ESC to close 2.93 (by 850 users)miraeui seontaek 미래의 선택
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized miraeui seontaek
english Marry Him If You Dare
literal Future's Choice
aka Mi Rae's Choice, Choice Of The Future, The Future Choice


genres drama, romance, fantasy, time travel


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 14 Oct, 2013 - 03 Dec, 2013
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 2.93 of 5 by 850 users
total users 1597
rating 2487
favorites 7



A middle aged Mi Rae comes back to 2013 from the future to tell her past self that someone that she loves is going to die unless she avoids a certain person. Not telling who that is or who it is that is going to die, Present Mi Rae is bound to find out herself, meanwhile bringing herself into the trouble the future Mi Rae tried to avoid.




Park Se Ju
Na Mi Rae
Kim Sin
Seo Yu Gyeong
Mi Rae (Grown Up)
Na Ju Hyeon




01 Feb, 2014
Na Mi Rae is not what you would call happy with her life. She works in a callcenter and even though she is popular, she wants to work in a field that has more meaning. Things change drastically, when a lady arrives that claims to be her from the future and wants to stop her from marrying the guy that destroys her life and push her into marriage with a famous chaebol.

The basic concept is really interesting, as well as the cast was chosen well. But in the end, they failed at so many parts. After some time, you get the feeling that nothing happens and only work matters for that drama. It is fine if you are interested into television work, but if you want to see character develope or relationships grow, you should rather watch something else.

For me, Mi Rae is a really selfish character, that seems to not have any feelings for anyone except for herself and at times for her brother. Loving is something she claims to do, but really, I never saw her. On the other side, Yu Gyeong was really nice to watch. She is also one of the characters that grew the most during the show, but sadly the focus never really was on her. I can't belive I actually like the side girl a bit more than the main girl.

Well, in the end, I still gave the drama 3* because I am one of the people that are intersted in boradcasting work. I liked the stories she worked on and for me, the ending wasn't that bad. I felt like they all were kind of lucky.

I can't recommend this drama wholeheartedly. But if you like the actors, you will probably be able to sit through it.
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12 Dec, 2013
I started to watch this drama cause i really like Jeong Yong Hwa and i saw Yun Eun Hye in other dramas and thought she is not bad. Also i´m really interested in the time travelling theme.

In general i liked this drama also it had a few bad points like that the support charas weren´t really introduced and you diden´t knew much of there background.

Also the time travelling story had a few holes and times were the writers made mistakes.

But all in all it was not as bad as i expected after i read the comments about this drama.

I really liked the chemistry between Na Mi Rae and Kim Shin and the acting was also really good.

The only thing i´m disappointed with is the ending cause i wished for something else.

But that is my personal taste and for others it is maybe a fitting ending.

All in all i think if you like time travelling dramas this could be something for you, if you are not a perfectionist about realism and don´t have a problem with a few mistakes in the story.
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In both, the female protagonist has the opportunity to travel back to the past to change what she thought was wrong.


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sandersone 05 Feb, 2018
Didn't like Na Mi Rae at all. Sejoo and Yookyung are much more likable and I only kept watching because of them.
liyirna 21 Aug, 2014
It was more human drama than rom-com, so the ending fits.
alinka 11 Jun, 2014
this drama is such a disappointment !!!
dramalove3 15 Mar, 2014
Do watch it, it's one of the greatest dramas. Thats how i think.
In the end MI Rae actually ENDS with one of the male characters but they don't tell us who actually, even though i wanted mi rae end with se ju i knew that she will pick Kim Shin so better end like this <3
leylachan 11 Mar, 2014
I don't like the cast that much.
But I'm curious...
maia 01 Mar, 2014
i'm watching it anyway, it's not that bad ... used to like Yun hye but she's annoying on this one

also who would leave his diary at his work?, so stupid
maia 01 Mar, 2014
someone made it harder for me to watch it now ... cc: @dramalove3 T^T [2]
sarahohimesama 20 Feb, 2014
all i can say is

Steins;Gate anyone? lol

with all the negative reviews on it i think its not that bad i actually enjoyed it.. the story is fresh and its not like the other time travel dramas also i like the "behind the scenes of broadcasting channels" theme and how you make programs etc its really awesome you will learn a lot about the system

i gave it 4/5 due to the ending and how they ruined a great potential plot in the few last episodes