ESC to close 3.25 (by 714 users)chongriwa na 총리와 나
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized chongriwa na
english Prime Minister And I (literal)
aka The Prime Minister Is Dating


genres comedy, drama, family, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 09 Dec, 2013 - 04 Feb, 2014
episodes 17
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.25 of 5 by 714 users
total users 1256
rating 2317
favorites 4



When popular politician Gwon Yul receives the nomination to become Prime Minister, every news outlet is clamoring for a story, and even celebrity gossip reporter Nam Da Jeong is sent after him in hopes of uncovering a scandal. Instead, she finds herself in the middle of a misunderstanding after compromising photographs of her arguing with the nominee surface. In order to save their reputations as well as their careers, the two decide to fake a loving relationship to the public. While Yul is more mindful of his political aspirations than his duties as a father to his three children at home and Da Jeong only has her ailing father left in the world, they share a sense of morality and conviction that could not only aid his new Prime Minister status, but make their bizarre new lifestyle genuinely functional.




Gwon Yul
Nam Da Jeong
Seo Hye Ju
Gang In Ho
Park Hui Cheol
Park Jun Gi




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Lee Beom Su And Yun A In Talks For A New KBS Drama sara 2 posts 22 Jan, 2014 by zaharisa
Actor Lee Beom Su and Girls generations Yun A are in talks to take the lead roles in the new KBS drama 'The Prime Minister and I', a Korean Version of 'The So...


irresi 03 May, 2014
Sometimes boring but still good. I didn't like Yun Si Yun look here.
leylachan 01 Mar, 2014
On hold... I started this for Lee BumSoo, but honestly I don't care much for contract marriage plots...
089110 16 Feb, 2014
The kind of drama to watch when I want something light and simply easy to watch. It was cute, but there were some parts that got boring. Still, I like how the two leading characters' relationship built up without it being forced. It was natural and sweet. Of course, the kids were sweethearts and a great part of the drama. ^^
somiboo 16 Feb, 2014
Loved this drama. How cute it was. I saw comments about how bad the ending was....NONSENSE. It was a great ending, for suitable for the series.
dollstar 14 Feb, 2014
I thought it was really lighthearted and funny for the most part and the two main actors managed to really sell the romance despite the age gap. All their awkward and cute interactions were a blast to watch. But then around episode 10 it started to get a bit boring (I even put it off for a while) and then it went completely melodramatic. I know that's really common in romcoms, but they did so well in subverting so many drama tropes that I was hoping they'd handle this part better and not ruin the charm of the show. Overall it was a good watch, save for the last few episodes. So much doom&gloom and the ending sadly didn't compensate for any of that.

The romance seemed completely deflated by the end. I don't get why they built up their relationship so well only to throw it all out the window. I guess cultural expectations played a part, but it was still disappointing to see their interactions reduced to longing gazes and handshakes. Such a downer compared to how it all started and all because they wanted to extensively focus on Na Young (a character I couldn't empathize with no matter how much they tried to justify her actions or redeem her). The family dynamic and the relationship between Yul and Da Jung were the heart of the show, so when the focus shifted, it really hurt the drama as a whole. And don't get me started on that lukewarm ending.
beautifur 13 Feb, 2014
Some episodes were slow and the ending could've been better but overall, it was good.
alechan 10 Feb, 2014
Foi muito bom mas se arrastou demais, do 14 em diante só um dramalhão mexicano feelings
rainbowfun 08 Feb, 2014
It was a nice one. I really liked the family part of it's all. The kids were the highlight.