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  • 2013
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized shomu ni 4
aka Power Office Ladies 4, Power Office Ladies 2013, shomu ni 2013, ショムニ2013

Based On

based on manga
title shomu ni
author Yasuda Hiroyuki (安田弘之)


genres comedy, life, work, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 10 Jul, 2013 - 18 Sep, 2013
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Wednesday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.19 of 5 by 43 users
total users 71
rating 137


shomu ni final
2002 TV jp


As the Manpan company and its employers grow, the same happens to the amount of its unpopular members. Trying to get rid of the inconvenient ones and forcing them to resign by arranging their transfers into quite unpopular department, the company decides to revive the General Affair Section 2. Their plan threatens to turns into a nightmare, when some of the young ones actually decide to stay and they join forces with the company head's old nemesis, Tsuboi Chinatsu, who returns to this section after ten years only to lead those women once again into poking their noses into all of the company affairs.


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Tsuboi Chinatsu
Minami Madoka
Maruyama Shiori
Abe Reiko
Kojima Misuzu
Fukuda Masuyo




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d0npian0 06 Sep, 2014
I seriously love everything about this show! At first I was sceptical because I missed the original characters and because they simply chose 5 new women and gave them almost exactly the same roles... but that way it keeps its original charm and is easy to understand for people who haven't seen the original shows. And the cameos were nice~
And they made sense. Shomuni's former kachou obviously wouldn't even keep that position because he was on the verge of being thrown out to begin with, and someone like Ukyou wouldn't tie himself to a company. Ten years ago Manpan already relied more on him, than he did on the company.
The only character they couldn't possibly swap is Chinatsu anyway, because she's just badass.

What I also liked was how they basically kept he idea of the naive one (formerly Tsukahara, now Maruyama) having a crush on the capable young dude (Ukyou/Samon).
And I'm glad it actually worked out this time, because they made Samon more approachable and a little less capable. Like, Ukyou wouldn't have done something like standing on a ladder to fight his fear of heights in the middle of the entrance hall... and that was basically why Tsukahara's one-sided obsession with him became almost creepy over the seasons.
zaharisa 05 Sep, 2014
@lonelily - Not at all.
lonelily 04 Sep, 2014
is it necessary to have seen the previous shomu ni ??
akiraka 25 Sep, 2013
Great show! Could handle some more, even.
zaharisa 25 Aug, 2013
It's interesting the way they made the new generation successor of the previous one- again 6 ladies- with members: a psychic, computer geek, a clumsy one, a one that attracts a lots of man- and of course- the same Chinatsu with her ladder. :)

BTW - more than 10 years later- will the youngster who admired Chinatsu in the first series return to ask her hand? I'm just curious about that :D

Am I the only one for whom Samon sounds like Salmon?
sansain 11 Aug, 2013
That Abe Reiko character is hilarious :)