ESC to close 4.46 (by 92 users)the genius: gameui beopchik 더 지니어스: 게임의 법칙
  • 2013
  • variety
  • Korea

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romanized the genius: gameui beopchik
english The Genius: Rules Of The Game (literal)
aka deo jinieoseu: geimui beopchik


genres game


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format variety
network tvN


date 26 Apr, 2013 - 12 Jul, 2013
episodes 12
duration 70 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 23:30 - 00:40
status released


avg. score 4.46 of 5 by 92 users
total users 195
rating 410
favorites 4


the genius: rule breaker
2013 variety kr


Thirteen players compete in various games trying to outsmart each other in all ways possible. In the end one player will remain, gaining the title of 'The Genius'. Each episode is split into the 'main match' and the 'death match'. In the main match all players compete for immunity. The person ending up in last place will together with a nominee compete in the 'death match' to find out who gets eliminated.








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03 Apr, 2015
The two are game shows in which the participants have to use their mind to solve problems using their deduction skills as well as their social skills. Of course, in both shows there is a money prize at stake.

10 Feb, 2015
Both shows very much remind of each other, featuring intrigues between people, centring around games in which the players have to trust each other, lie to each other and win to survive and see the next round. The two shows also have a mysterious host whose face is covered.


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polkovodets 08 Oct, 2015
I really like this show... because its tv adaptation of LIAR GAME!!!!! And it's not important, that creators deny that it is a plagiarism. But we know, that it is a LIAR GAME!
thefreak 31 Jul, 2015
I'd say this kinda started a new generation of variety shows where it's really only about your brain, your luck and your social skills. No one cares about idols and your background.

I loved it, it was really entertaining and exciting!
I'm sooooo happy Jin Ho won!!! He deserved it as he really was the smartest of them all! I was kinda frustrated that Eun Ji was there for so long as she only stuck with whom she thought would be best and rarely used her brain to solve the problems. But I'm glad they could get rid of Kim Gu Ra so fast! His attitude pissed me off!
What I found quite petty of all of them was how they always judged Jin Ho. The cast always made statements like "don't trust him", "look at this eyes, they're on fire" or "he will betray you easily" although Jin Ho was the most loyal amongst them! He always played fair (in contrast to a few others~~).
thefreak 29 Jul, 2015
OMG, Kim Gu Ra is such an arrogant-.......person!!!
Random chan 25 Feb, 2015
:o It was pretty entertaining *_*
limenora 23 Sep, 2014
The music, the design, the games, the players... Everything is sooo entertaining.
I was blown away by Jinho. He is extremely smart! And I never tought...
Sunggyu hold on till the 10th episode. He is so smart and funny.

Amazing show!
yamaguri 22 Jul, 2014
One of the best!
aquariia 19 Jul, 2014
I loved it! So addicting. I'm glad I didn't watch it when it was aired because I would go crazy while waiting for the next episode.
perhilien 01 Jun, 2014
OMG!!! I just started watching but i tink i won't sleep tonigt. I really like it.