ESC to close 3.22 (by 487 users)yasuwa minyeo 야수와 미녀
  • 2005
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized yasuwa minyeo
english The Beast And The Beauty (literal)


genres comedy, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 27 Oct, 2005
duration 101 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.22 of 5 by 487 users
total users 736
rating 1566
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Hae Ju is a blind beautiful girl who sees everything through the eyes of her boyfriend, Dong Geon. He is always by her side, describing the world for her. Not having much self esteem, he fails to describe himself properly and lies about his appearance, telling her he in fact looks like one of his high school friends, Jun Ha. However, when Hae Ju regains her eyesight after a successful surgery, Dong Geon can't face the exposure of his previous lie and lies again that he fled to Hawaii for work. Meanwhile Hae Ju bumps into Jun Ha, mistaking him for her boyfriend.




Gu Dong Geon
Jang Hae Ju
Tak Jun Ha
Choe Do Sik
Jeong Seok




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04 Feb, 2011
In a way it's nothing special and yet it's special for me.

It's about superficialty. It's about an ugly guy who feels that he doesn't deserve his pretty girlfriend simply because she's pretty. It was okay when she was blind and didn't know but even then he told her that he was handsome. It's interesting to see a guy in a situation in which his looks cause him to feel insecure. I like that the situation isn't revolved by him suddenly turning handsome but that he understand that she loves him despite his looks. That gives it a nice message. It's not just about looks but about what's inside. The handsome guy even loses to the ugly guy.

Personally I don't really find Ryu Seung Beom to be that ugly but I wouldn't call him incredibly handsome either so... yeah.

Well, although it dealt with superficialty it mainly was a comedy and if not for the comedy part I probably would've liked it less. It's really really hilarious. I especially loved Ryu Seung Beom's character and his gangster buddy played by Ahn Gil Kang.

Although there were beautiful and touching scenes, I liked that the comedy prevailed. That's especially worth the mention because Korean comedy movies tend to turn into a melodramatic mess towards the end.

I rewatched it couple of times now and well, I wouldn't call it the best movie ever made but I'm incredibly fond of it.
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05 Mar, 2011
A blind girl and a man who believes he can protect her from the real world if he lies to her about the reality they are sharing together.

16 Dec, 2010
What if you are blind or your perceptions are slightly impaired temporarily? What if you met the person of your dreams, full of beauty, kindness, consideration, and sincerity at that time? Someone with whom you can always be yourself and just feel comfortable in his presence. What if you two fall in love? And what will happen at the end, when you regain your sight and discover that the truth in different from your vision and the person you love is not perfect, but has his own flaws and is not as beautiful as you thought he would be? Was his beauty the only reason you loved this person? If not, then can you overcome reality and accept his real self? These are the questions the hero/heroine in both films has to answer.


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yamashita 18 Feb, 2014
it was soooo nice ond funny. I'm starting to like Ryu Ajeossi :D
madziamadzia 19 Jan, 2014
The beginning of the story is really cute ^^. Everything seems to be so beautiful, but when I saw it with Dong Geon eyes it was so funny :D I really like Dong Geon and Do Sik and their "Speeding cart murder op'' XD That scene was hillarious.
galeana 24 Feb, 2013
I did not expect much, but this one was kind of good. Especialy Ryu Seung Beom was hillarious.
1hinata30 18 Jun, 2012
this movie was great ,i absolutely loved it 5/5 <3
akiratouya 24 May, 2011
The truth to be told I didn't like this movie very much. The characters were annoying and even actors' acting skills couldn't save them. The plot could have been much better and not just him running away from her. I found the ending and Dong Geon & Hae Ju's dating scenes cute though.
yoonmin 24 Apr, 2011
I actually watched it because of An Gilgang XD He´s an amazing actor! But the whole movie was good ^^ a mood lifter!
tamochin 21 Apr, 2011
I watched it because of Min A and I really liked it~ it wasn't boring, but not too special as well~ 4/5 :)
kiyoshi 24 Feb, 2011
I really like this movie because of the funny moments. I didn't expect that kind of end. Not a masterpiece but still good.