ESC to close 4.02 (by 1050 users)bimil 비밀
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized bimil
english Secret (literal)
aka Secret Love


genres drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 25 Sep, 2013 - 14 Nov, 2013
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 4.02 of 5 by 1050 users
total users 1665
rating 4224
favorites 80



A woman takes the blame for a hit and run accident to protect her fiancée. The boyfriend of the victim wants to take revenge for her death. Thus a circle of lies and deceit begins.




Jo Min Hyeok
Sin Se Yeon
An Do Hun
Gang Yu Jeong
Jo Han Il
Gang U Cheol




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17 Nov, 2013
Min Hyeok is the rich heir of a big company, but instead of following his father, he would like to marry Ji Hui, the love of his life. Sadly, his father wants him to marry Se Yeon. At the same time, Yu Jeong is happily together with Do Hun for seven years now. When they celebrates the day of their engagement it starts to rain and they meet an accident. When Do Hun goes out to check what the car hit he discovers a girl, bleeding but still breathing. Being scared of loosing his bright future as a prosecutor he lies to Yu Jeong and goes home with her. When the police comes to find her, she tries to save her boyfriend and tells them, that she drove the car. With that statement, she gets all the anger from Min Hyeok, who from now on decides to make her life as hard as possible - and sending her to jail with the highest sentence possible is only the start of that.

First I want to repeat that I am not a very big fan of all the melodramatic series, especially if they are korean since they tend to let all the characters cry enough tears to water all the deserts of this world. But having said that, I really enjoyed this drama! The best part was probably the acting. All the characters did well, even if they had to cry waterfalls. They did it beautifully. Also all the angry and crazy scenes were played beautifully, and let me tell you, there were enough scenes that would've made me crazy if something like that happened to me. And with that, we're at the kind of problematic part of this drama.

The story is good and classic. It's some kind of revenge, but then they fall in love. Been there, done that. But then the main couple isn't the only one involved. At some point, I didn't even know who wanted to take revenge on whom anymore. Because all the characters where somehow involved and it just was a crazy hate-story. That's also what made me doubt that romantic relationship between Min Hyeok and Yu Jeong so much. It came way too fast and out of the blue. I wished they took some time from the overlong beginning and put it at the back of the story. At first I thought I wouldn't like this drama much, judging by the slow start of it. But the previews kept me watching, which is a good thing. The pace picked up and I was happy as it was, only the ending was a bit rushed, together with the romance.

So, all in all, I can really recommend this drama. For people who like melodramatic stuff, this will probably be very exciting and good. If you are expecting a great romance line, don't watch it. It's not worth the romance, but the relationship of all the involved parties. The exciting part isn't the love, it's the hate and the things that change through time. The scary secrets everybody has and that make you see them in a different light, once you know them. I guess that's also why the drama is called "Secret". It's after all the essence of that drama.

3* out of 5* for a great drama, that just happens to be not my style of drama. Still, definitely recommended to fans of those dramas!
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29 Apr, 2016
Although the plots of these two Korean dramas are quite different, they have a similar feel to them as they were written by the same person and both focus around some kind of secret. In both, the male lead has negative feelings towards the female lead, which slowly changes as he learns more about her.


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neo9000 23 Feb, 2018
Twisted to the last second. My god, loved it. What a masterpiece.
xezona 18 Jan, 2017
Oh, the chemistry between actors totally killed me!! And I didn't know I would like Hwang Jeong Eum's acting, but I loved it. :)

Yoo Jeong and Min Heok romantic scenes were the best <3
sullilea 01 Jun, 2016
@hiroyuki ahh actually she annoys me in KMHM and She was Pretty but I like her acting in this drama.. If you didnt watch, give a chance ^^
shireu 26 Apr, 2016
i really like this drama but..
i still can't accept that she left her child.
hiroyuki 16 Apr, 2016
Too bad it's Hwang Jeong Eum.... she really is irritating. I can't stand her.
ally 10 Apr, 2016
This drama has the worst case of martyr syndrome in a lead female. Yoo Jeong would even say sorry for being born if asked. She has no self-respect or love for herself. And watching that was extremely frustating. Adding that to a VERY melodramatic storyline was the top of the cake.

If you don't like melodrama, I don't recommend this. Save yourself from this mess.

Ji Sung, baby, the things I do for you. You couldn't save this drama :(
alex3 01 Feb, 2016
Alright, I gotta be honest, I struggled a lot to get past 2 first episodes... But when i did - I love every second of this drama. I cried a lot during some episodes & laughed [birthday party @ girls house lol]

'evil' characters:
An Do Hun...ah that was weird. I hated him for most of the time, but in the last episode I finally saw regret and some humanity... And i could see he knew he did good confessing to his crimes and having a chance to pay the price instead of lying his whole life.

Tbh I mostly hated his mother... this woman got on my nerves since the first episode she appeared on omg... shes so evil and shallow

also, great chemistry!!
paulixx27 02 Aug, 2015
One of the best dramas I've ever watched! ♥
How could I not watch it earlier? I was missing so much!
Just amazing, main couple has a great chemistry, definitely gonna go back to KMHM with these two now ♥