2019 TV th


Joseon records state that in the year 1609, a shining unidentified object appeared in the sky, startling and confusing people. Four hundred years later, Do Min Jun, one of the aliens who was on the vessel, lives in Seoul. At the same time, Cheon Song I, a famous actress, has problems with her reputation being ripped apart on the internet by angry users. Soon, the two cross paths.




Cheon Song I
Do Min Jun
Yu Se Mi
Lee Hwi Gyeong
Yu Seok
Yang Mi Yeon




10 Jun, 2014
I would recommend this drama solely because of the excellent acting portrayed by Jeon Ji Hyun in her role as Cheon Song Yi. Cheon Song Yi is one of the most lovable female characters I've watched. She presents an abrasive personality initially, but demonstrates a strong sense of respect for herself and her loved ones, with a somewhat innocent (and thoroughly amusing) side when it comes to the man she loves.

Do Min Joon is a very old man--well, really he is an alien who has lived for many years on Earth but because of his alien lifespan, he still looks as young as ever. Kim Soo Hyun does a decent job in this role. Do Min Joon provides a good contrast to Cheon Song Yi's overflowing personality.

The side characters are what you'd expect from a kdrama, but they play a satisfying role in the story and are not lacking.

"You are my destiny~" I have a feeling this song will become one of those iconic romantic kdrama songs--the kind of song that starts playing at the beginning of any romantic scene, meant to pull at your heartstrings. For me, the song is very cheesy (but hey, it is a kdrama), but I think they were successful in using an iconic song that will be immediately associated with this drama as I heard it playing throughout Asia, months after the drama had finished airing--this was definitely a huge hit when it aired.

Despite certain flaws in explaining the alien element, I would still definitely recommend this if you're looking for a fun romance with a little bit of drama, as the main characters will keep you entertained for the whole show.
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07 Mar, 2014
Cheon Song I is the best actress in the country. When she moves, her new neighbour, Do Min Jun, complains that she sings too loud at night, which she can't understand well, since the walls are said to be thick in her building. Little does she now that the guy next door is an alien, that lived on earth for 400 years already and is just waiting to go home in three months, when the asteroid, that brought him to earth, passes by again. But as destiny wants it, they get involved with each other through various events and the wonderful lovestory may begin...

The story is rather basic, but it has everything it needs to make my heart skip beats like crazy. Do Min Jun is the mysterious, silent kind of character that slowly starts to loose it when his love gets in danger. His feelings grow slowly, her feelings grow slowly and even though I can't pinpoint where they fell for each other, I didn't feel surprised by their deep love for each other.

Aside from the love line, there is a surpsiringly high number of deaths in there, since there a side character, that spices things up by intriguing here and there to stay on top of the company.

Side characters like Hwi Gyeong and Yu Se Mi are actually also lovely. I enjoyed their story and that they weren't as dramatic when they couldn't get the guy they wanted to have. I especially liked that, for once, there wasn't somebody chasing after the male protagonist, being nasty to the female lead and everything.

One thing many might be curious about is the ending. Since it's an alien drama, I also was expecting either a very dull explanation or no explanation at all. If you are worried about it, here is my opinion: I liked the ending. It wasn't the usual dull answer, it wasn't too easy and I really liked the outcome. Maybe they didn't think it through prefectly, but if I compare it to other supernatural themed dramas like "My girlfriend is a Gumiho" or "Big", where they messed up the endings, if you ask me, I think they did really well! I was content.

5* for this lovely drama, since it's a romance drama just the way I like it. A bit of action, a bit of humour and lots of love mixed with an okay-amount of tears. Recommended romance drama for every romance lover!
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The two works are very similar in regard to the story with many nearly identical elements. However, 'wo de chao neng nan shen' is a much lower budget drama.

29 Apr, 2016
Both are about romance between an actress and a man with superpowers.


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Actress Jeon Ji Hyeon is finally back to the small screen. After the movie 'The Thieves', Kim Su Hyeon and Jeon Ji Hyeon will work together again on a new SBS...


laydii 09 Feb, 2017
Loved it so much, I literally binge watched the entire show ^0^ so recommended to all *0^)/
r0lan 04 Nov, 2016

would've preferred if they had a time skip of 20+ years imo that wouldve pulled more heartstrings than that totally cliche last episode haha

Overall, it wasnt too bad imo, definitely not distasteful for me.
ilate 07 Jan, 2016
Can't remember when was the last time I was so disappointed with a drama. I guess my expectations were too high following the high rating and a lot of praises I've read in the comments. There were exactly two good points about this drama: Kim Soo Hyun and Park Hae Jin. No more, no less.

1. It was so annoyingly old-school I felt like dropping it at least 5 times (I'm very surprised I managed to finish it). Starting from clothes, to plot, to characters, all the way to the setting and special effects.

2. There was no chemistry between the two main actors. I enjoyed watching the growing bromance between Do Min Joo and Cheon Yun Jae much more and I wish the writers gave them more screen time. And honestly, I think Jeon Ji Hyeon didn't do a good job. I really had a hard time watching her acting.

3. Sometimes, I couldn't help but to compare this drama to "Rooftop Prince" (which I really liked) and it just felt like a bad adaptation.

To sum it all up - I don't recommend, I won't ever come back, and hopefully will forget it very soon.
racheyek 14 Oct, 2015
I just wanted to see them with seven kids and five dogs at the end, is that too much to ask???

All in all, I enjoyed this drama a lot. Would definitely recommend!!
anicsi 04 Oct, 2015
This was my first korean Drama, and I think it will be hard to find one that matches its brilliance for me. I loved literally everything about it. The actors were outstanding (and the two protagonists are absolutely gorgeous!), the dialogues and scenes funny and witty, without looking childish. I really liked that the drama kept a somewhat mature tone.

A huge plus was the production quality. Camera, music, cut, even specially effects and costume and set design were amazing. The plot was mostly fast paced and good to follow. I was really intrigued and watched everything through in three days.

The ending didn't tie up all of the lose ends, and generally I felt the last couple of episodes lost a bit momentum, but I still think this is a must watch drama! It will surely forever remain in my heart. 5/5!
kamilles 05 Aug, 2015
The first half was way better than the end, but it was really fun eitherway!
I do feel that Cheon Song I was waaaay more fun in the beginning, because she acted more spoiled, annoying and bitchy in a perfect, awesome way, which seemed to take off in the end.. :(
tiffiany45 11 Jul, 2015
For some reason, the whole time I was watching this, I kept thinking this drama was Korea's version of Twilight. It just had an alien instead of vampires.

Cheon Song Yi = Damsel in distress, constantly needing to be saved = Bella

Do Min Jun = Over protective, doesn't trust Song Yi to handle things well so doesn't tell her important information = Edward

Like Twilight, this drama is entertaining and speaks to our romantic souls, but for the most part it's really hard to relate with Cheon Song Yi. You keep wanting her to figure some things out on her own and stop depending so much on Do Min Jun.

I really liked how Song Yi called Min Jun out on his s*** every once and a while,
esp when he kept coming around after he rejecting her. I also like how strong she was in the end, doing what was best for Min Jun and not herself.

It was hard to see why these two ended up loving each other... Other than Min Jun constantly saving Song Yi and Song Yi looking like a little girl he felt the need to protect 400 years ago, there really isn't any believable reason why they'd actually fall for one another. To add to this, Ji Hyeon and Su Hyeon are awkward together, which is unfortunate because they are such amazing and formidable actors in their own right. They were too stiff, and they lacked sufficient chemistry to pull off such an unconvincing love story.

Or maybe I was just being too critical... I just wished it had been written a bit better. I still gave it 4 stars, but I doubt I will ever rewatch it. The acting was amazing though, it's what saved this drama from becoming a disaster.
minimiau 08 May, 2015
I am on episde 7 and I want to say that this drama is really good and make me wish to see next episode. Its a long time that I don't see a drama like this.