ESC to close 3.54 (by 1449 users)gokusen the movie
  • 2009
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized gokusen the movie
literal Gangster Teacher The Movie
aka gokudo no sensei the movie


genres action, comedy, drama, school, friendship, youth


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 11 Jul, 2009
duration 118 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.54 of 5 by 1449 users
total users 2323
rating 5123
favorites 36


gokusen sotsugyou special: yankumi saigo no sotsugyoushiki
2009 TV jp


The plot takes place after the graduation of the class of Ren. However, Ren was, out of the blue, chased by the police. Yankumi tries to help Ren and proves his innocence together with the whole gang. Unexpectedly, she meets her students from the second season and sees a guy who looks like Shinohara Tomoya, a policeman from back then.


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Yamaguchi Kumiko
Kamiya Shunsuke
Odagiri Ryuu
Kazama Ren
Takasugi Reita
Hamaguchi Kouki




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r0lan 19 Dec, 2011
It's a nice series, Gokusen :'>
But... to me it felt like Kame has lost his touch as Odagiri... it seemed... awkward lol
Overall, it's a nice ending to the series.
silivren 12 Nov, 2011
I really liked all 3 seasons of gokusen. But I can't say same thing about the movie... Of course I was happy to see the characters one more time, but overall this film just had no sense. =\ It was too naive and predictable. And the storyline was ridiculous.
kawaiikinomoto 01 Sep, 2011
only skimmed through most of it but it was boring as hell in my opinion, i didnt see the point of casting sawamura ikki as a totally different character, it ruined my fantasy from season 1, lack of sawada shin was also very disappointing and the cameos at the end were soooo randomly placed that it felt like the director was like "oh crap, the movies almost done and we havent had shun, hiroki or yuma cameo yet, lets just put them in right here" ummm whut? it just seemed like a really long episode or like 3 episodes poorly combined maybe, it was quite predictable in my opinion, and odagiri was really annoying in it too lol
advisercookie 07 Aug, 2011
The movie was felt like a reallllllly long episode. It was great to see characters from all of the seasons :) Sawada should have been in it though :<

I thought it was hilarious that it took Yankumi 3 seasons and a movie to finally get a ride instead of running XD
Also, she has amazing powers since she didn't have a nose bleed after getting hit in the face 3 times.

kahoko 25 Mar, 2011
Finally finished the saga. Even though it turned out to be a bit repetitive, I'm definitely gonna miss Gokusen! The movie was really good, though it would have been perfect if Matsumoto and Akanishi were in it (specially Jun)
Since Yankumi ends up with Sawada in the manga, it would have been nice to see that happen

Wish there were more dramas like these.
alexadm81 14 Feb, 2011
I really liked the movie! It wasn't boring at all...
cathvalentine 04 Feb, 2011
The movie was better than season 3 and man, it was really great to see Kamenashi again. The second season is my fav and I think he did good in the movie. Adult Ryuu was so cute and his moments with Yankumi made me HHNNGG the entire movie.

Bonus point for Minami, Noda e Uchi. I almost cried when I saw them.

I'll miss Gokusen.
saska 28 Dec, 2010
This movie is the best :D I can laugh and cry at the same time. Love it so much!