ESC to close 3.24 (by 96 users)kurokoochi
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized kurokoochi
aka kurokouchi

Based On

based on manga
title kurokoochi
author Richard Woo (リチャード・ウー); Kouno Kouji (コウノ コウジ)


genres crime, suspense


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 11 Oct, 2013 - 13 Dec, 2013
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.24 of 5 by 96 users
total users 221
rating 311
favorites 1



Seike, a young police woman with a special ability of memorizing all police cases, is introduced to a mysterious murder case where she bumps into Detective Kurokouchi, who seems to be more of a gangster than a police officer as the means of investigation he chooses don't always appear to be legal and are often followed by mysterious murders. But as she gets to know him more closely she finds out the true intents of Kurokouchi, and sees that his aim is not far away from hers.




Kurokouchi Keita
Seike Mashiro
Sawatari Kazunari
Hotei Zenjirou
Isomura Tetsuya
Tsubokura Taichi




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12 Apr, 2014
Both titles have intelligent characters taking on sides of good & evil and trying to counter each other


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kirtil 11 Apr, 2014
@nanuklein I felt the opposite with Nagase Tomoya's character. It was one of the few things (nearly the only thing) I liked about this drama. I got the "slightly disturbed/unbalanced, massively intelligent" vibe while watching him. Seike-san in contrast felt like she was there just to fill up the "there must be a female main also" quota. Even sexually active lab extras had more character than her.

Props to the writers; this drama gave a good illusion of brilliant minds duelling. On this aspect it reminded me of death note.

Ending ruined it for me tho. 10 episodes of brilliant minds trying to counter other's moves and the end
made it like they were just puppets.
nanuklein 22 Dec, 2013
Nagase Tomoya is always a fun character to see, but sadly, in this drama he has a tendency to overact, and that does not come in handy. It made me dislike his character, because his facial expressions just made me facepalm all the time. The genius girl with her blinking eyes ability - genius? blinking eye? Well, boring character, that's what she was. Plot would have otherwise been interesting, but Tomoya's character interpretation and the girl were just not giving it any good vibes at all.
aquariia 22 Dec, 2013
Average in my opinion. The real story start at episode 5. Up until then I was forcing myself to watch it a lot of. There were some moments which made me think 'it start getting better' but the drama is still average. Main characters are not enough interesting and they have no chemistry as a team. Seike was more like errand girl for Kurokouchi than his partner.
majorzero 13 Dec, 2013
I'm confused, is Gouriki Ayame supposed to play socially inept genius or slightly retarded character? She's mighty fine at latter. Nagase is too over the top most of his screen time and unfortunately I can't buy his hero as eccentric detective. Supporting cast on the other hand delivers a lot, plus I like how creators trying to go full HBO at times.
malice 17 Nov, 2013
why Gouriki Ayame's character has to be so damn annoying and foolish?
aquariia 11 Nov, 2013
I almost dropped it after the first episode but it getting better later.
inuwashi 08 Nov, 2013
This dorama is much better than i thought after ep1.
I really hope Nagase Tomoya will get best actor award for this.
ahmadz 30 Oct, 2013
Best actor as always !.